Konftel 55Wx USB/Bluetooth Conference Phone - 910101082

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The Konftel 55Wx is a compact, high-performance speaker phone with patented OmniSound® audio technology. It delivers crystal-clear HD audio in a wide range of meeting scenarios, including wireless. The Konftel 55Wx is the all-in-one solution. So you can do things your way, fuss-free.

The speakerphone serves as a hub for your communications, connecting to computers, mobile phones/tablets and desk phones. The Konftel 55Wx also has Bluetooth® for easier pairing, as an extra feature compared with the simpler Konftel 55. Calls via a computer can be bridged with calls via a desk phone or mobile phone. Switch and combine connections easily on the touchscreen, which only shows the options available at the time.


Record calls or dictations onto a memory card and save, play or share the audio files with ease. The software is constantly being improved and can be updated easily using a tool on your computer. This makes the Konftel 55Wx speakerphone a future-proof investment.

Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity - USB/Bluetooth
  • Compatibility - Desk phones (w/ adapter) Mobile Devices (w/ cable)
  • Weight - 640g, 44 oz
  • Meeting Size - Up to 12 people, 20 with expansion mics
  • Room Type - Huddle to medium
  • Warranty - 2 yrs
  • Display - LCD, 240x320 pixels
  • Keypad - Touchscreen
  • Headset Connection Capability - Yes, 3.5mm
  • Line Bridging Function - USB + Bluetooth/Cell, USB + Desk phone, Bluetooth/Cell + Desk phone
  • Microphone Type - Omnidirectional 360°
  • Voice Pickup Range - 30m / 98ft (70m / 230ft with expansion mics.)
  • Battery Life - Up to 9 hrs
  • Noise Suppression - Yes
  • Automatic Echo Cancellation - Yes
  • NFC for Easy Pairing - Yes


Konftel 55Wx USB/Bluetooth Conference Phone Datasheet

Konftel 55Wx USB/Bluetooth Conference Phone User Manual


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