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Konftel 300Wx Wireless Conferencer


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Patented OmniSound for crystal clear HD audio

Up to 60 hours of talk time before battery recharging is required

Built in call recording feature for use with memory card. Playback, archive, compliance and email sharing are some uses

Optional iP Dect 10 adapter allows the 300Wx to be used as a wireless SIP conference phone

The 2 year warranty is extended to 3 when purchased through Headset Advisor a Konftel premium partner

Product Description

A Konftel 300Wx conference phone connects to an analog phone line, but it can also connect to a USB port on your computer for PC applications such as Skype for Business, Cisco Spark, Google Hangouts, Avaya Zang, Zoom and more. With the optional mobile phone cable, you can use your mobile phone in conjunction with the 300Wx giving you the freedom to have a wireless conference even when no hardline connection is available. Even further, you can get the optional iP DECT 10 adapter and use the 300Wx with many iP (SIP) telephony systems, all in amazing HD. Wireless conference phones of any type are more uncommon than common. Having one that can be used in an analog environment and then switch to SIP is down right rare if not one of a kind. The Konftel 300Wx provides you with the most versatility of any conference phone available today. Not only do you have these fantastic connection options, but the sound quality, using patented OmniSound, delivers rich, crystal clear sound in amazing HD. The 300Wx won't leave you wanting more talk time either. The rechargeable battery provides up to a staggering 60 hours of talk time. That's a full week of talking before a recharge is needed. No other conference phone provides this much talk time and the battery even has a visual charge meter to let you know how much charge is remaining. The microphone has a pick-up range up to 20 feet and the range can be extended further by adding the optional extension microphones. No need to take notes on your calls either. The 300Wx comes standard with a record slot that accepts a memory card for call recording. Archive your calls, play them back when you like, comply with regulations or simply send a copy of the call via a WAV file to anyone who couldn't make the meeting. Download the Konftel Unite mobile app for one touch conferencing, using the personal contact list or regulating the phone functions during the meeting. The 2-year warranty is extended to 3 when purchased through Headset Advisor who's a Konftel premium partner.

Technical Details
ConnectivityAnalog, Mobile, Usb, Voip

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