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Plantronics CS520XD Over The Head Double Ear Office Wireless Headset


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Dual ear speakers for improved hearing and environmental noise reduction

Noise canceling microphone for removing unwanted background noise

8 hours of continuous talk time and up to 350 feet of wireless talk range

1 year Headset Advisor advance replacement warranty with free lifetime support

Compatible with 98 percent of office desk phone models

Product Description

The Plantronics CS520XD Office Wireless Headset is perfect as a stand-alone wireless headset or as a key product to integrate with DECT wireless headsets in busy offices or call centers. The CS520XD broadcasts over the 900 MHz frequency with differs from DECT signaling which uses the 1.9 GHz band. Having a high concentration of DECT headsets can result in issues such as diminished talk range. The fix is to comingle a mixture of DECT wireless headsets and XD models. This provides you with a blend of products that will help prevent range and quality issues common to high density DECT headset environments. From a use perspective, the CS520XD is a well-made, comfortable, great sounding office wireless headset. You get up to 8 hours of continuous talk time, up to 350 feet of wireless talk range, a rechargeable battery and the ability to add optional remote call answering. Stylish and reasonably priced, the CS520XD is a great choice for anyone who works in an office where room noise can be distracting. Having speakers that cover both ears helps to prevent noise from entering your ears but also channels your phone calls into both ears which allows you to hear better even in noisier environments. The CS520XD comes with a 1-year Headset Advisor advance replacement warranty and free lifetime support. A great headset that comes with excellent support for exceptional peace of mind.

Technical Details
Battery Life8 Hours
Headset Range350 Feet
Microphone TypeNoise cancelling
Speaker TypeDual
Wearing StyleOver the head
Weight1.9 lb

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