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BEST Webcam For Business: Logitech Brio or Jabra Panacast 20?  You Decide - Headset Advisor

BEST Webcam For Business: Logitech Brio or Jabra Panacast 20? You Decide

4k webcamDoug Merritt

These days, many of us find ourselves on video calls.Whether we're chatting it up with coworkers or customers, we all want to look and sound our best. And if you're in the market for a new webcam, your eyes might begin to cross with all the options. My advice is to stick with names you know and trust.  Two of those names are Jabra, and Logitech.  Both of these companies have a long reputation for manufacturing quality products for use in business.

This blog will compare the Logitech Brio HD webcam to the newly released Jabra PanaCast 20. 

We did a side by side test of both cameras in various lighting conditions. When we did this, we provide side by side screenshots that are only labeled webcam A and webcam B.  This way you can compare them while not knowing the brands.

To this blogger, I preferred the look of the Logitech Brio HD. It performed better in the different lighting conditions. You might have a different opinion, but that's mine. By the way, we also did an online poll, and the results of that poll is included in our blog post. 

We also did a video review of these two webcams, which can be found here.

Both webcams have their positive points to be sure. Both are professional grade, and both are backed by highly respected companies. So you can't go wrong with either of these webcams. 

To get all the details make sure to read the entire blog. 

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