Discover D722U Over-Ear Noise Cancelling USB Wired Headset For Computer (Boomstick)

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Product Description

Experience crystal clear audio with the lightweight Discover D722U's dual speakers with pillow soft ear cushions that fully enclose your ears. This deluxe wired headset is built sturdily enough to handle everyday use while the technology itself incorporates some of the latest features for headphones. The soft leatherette ear cushions help to reduce background noise while sitting comfortably against the ears so users can clearly hear callers on the other end.

The USB wiring makes it easy to install and use the headset so you don't have to worry about old headphone or microphone connections. Simply plug and play to connect the tech to your PC, Mac or laptop and enjoy the conveniently placed volume controls. You also won't have to hassle with softphone connectivity: the Discover D722U is built to be compatible with calling software.

Office work is more pleasant with the Discover D722U's noise cancelling microphone so users and customers on the other end can carry on a pleasant conversation without excess background noise. The headset also has an adjustable headband and bendable microphone so it can suit exactly the position it needs to in order to be worn comfortably.

Finally, you're covered with a three-year advanced replacement warranty for peace of mind. That means three years of our support: if our team determines that your Discover D722U is defective, we'll ship a replacement that same day and cover the shipment cost to do so.

Looking for dual speakers but something a bit more lowprofile? Check out the Discover D712U (little brother to the D722U)

Customer Reviews

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Rafael (San Antonio, US)
Discover D722U Noise Cancelling USB Wired Headset For Computer

I use this headset for working from home on my computer and engaging clients for
eight hours of work daily. This headset delivers on sound quality and mic performance. The only thing I will complain about is that the earphones press hard on my ears, actually feel uncomfortable after four hours of use. I'd be happy if they were comfy.

Hi Rafael, thanks for sharing your feedback. How long have you been using the headst? I ask because it's common for the first 1-2 weeks to be like this. Over time the headset will loosen up and fit your head more comfortably.

Francis O'Connell (Plainsboro, US)
Integrated microphone and headphones work well

Great sound. Contacts can here me clearly. I use on a laptop with Remote Hams application to make amateur radio contacts around the world.

Michael Haines (Waynesville, US)
No sidetone control for Mac

Great audio!
Sidetone volume cannot be controlled.
You hear yourself almost as loud as your speech

Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback and great point sidetone. This was the first time sidetone was added and the future versions will have a less more natural sidetone that won't be as loud as your speech.

Phil Brothers (Elkhart, US)
Groovy set

Sounds great. Easy plug and play. Fab company.

Rob Lehrer (Encino, US)
Performs Very Well, Could be more comfortable

Overall, this is a fine office tool that performs well. I give it 4 rather than 5 stars only because after a while making calls, the headphones become slightly uncomfortable. I take them away from my ears for a minute or two and then put them back on and everything's fine.

Jose D (Houston, US)
Sidetone is the best feature

This headset has the perfect sidetone. Its loud and crisp. I love it! Exactly what I was looking for. I wish there was a wireless version, though. Still, this is a great headset and honestly I bought it specifically for the sidetone feature and I got my money's worth. Happy with the purchase.

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