Discover D632 EHS Cable For Compatible Avaya And ShoreTel Phones

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Anyone who works in an office and moves around it during the day is bound to get phone calls when away from the desk. The Discover D632 is a device designed for use with Discover wireless headsets and compatible Avaya and ShoreTel phones for remote call answering.

Racing for the phone or fighting your way through a mountain of voice messages will be a thing of the past. Instead, you can move freely around your office and simply press one button on your headset to accept incoming phone calls. Super easy and super efficient....just the way we all like it.

Avaya compatible phones include; 1408/1416 1608/1616 2410 5410 6416D+M 6424D+M 9404/9408 9504/9508 9608/9610 9611G 9620/20C/20L 9621G 9630/30G 9640/40C/40G/41G 9650/50C and 9670.

ShoreTel compatible phones include; IP 212K, IP 265, IP 565/565G, 230/230G and the 560/560G

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