Professional Headset Trends Through 2025: Here’s The Change That’s Coming In Your Office

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Posted by Drew Merritt on November 26, 2019

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Unified Communications (communications integrated to optimize business processes and increase user productivity) is driving the biggest change for the professional headset market.

According to Frost and Sullivan the office headset market will grow from $1.38 billion to $2.66 billion globally, through 2025.


office headsets


What does that mean for your office? It’s a matter of time before your organization switches away from desk phones and moves to a Unified Communications platform, so now is a great time to start thinking about your future communications and how you’ll manage those devices.

Here’s a list of the best UCaaS Providers for you to consider.

In addition, as open offices become more relevant, the need for better noise cancellation microphones and speakers is becoming a big need. With this information, there’s better headsets out today in 2019 to reduce background noise than there ever has in the past.

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Top Professional Headset Vendors

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What can you do to prepare for the future?

As many of the legacy phone systems are being phased out, you should start planning on considering how a Unified Communications platform can benefit you. In addition, if you’re using headsets for your existing phone system, it would be good to know if your existing headsets will work with the new phone system. If not, you’ll be able to plan for future costs.

Managing Office Headsets

If you plan to go away from desk phones, keep in mind headsets will be your main communication device, so it’s important to have a headset model that’s highly reliable, comfortable, sounds good and is comfortable. In addition, if you’re deploying a large amount of headsets, being that software will be involved, employee training will be crucial to keep adoption rates high and reduce frustration. Having a headset vendor to work direct with is something to consider, instead of using IT resources.

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