Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC Wireless Headset With ANC

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Variant: UC
Charging Stand: No - Charging Stand
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  • Seamless connectivity to mobile phone + computer with the included BT700 USB dongle for improved audio quality, connectivity and wireless range.
  • Crystal clear calls with Acoustic Fence Technology, HD voice and adjustable ANC to hear and be heard on calls without the distracting noise.
  • Extended battery talk time up to 19 hours on a single charge, and you can use the headset as a corded option in USB mode.
  • 2 year limited warranty for peace of mind

In the work from anywhere landscape, sound quality, comfort and noise cancellation is extremely important to do our work better.

The Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 delivers exactly in all three areas. You'll be able to seamlessly connect with your mobile phones and computer apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Cisco, Avaya and many others.

Acoustic Fence Technology and Digital Hybrid ANC allows you to reduce unwanted background noise for you and the caller. For example, if you're working at a coffee shop you may want the ANC at high. When you're working in a quiet environment, you can easily turn ANC off. 

The Voyager Focus UC 2 is considered a smart headset because you get unique features like Dynamic Mute Alert which lets you know if you're speaking while on mute, an online indicator flashes red on the outside of the speaker to let others know not to disturb. Also, you can simply place the microphone towards the top of your head and it will mute the headset for a great user experience.

Lastly, you're covered with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

Technical Specs

  • Bluetooth 5.1 (Class 1)
  • Connectivity PC (BT700 USB Dongle) & Mobile Devices (Bluetooth)
  • Wireless Range - 164ft
  • Use as wired headset (If needed)
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) 3 levels off, mid, high to focus on calls or work
  • Noise cancelling microphone with Acoustic Fence technology so your voice can be heard clearly.
  • Headset weight - 6.1oz lightweight for all-day comfort
  • Talk-time 19hrs or Listening only 40hrs
  • Warranty - 2-years


    Poly Voyager Focus 2 Manual

    Download Voyager Focus UC 2 Data Sheet

    Poly Voyager Focus 2 (Voyager Series Comparison)



    NEW Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC In-Depth Review - LIVE MIC + SPEAKER + RANGE TEST!


    • UC - USB-A - No Stand - MPN: 213726-01 UPC: 0017229166721
    • UC - USB-C - No Stand - MPN: 214432-01 UPC: 0017229171855
    • UC - USB-A - Stand - MPN: 213727-01 UPC: 0017229166738
    • UC - USB-C - Stand - MPN: 214433-01 UPC: 0017229171879
    • Teams - USB-A - No Stand - MPN: 213726-02 UPC: 0017229171787
    • Teams - USB-C - No Stand - MPN: 214432-02 UPC: 0017229171862
    • Teams - USB-A - Stand - MPN: 213727-02 UPC: 0017229171794
    • Teams - USB-C - Stand - MPN: 214433-02 UPC: 0017229171886


    • UC - No specific software pre-installed (will work on any software)
    • Teams - Teams software pre-installed so no additional downloads required

    USB Type

    • USB-A - The included BT700 USB dongle will be a USB-A connection
    • USB-C - The included BT700 USB dongle will have a USB-C connection

    Charging Stand

    • Yes - Will include a charging stand giving you a convenient way to charge and store your headset. Connects to a USB outlet or PC (Charges headset only)
    • No - No charging stand included. Will be charged via micro USB cable that is included.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Best Headset Ever

    I’m still amazed on how the mic has noise cancellation. My peers and family have confirmed that they can hear anything in my background. I love it!!!

    Enrique Urbina (Los Angeles, US)

    I love this headset! Great and clear sound!

    Michelle W (Missoula, US)
    Works beautifully!

    I wear hearing aids and I have struggled to find the right headset for work and gaming. This is definitely an upgrade from my Jabra for work, and I am finally able to wear a wireless headset. There was an issue with the mute button sticking on right out of the box, but it SEEMS to have fixed itself since a software update. LOVE!

    Reggie F (Cambridge, US)
    Poly Voyager Focus 2 - Love it!!!

    Loved everything about this headset. Came in on time. Will definitely do business again!!!! Thanks HA

    Paul Rakovich (Denver, US)
    Tried a Many Options, This is THE ONE

    I saw a youtube video of a guy wearing a Bose 700 and using a leafblower, but found that to not be the case in real life - ok no leaf blower but not great on calls. I tried airpod pros & Jabra 85 for wireless options and found there's a TON of background noise when on calls. Probably some embarrassing moments I thought was covered by ANC.

    I wasn't crazy about not having just earbuds, but to get what I wanted - minimal background noise I tried these out. For fun I was showing some friends sound on vs. speaking when making an espresso.

    Not that I do a ton of leaf blowing while on calls, but there can be noise at home working I found less than professional and wanted to remove that from calls. This is a great option. Seamlessly transitions from phone to laptop and sounds is amazing. Great battery life as well. My only wish was an option with a band, but to get the background out this is the one.

    John Adams (Stowe, US)

    Noise cancelling does what is advertised to do. No fuss, no muss. On a Mac it is certainly plug and play.

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