Logitech Zone True Wireless Earbuds (Pre-order)

Sale price$299.99


The Logitech Zone TWS Earbuds are built for business to seamlessly connect to your mobile phones and computer applications.

You'll now have a discreet pair of earbuds to hear and be heard crystal clear. As a bonus you can use the same pair of earbuds for an amazing music listening experience.

3 noise reducing mics in each earbud distinguish your voice from the distractions going on around you to help callers hear you, and not what's happening next to you for more productive conversations.

Adaptive ANC allows you to adjust the Logitech TWS earbuds to help you focus. When you want to hear your surroundings, instead of taking the earbuds out, tap a button to turn transparency mode on and you'll hear your surroundings!

Download Logitech Zone TWS Data Sheet

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