Orosound Tilde Pro Premium Bluetooth Headset with ANC and Excellent Noise Cancelling Microphone

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Differences between the Tilde Pro variants explained.

  • Tilde Pro S (on-ear without mic boom)
  • Tilde Pro S+ (on-ear WITH mic boom)
  • Tilde Pro C (over-the-ears without mic boom)
  • Tilde Pro C+ (over-the ears WITH mic boom)

See what Tech Reviewers have to say about the Tilde Pro.

TILDE® PRO’s unique design brings together elegance and customization. The patented selective noise-cancelling technology offers noise-free communication and a better focus to professionals, no matter how loud the environment is. 

Designed and made in France, the premium headset proposes a unique modular design with interchangeable on-ear or over-ear pads and a detachable boom-microphone.


Orosound Tilde Pro Modular Design for Noise Cancelling Microphone and Ear Cushions


With a detachable boom-microphone and interchangeable on-ear or over-ear pads, TILDE® PRO is the only office headset with a modular design. The four possible configurations allow each user to choose the design that perfectly fits his needs. The replaceable pieces make the product part of a sustainable approach, for a better cost in the long run.


Orosound Tilde Pro Noise Cancelling Headset


Enjoy the most natural noise reduction while you choose how much noise you want to let in. Reduce noise up to -30dB to eliminate distractions and display the “concentration light” on the headphones.


Orosound Tilde Pro Voice First Technology


TILDE® PRO headphones integrates TILDE® VOICE FIRST technology whose unique signal processing algorithm separates voice from noise.

With a simple press, start a face-to-face discussion while ambient noise is turned down. Finally enjoy headphones that lets you connect to your surroundings whenever you need to.



TILDE® PRO has a detachable boom-microphone in option to ensure crystal clears calls, no matter how loud your office is. Ongoing calls are notified by a red “busy light” to avoid being interrupted at work.

The conversation is totally noise-free and confidential for both the user and the conversation partners.



Wired or wireless connections are available on TILDE® office headphones. TILDE® PRO connects to all work equipment with Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C:

  • Computers and laptops: Mac, Windows…
  • Smartphones and tablet computers: iOS, Android…
  • Landline phones*
  • Softphones

Technical Specs

  • Designed & Manufactured in France
  • Battery life: 28 Hours
  • HD Music
  • Microphone type: 6 noise-canceling microphones
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless Range: 60 Feet
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) - 4 microphones for noise reduction to speakers
  • Patented magnetic removable microphone boom
  • 3 Busy lights built-in: 1 on left speaker, 1 on right speaker, 1 on mic boom
  • Modular ear cushions, upgrade, change, or replace ear cushions from on-ear to over-the-ear cushions
  • Use as wired headset with USB-C to USB-A cable


Download Orosound Link Computer Software to Update/Adjust Tilde Pro (Windows)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
George (San Rafael, US)
Overall Good Sound Quality

That said, I feel that the headset doesn’t get loud enough. I wear the headset when out and about and I feel that it could at least get three notches louder. I never really had an issue with the volume of my ear-plug headphones. People seem to be able to hear me well, so that’s good. The button to turn the anc on and off is difficult to click in. I wish I could turn on the heat-through mode while still hearing the media in my headset, and I wish I could turn it on and off at will while on a call. The connection also phases in and out, a little bit, every once in a while, causing some missed talking on calls or missing some of the music that’s playing. It’s not a big deal. Overall the headset is good enough for me for what I need.

brian morris (Rathdrum, US)
Impressive noise cancelling and comfort!

I had to build my remote office in my garage and right next to a HVAC system so customers would hear the noise in the background and it also bothered me. I tired recording studio foam, and even built a box around my HVAC system with Dynomat and it still was not good enough. Next I started researching noise cancelling headsets. I almost went with the Boise or Sony but after my research I decided on the Orosound Tile pro. They have been worth every penny! 1st off_ comfort. These are ridiculously comfortably. I can wear them all day and forget I am wearing them sometimes. They are true over the ear and very large so they will not big ears better then competition. 2nd_ The ANC active noise cancelling. When you out the headset on and link them to your phone it instantly kills all the background noise and I literally cannot even tell if the HVAC system is on or off. Amazing! Very well built , very easy to use and the carrying case is very nice as well. 10 out of 10 .

Mitchell in WA (Port Orchard, US)
Worth the Investment

After a year of struggling with BT headphones that couldn’t manage a consistent connection to one device I am very impressed with the Tilde’s ability to manage two connections simultaneously as seamlessly as it does. Great sound, great signal fidelity, and excellent comfort for all-day wear. Was always a Bose loyalist, but took a flier on Orosound based on Headset Advisor’s review. No regrets!

Customer (Roseville, US)
the Bose Killer!

Quality of sound, comfort of wear, and keeping the outside world.. out... are the most important things to me.

I have hearing loss from the Military, so I need a headset that is loud enough for me to hear.
I'm often in loud places, so I need noise cancellation.
I listen to music almost all day long when I'm not on the phone, so comfort is paramount for me.

This headset is all of the above and then some. The Bose headset that I had previously was amazing, I didn't think they could be beat. I was wrong. The bose and Samsung earbuds I had- I didn't think could be beat. Again, I was wrong.

This headset effectively removed 4 devices from my charging station and now I use one for all. OH, the battery life- I'm on day 3 of listening and talking for at least 6 hours each day and I just now got an alert that my battery was below 15% charge. The battery life is truly unreal!

Bite the bullet, pay the premium (because you're replacing at least $600 worth of other electronics), and enjoy the best headset I've encountered in my life. I promise, you will not regret it.

Natasha Collins (Wilmington, US)
look nice

They are nice looking

Amanda G (Newark, US)
Highly recommended

Easy to use, comfortable, and highly effective at cancelling noise in a very loud environment.

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