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Posted by Drew Merritt on September 4, 2019

Discover DHL110 Handset Lifter

Step 1

Install your Discover DHL110 Handset Lifter into the back of your Adapt 30 or D904 Wireless Headset charging base.

Discover DHL110  Discover DHL110

Step 2

Remove the double sided tape.

Discover DHL110

Step 3

Place the DHL110 Handset Lifter on the speaker of your desk phone underneath the handset and lightly stick the Lifter to your phone.

Discover DHL110

Test the Lifter by turning your headset on and off to see if your phone properly picks up and hangs up.

NOTE: Each phone is designed differently so the placement of your Handset Lifter varies. Keep adjusting until the phone will engage and disengage your phone calls, then firmly press the Lifter down to ensure the double sided tape sticks as long as possible.

Discover DHL110

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