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Posted by Drew Merritt on October 11, 2019

With hundreds of people who call in for help, it’s highly important for Public Safety Dispatchers to have the correct communication equipment. The caller is dependant on your voice, direction and knowledge through emergencies.

Whether you’re looking for a wired or wireless dispatch solution, these setups will work for just about any major radio console. These console will be configured for 4 wire or 6 wire operation.

Note: A headset is a basic audio input/output device and can’t perform the toggle between radio and telephone. This feature must be built into the console.

For a 4 wire setup use:

  1. SHS1963-01– Without receiver amplification (compatible with any Discover D700 series headset)
  2. P10Рwith receiver amplification (compatible with any Discover D700 series headset)

For a 6 wire setup use:

  1. SHS1890 (comes in 3 different cord lengths) compatible with any Discover D700 series headset

The SHS1890 has a Push To Talk button that allows you to switch between radio and telephone, if your console is configured properly.

Prefer to be wireless? (Recommended)

The Plantronics CA12CD-S is highly recommended to enjoy wireless freedom and compatible with any Discover D700 series headset.


Many environments also have mobile, remote, desk set and base station two way radios, which require a custom headset interface. This type of system will require a custom interface that’s different from the standard dispatch console. Contact Radiomate for more information.

Preferred Headsets For Dispatchers

#1 Discover D713

For those who prefer an on ear wearing style, without a headband to get in the way.


#2 Discover D711

If you prefer an over-the-head headset, this is the model for you.

d711discover d711




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