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Did you know that emails are 5x more likely to be seen than a Facebook ad? And nearly 10-20x more likely to be seen than one of your organic posts.


If you're in VoIP sales then you know how hard it can be to get a customer. Using email effectively is one of the many tools for you to help set up more conversations and opportunities, ultimately leading to more closed-won deals.


Bonus tip: People do business with people they like, know and trust wouldn't you agree? Over email, the more personable and trusting you can come across the better.


One way we created that more personal relationship over email is by creating the cartoon-like you see below and it's been a big hit.

 Cartoon used on Email Signatures and Business Cards


Want a free cartoon of yourself that you can use on your emails and business cards? Click here to get yours for free now.


At the bottom of this blog, you'll see a high converting email we use and you'll have the ability to get two more email templates you can also use.


Also, keep your email signature short and straight to the point. People don't need to know your address, your fax and every service you offer.


Emailing prospects and customers especially in the B2B space remains one of the best ways to develop new business and maintain existing customers.


Facebook and LinkedIn are great social platforms. They can give you massive reach if done right, but building an email subscriber base is a vital strategy as the email audience you own and can control. Social media, on the other hand, technically owns all the assets and can change the game on you at any time.


Ok... Reaching out to prospects and customers via email is important, and something we can all agree on.


Now what?


If you're like most people in 2020, then your email can easily fill up with:



It's like mail that is delivered to your house you filter into 2 piles your junk pile and your open pile. The same is true for your prospect's email inbox.


With all of the competition in the VoIP space, you want to separate yourself and provide emails that your prospects will want to respond to. This way, you can open up a conversation, be helpful, and ultimately lead to more sales.


I'm not talking about emails with templates that have the perfect design and pretty pictures talking about some "revolutionary" feature or product. I'm talking pure value emails designed for your prospects to move them closer to doing business with you, not your competitors


Open rates are typically what email marketing software tracks. However, when we're sending emails to our customers, we care more about replies because when you get people to start replying to your messaging, you know you're on to something.


Here's a couple of email campaigns we've sent to customers. Any email campaigns that are highly targeted outperform a general email. 

 email templates


Being a small business in the telecom space since 1994 (Headset Advisor), we've sent hundreds of thousands of emails and found a few rules that are mandatory to get great response rates.


1) Plain text emails with little to no images.

Many email filters and spam traps are looking for email messages that are junk, and we've found that many times emails with images tend to get fewer opens and  fewer replies and engagement.

Instead, use a plain text email with nothing sexy about it. Straight to the point, and pure value with your prospect in mind, not you.


2) Short & only one topic.... seriously.

You want your messaging to be focused on ONE topic only! I know we all have about 10 things we want a prospect or customer to know, and it's tempting to blast them with all the stuff you want them to know. Resist that urge.

You need to be very clear in what you want them to do. If you start dividing your messaging into multiple topics you will begin to either confuse them or lose them.

With short attention spans and a million distractions, your prospects need you to be very short and to the point.


3) End your email with a question.

Your goal is to get a reply right?

You need to make sure to ask just one clear and simple question.

  •  Be CLEAR (and concise) in your messaging
  •  End your email with a good, well thought out question that will help to encourage the prospect to reply


4) Your email list is crucial.

Without a highly targeted email list, your email campaigns will produce very little results. The more targeted your email list, the better. For example, if you have a list of prospects or customers you've already sold a phone system to in different industries, it's ideal to have them segmented. 

You wouldn't send the same email to insurance agents as you would an IT director. The same goes for your cold email list. You wouldn't send the same email to your cold list that you would to your customer base you already do business with.

If your company doesn't supply you with an email list already, this will take some work to build, but it's well worth it.


Email template 1

This is our original email below. Being that we don't sell VoIP or phone systems, you will want to tailor your message accordingly. 

 email template 1


Here would be an example you can use instead, being that your goal is to sell more phone systems.

For two more of our top-performing email templates, fill out the form below!




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