Discover D714U Earbud Headset For Business Calls and Music

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Product Description

Meet the Discover D714U Earbud headset. You'll experience a pair of earbuds built for work and play. Meaning, you'll be be able to use the D714U for your business calls, meetings or music on your computer or mobile phone.

Simply detach the 3.5mm cable from the USB adapter when you want to connect to your cell phone, then reconnect it when you want to use the D714U headset on your computer.

For those of you who would prefer earbuds rather than headphones, then the D714U will be perfect for you. Also, you have the flexibility to use the microphone boom or detatch it when you're not on calls but want to zone in on music or podcasts for example.

The Discovver D714U is compatible with most computer apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Avaya, RingCentral and many more.

Multiple ear tips come included as well so you can tailor the fit best for you to enjoy all day comfort. 

Also, noise can be a distraction when you're on important calls or meetings. Whether you're at a coffee shop or office, you'll be able to hear and be heard crystal clear. Earbuds that rest comfortably in your ears blocks out what's going on around you, and the noise canceling microphone will help callers zone in on yoiur voice. Not what's going on around you.

Lastly, you're covered with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind in the case of a break or defect. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Demetrus Gillum (Memphis, US)

Sound is good but have a issue keeping the
Ear buds in my ear and the Mike is flimsy.

Hi Demetrus, thanks for your feedback. In the box should be different sizes of eartips. Have you tried any of the other sizes by chance?

Not impressed

The headset is just ok. The microphone is very flimsy and weak. I have to constantly adjust it as it falls down. The microphone is wire is too short for a comfortable spot. Would not recommend.

Hi Sharon, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the D714U to help us improve the product.

Doug Hammel (Brownsburg, US)
Lightweight and Comfortable

I was surprised by how light weight and comfortable this headset was with very good sound quality. If you don't need wireless feature this is definitely a headset I would look at.

Philip (Rotonda West, US)
Good WIRED headset

This headset arrived without instructions, which seemed odd until I realized how simple it was to set up. I plugged the USB in to my computer and my laptop recognized the device and set it up immediately. The headset works well with Microsoft Teams and Zoom and can quickly be detached from the USB adapter for connection to your cell phone. When in a meeting one one one through my computer, I prefer no to use the headset as the sound is a bit muffled for me and for the party on the other end. But, if I am in a meeting with several people, I want to prevent feedback from and the headset is good at doing that. IPhone users who want to plug into their iPhone will need the Audio to Lightning cable adapter - which means you need carry another piece of equipment. When connected to my iPhone, the audio is clear to me and to the party on the other line - but don't expect to be able to use the play/pause and volume controls on the cord when listening to music on your iphone - they are non-functional.

Xander Rice (Elizabethtown, US)
Amazing for some, Pretty good for all

I have used the Discover D714U Ear Bud Headset for a couple weeks now and here's what I found:

The build quality of this headset is great, extremely well crafted, particularly for an earbud headset. I had never tried an earbud headset before with a microphone on it and I have to say I was quite surprised. The way everything unplugs and plugs together makes this headset very easy to setup or very easy to tear down and store for later use or even take on the go. The case also assists with this which is of great quality as well.

As far as comfort level goes if you like earbuds this will be comfortable for you if you're not used to them or they hurt your ears it might not be the best headset for you. One of the benefits of this headset being earbuds is that it doesn't mess up your hair so if you don't like over the head headsets this is a great option. Wearing earbuds for a prolonged period of time can hurt some people’s ears more than others so this is something to be cognoscente of.

The design of the earbud and microphone of this headset makes it very discreet but very clear when used. Quality is amazing of both music and voice coming through the earbuds as well as the audio coming out of the microphone. Don't be fooled, this is a full headset and it performs as such. The remote control plugs into the 3.5-millimeter jack and also acts as a USB adapter to any PC which is extremely helpful as it has a mute button as well as deafen button and a volume toggle on the remote. The headset obviously comes with earpieces of different sizes to be able to fit your ear canal properly and make it the most comfortable wear possible.

As I said above, the carrying case makes this very easy to take on the go with all of its pieces and apply to any PC that you might have to use. This makes the Discover D714U ideal for someone who is a remote worker using several systems to log onto a server PC or maybe someone who is working remotely from home and wants an option that they can take with them anywhere they go. The other nice thing about the build is that the microphone is not so heavy that it feels like it pulls on the earpiece in your ear it really sits where it should and it's quite comfortable once you get it set up. The noise cancellation on these earbuds is pretty decent and the speakers are quite nice as well making it ideal for noise canceling and working in noisy environments. The headset advisor noise cancellation software could also assist with this. I also noticed that the microphone seems to be able to cancel out some noise as well making noisy environments not as much of a problem when making calls or having conversations. Perhaps the best feature of this headset as with most discover headsets is the ability to plug and play. There is no other setup that you need to do you just plug it in via USB or 3.5-millimeter Jack to whatever device you're using whether it's mobile or PC and it'll work.

Overall I'd say this headset is worth it. Where it really shines is its mobility and ease of use for short periods. It's definitely not an all day type of headset at least it wasn't for me but it's a very strong contender for travel and for focus periods or making several calls.

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