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Sennheiser USB ED 01 QD To USB Cable


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Designed to allow Sennheiser wired headsets to be used with computers via USB connection

Plug in the Sennheiser wired headset easy disconnect into the USB ED 01 cable for using the Sennheiser wired headset with a computer

Simple to connect and simple to use, just plug and play. A blue LED on the cable lights up when the cable is ready to use.

Soundcard is integrated into the USB plug

1 year advance replacement warranty

Product Description

If you'd like to use your Sennheiser wired headset with more than a desk phone, you're in luck. The Sennheiser USB ED 01 adapter cable plugs into the end of the cable on your Sennheiser headset and to your computer. With this cable you can now use your Sennheiser wired headset with the many computer applications commonly used in business today. Desk top video conferencing, listening to voice messages, web based training, listening to music and more are just a few of the ways you can use this new functionality.

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