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Sennheiser HSL10 Handset Lifter Accessory For Sennheiser Wireless Headsets


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Compatible with Sennheiser wireless headsets

Variable height adjustments for efficient performance

Audible call alert that notifies you when an incoming call is detected

Easy to setup and easy to use

1 year advance replacement warranty

Product Description

Nobody likes to listen to voice messages, take notes and return calls only to get their voicemail. When you add an HSL10 Handset Lifter accessory to your Sennheiser wireless headset, you can take calls when away from your desk up to the range of your headset. No more missed calls, no more voice messages to listen to and no more calls to return. Instead, you take them on the fly which makes you more productive throughout the day. Customer service is improved too because your callers don't have to wait for a return call. If being more efficient during the day and delivering the best customer experience are important to you, then add an HSL10 handset lifter to your wireless headset. Once you do, you'll honestly realize that you should have done it sooner. Affordable, easy to setup and use and makes you more productive, all help to make the Sennheiser HSL10 Handset Lifter a must have accessory.

Technical Details
Accessory CategoryRemote answering

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