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When you’re shopping around for a new headset to use on your business calls, most of us don’t have unlimited funds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a very good headset for those calls, at a price you can afford. 

In this blog, I’ll introduce you to a headset that, in my opinion, is the best value going. It contains some impressive features, and its sound quality is nothing short of impressive. 

So before you begin thinking that you can’t get an excellent headset with limited funds, make sure to read this entire blog so you find out about the best budget wireless headset for your business calls. 

Rather than keeping you guessing what headset I’m going to talk about, I’ll cut to the chase by letting you know up front. 

In my opinion, the best budget value headset for your business calls is the Discover Adapt 20. What follows are the reasons why I believe this is an awesome headset that’s easy on the budget, and has some very impressive features. So with that said, let’s get started. 

Sound quality 

Even though the budget is tight, you still want a headset that sounds good, right? Of course you do! Well, the Discover Adapt 20 delivers in that department, because the microphone sound quality is top notch. 

When on business calls the last thing you want is to have sound quality that’s lacking. That’s not something you’ll need to concern yourself with when using this headset. You’ll sound loud, clear and professional which is exactly what you need. And no, premium sound quality isn’t reserved for high dollar headsets because the Adapt 20 is affordable yet it delivers impressive sound.

Noise reduction 

Having a great sounding microphone is part of the solution, with the other being the microphone’s ability to remove unwanted background noise. So whether you work in an office with noisy coworkers, or at home with the sounds of children or pets, the Discover Adapt 20 does an amazing job at removing those noises.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the noise tests we put it through which included the sounds of office noise, babies crying, dogs barking, and of course, our signature Vitamix blender test in our review video. The Adapt 20 did a superb job at removing those sounds as you’ll hear. 

When you’re on important business calls, you really don’t want your callers hearing all the noise going on in your background. If they do get distracted, that takes their focus and concentration away from the content of your call. And that doesn’t help you to get your message across, and it doesn’t lead 

to the best, most productive call. Fortunately, when using the Discover Adapt 20, your callers will be locked in on you, and your message. Even though you hear background noise, rest assured your callers aren’t hearing it. 


Like many wireless headsets these days, the Discover Adapt 20 connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth, and to computers via Bluetooth or through the included USB adapter. 

For those who have a Bluetooth enabled computer, you have the choice to connect the Adapt 20 via Bluetooth, or you can choose to connect using the included USB Adapter. Given the choice, I’d recommend that you connect using the Adapter, and here’s why: 

Using the USB adapter vs. Bluetooth, you can expect: 

  • A better, more reliable wireless connection 
  • Better sound quality 
  • And longer wireless range

So, if having a better connection, better sound quality, and better range appeals to you, then make sure to use the Adapter over Bluetooth. 

There’s also another reason why using the USB Adapter makes more sense over connecting via Bluetooth. And that is remote call answering. When you step away from your desk, and you receive a call, what do you do? Run back to your desk to catch the call before the caller hangs up, or leaves you a voice message? Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you could take that call when away from the desk so you avoid the mad dash, and the need to listen to those messages, and calls to return? For sure it would. 

When you use the Discover Adapt 20 USB Adapter, you have the ability to take calls remotely when using the most popular UC applications such as RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Avaya and more. This is another one of those features that you don’t get on all wireless headsets. Another reason why the Discover Adapt 20 is a must have headset. 


Hey, this is a wireless headset, so it makes sense to comment on the battery. 

The Discover Adapt 20 comes with a battery that’s rated up to 20 hours of talk time. And when you stop to consider that most of us don’t talk for 8 hours in a work day, it means that you’ll get multiple days of use before a recharge is required. And by the way, when a recharge is required, you can still use the headset when the battery is being recharged. That’s not a feature you’ll find on a lot of headsets including those name brand, pricey models. This is another reason why I feel the Discover Adapt 20 is a great value. 

Single or double ear, your choice 

Without a doubt, I'd be remiss if I didn’t draw some attention to the fact that the Discover Adapt 20 is very unique in that you can switch between a single ear, and double ear wearing style. That makes this headset a true Unicorn. And when using the double ear headband, you get two active

speakers rather than “binaural like” sound where one speaker sound is shared to the other. The headbands are extremely flexible so you can tighten them up if they feel loose, or you can relax the fit if it’s too tight on your head. In the review video, Drew demonstrates the flexibility of the headband by literally flattening it out. You really should check that out because that’s something that would snap other headbands. 

Some people prefer to wear a headset that covers both ears so that background noise is reduced. Others like to have one ear uncovered so they can hear their surroundings. Fortunately, with the Adapt 20, you can quickly, and easily switch between both of these wearing styles because this headset is modular.

This switching capability isn’t found on other headsets, and it’s a feature that makes it far more versatile than other brands. If things get loud and distracting, snap on the double ear headband. If you want to hear your surroundings, snap on the single. Either way, you have the choice to configure this headset to meet your needs. 

If you manage a team, and you find yourself needing to redeploy headsets, but you get pushback from employees about wearing a previously used headset, the Adapt 20 can help solve that problem. Simply acquire a low cost, replacement headband that includes the ear cushion, snap on the ear speaker and mic boom assembly and your employees will be far more receptive to using the headset. And when they do, you save money by not having to acquire new headsets.

In the end, you extend the life of the headset, and you get a better long term value for the money spent. One more reason why the Discover Adapt 20 is the best value going. 

Wireless Range 

There are two different types of wireless headsets; DECT, and Bluetooth. The Discover Adapt 20 is a Bluetooth headset, and like most Bluetooth headsets, the Adapt 20 will give you between 50 to 100 feet of wireless range. The amount of range you get will depend on the number, and types of obstructions in your work environment. Obstructions overall are known to degrade wireless signals, which in turn reduces the wireless range. So,

depending on the number of obstructions, and type (such as concrete, brick, sheetrock etc) all play a role in range. 

In a general sense though, the Adapt 20 will give you the amount of wireless range typical to wireless Bluetooth headsets. 


The Discover Adapt 20 is priced between $159.00 to $169.00, depending on whether you order the single ear model, or double. And when you consider that the life expectancy of a headset is around 5 years, that puts the cost of the double ear headset at $33.80 per year, or $2.82 per month. 

In my way of thinking, $2.82 per month, or $33.80 annually, is a price anyone can afford, especially for a professional business grade headset like this. For all that it offers, that’s a steal, and it even comes with a 2-year warranty which is longer than many wireless headsets that come with a 1-year warranty. All things considered, this is an excellent headset that’s affordably priced. 


The Discover Adapt 20 is a perfect headset for anyone who spends time on business calls, and wants a professional grade headset that won’t break the bank. 

You get: 

  • A unique headset design that allows you to switch from a single ear wearing style to a dual ear headset. 
  • You get a headset that comes with a USB Adapter for better sound quality, a more steady, reliable connection and longer wireless range.
  • You’ll have the highly popular feature of remote call answering for use with all the leading UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Zoom, Cisco and Avaya. No more missed calls when away from the desk, and no more voice messages to listen to and calls to return. 
  • The Adapt 20 gives you 20 hours of battery life and the added flexibility to continue using the headset even when it’s plugged in for a recharge. 
  • You’ll get a headset that sounds loud, clear and professional, and a microphone that does an incredible job at removing unwanted background noise. Your callers will hear you, and not the sounds going on around you. 
  • The Adapt 20 takes care of business when you’re working in your office, but it’s also able to be taken with you on the go. You get a lot of versatility in how and where you can use this unique headset.
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