Discover D713U On-Ear USB Wired Headset

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Experience crystal clear audio with the lightweight Discover D713U earpiece. This deluxe wired headset is built sturdily enough to handle everyday use while the technology itself incorporates some of the latest features for headphones. The lightweight earpiece helps to reduce background noise while sitting comfortably inside the ear so users can clearly hear callers on the other end.

The USB wiring makes it easy to install and use the headset so you don't have to worry about old headphone or microphone connections. Simply plug and play to connect the tech to your PC, Mac or laptop and enjoy the conveniently placed volume controls. You also won't have to hassle with softphone connectivity: the Discover D713U is built to be compatible with calling software.

Office work is more pleasant with the Discover D713U's noise cancelling microphone so users and customers on the other end can carry on a pleasant conversation without excess background noise. The headset also has an adjustable headband and bendable microphone so it can suit exactly the position it needs to in order to be worn comfortably.

Finally, you're covered with a three-year advanced replacement warranty for peace of mind. That means three years of our support: if our team determines that your Discover D713U is defective, we'll ship a replacement that same day and cover the shipment cost to do so.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
David Sylvia (Swansea, US)
Great on-ear wired headset

The Discover D713U headset comes with everything you need out of the box - no assembly required. It has 3 interchangeable earpiece sizes, a 6' cord with built-in controls for volume, mute, and call hang up. It has a USB-A end with an additional USB-C adapter for PC/laptop/Chromebook compatibility. No software is needed as Windows easily picks it up as soon as it's connected. The mic has good noise cancelling and great audio quality. The ear loop is fully adjustable for a snug fit and has a silicone ear pad for comfort. I sometimes wear reading glasses and they rest on the ear loop without feeling off balance to me. It has a pretty small footprint too, so there's no big cup over your ear or headband on your head to mess up your hair.

I'm am however still trying to get used to the earpiece. The end sits over your ear hole, not suctioned inside like most earbuds. To me, this is a good thing you can still hear calls very clearly and it doesn't totally seal off one ear. So you're choosing the earpiece size not so much for a seal, but for a more snug fit so the mic doesn't flop around. And you'll want to use the wire clip at the top of your shirt so the wire doesn't pull at your ear when you move. I was not able to use this headset with my cell phone even though it comes with a USB-C adapter. Not a deal breaker for me because I needed this headset for my laptop for internet calls and meetings, not personal calls or music.

I've been using this headset all day, every day at work for a few weeks now. I like the wired connection because it makes for a better call without any wireless delays or interference, you never have to worry about recharging it, and I've successfully used it with Teams, Zoom, and Grasshopper. Sure, you loose out on the mobility of Bluetooth, but I don't use my headset away from my desk, so that's a non issue for me and your body gets used to working around the wire. I have my wire somewhat anchored to a spot on my desk so it's just the right length to move where needed, but the length can be adjusted if needed. All in all, the D713U is a great headset and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Jose Acosta (Orlando, US)

Discover D713U On-Ear USB Wired Headset

Ray George Baker (Portage, US)
Lightweight Joy

The headset is lightweight and so easy to wear. I think it could be worn for hours without fatigue! The sound quality of the mic is outstanding and the earpiece sound is pleasing. All in all, for the price, this headset can't be beat!

wendy szczotka (Ringgold, US)

They work great! Love them

Thank you for your feedback, Wendy :) let us know if we can help in the future.

Morgan (Portland, US)
Spent a lot more than this on worthless headsets

I probably have gone through a half dozen lesser headsets, all either incompatible with something or uncomfortable or whatever. This headset works with everything, it's comfortable, it doesn't go over the top of my head, and I love it.

Nancy Chillers
Needed Headset

Good headset to purchase for people with bigger heads. Just wish the cord was longer.

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