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  • TRIPLE CONNECTIVITY. The Poly Savi 8410 gives you the ability to connect your headset to desk phones, computers and mobile phones. No more need to have multiple headsets because now you have one that can do it all. Switching between your devices is easy and as simple as pressing a button.
  • NOISE CANCELING MICROPHONE. Nobody wants their background noise being heard by callers, which is something you won’t have to worry about when using the Poly Savi 8410 Office headset. Background noise and voices are both suppressed thanks to its noise cancellation mic and Close Conversation Limiting.
  • UPDATED BASE. The base on the Poly Savi 8410 Office has been updated in two ways. First, it features a prominent front facing color screen, and two, it’s now backwards compatible. You can now use this new base with previous Savi headsets such as the 8200, 7400 and 7300 models for more versatility.
  • UNLIMITED TALK TIME. The Poly Savi 8445 Office headset comes with two batteries. While one is being used, the second is being charged. When the first battery is depleted, it can be swapped with the charged battery. This gives you unlimited talk time so you never have to worry about a dead battery.
  • MULTIPLE WEARING STYLES INCLUDED. Rather than having to choose a specific wearing style, the Poly Savi 8445 comes with three of them. You can choose between an earpiece, mono headband or a behind the neck wearing style. So if you want to change things up, you have some options to choose from.


Poly released the Savi 8400 Office series headsets that offers some features you’re going to like.

Dating back to the original Savi, these are headsets that have always been a step ahead with attractive features, and connectivity to multiple devices. Poly has systematically, over time, refined this headset, and the latest iteration is on display in the new 8400 series.

Let’s have a look and see what the new, and improved Savi 8400 Office headset is all about.

Models to choose from

Poly savi 8410, 8420 and 8445 wireless headset images

The Savi 8400 Office comes in a few different configurations:

  • 8410 Mono - over the head, single ear
  • 8420 Stereo - over the head, double ear
  • 8445 Convertible - multiple wearing styles included (Model CB8421, Poly Savi x400)

Some people prefer to have one ear uncovered, so they can hear their surroundings. If that's you, then the 8410 model would be the right choice.

Others, prefer to have both ears covered so they can block out background noise, and keep their concentration. For those people, the Poly Savi 8420 would be a perfect fit.

Still others like the versatility of having a few different wearing styles to switch between. If that describes how you think, then the Savi 8445 model would be a solid choice.

Whichever configuration you prefer, the Poly Savi 8400 Office allows you to choose the style that suits you best.

Below are the highlights of the Poly Savi 8445 Office headset, starting with the amount of time you can walk and talk.

Savi 8445 Battery details

Business woman behind a desk, wearing a Poly Savi 8445 headset, with text that talks about battery life.

The Poly Savi 8445 Office is a wireless headset, and because of that, it quite naturally uses a battery. Not all headset batteries are the same because they vary in their capacity, talk time, and if they're replaceable or not.

Here’s what you need to know about the battery in this headset, and the others in the 8400 series family.

  • Talk Time - up to 13 hours - 8410, and 8420 models
  • Talk Time - unlimited on 8445 model
  • Standby time - up to 50 hours - 8410 and 8420 
  • Recharge time - 3 hours
  • Customer replaceable battery - Yes 
  • Battery type: Lithium ion Polymer

The Savi 8445 Office comes with two batteries. When the first battery is in use, there's a second one being charged. So when the first battery is depleted, it can be swapped with the fresh, charged battery. This gives you unlimited talk time, which is great for those times you forgot to recharge the battery in the headset, or if you're pulling a double shift and needing twice the talk time.

Savi 8445 Microphone

image of Poly Savi 8445 Office headset, and text that speaks about noise canceling microphone

The Poly Savi 8445 Office comes with a noise canceling microphone that’s designed to remove unwanted background noise. And though this is a highly valuable, and important feature, that isn’t anything you don't commonly find on other headsets.

But Poly added another microphone feature that does stand out.  They engineered a feature into the Savi 8445 Office called “Close Conversation Limiting.” In short, this feature tunes out nearby conversations and places the focus on your voice. This enhances the sound of your voice to your callers, making it easier for them to hear, and understand you. Enhanced intelligibility means better communication and productivity.

Savi 8445 Wireless Range

A lot of people like freedom of movement, and no cord to get in the way, which are a couple of the reasons why people buy wireless headsets. And when it comes to range, the more they can get, the happier they are.

Here’s what the Poly Savi 8445 Office offers in terms of walk and talk distance.

  • Range - Line of sight - up to 590 feet, or 180 meters
  • Range - In typical office environments - up to 180 feet, or 55 meters

If you’re someone who is really locked in on wireless range, then plan on getting up to 180 feet, and not the 590 feet you'll see referenced. 

Line of sight, or open field tests, are defined in this way;

"a straight line along which an observer has unobstructed vision." 

That doesn't describe a typical office environment, because offices have obstructions like walls, elevators, windows, people and a lot more, all of which weaken a wireless signal, and reduces wireless range. With that in mind, don't count on getting 590 feet of range because it's not going to happen unless you work where there are no obstructions at all. And it's for this reason Poly has made the distinction between line of sight, and a typical office. 

That said, for most of us, 180 feet of wireless should be sufficient, though longer range wireless headsets are available.

Personal Conferencing with the Savi 8445 

Graphic image of collaboration features of the Savi 8445 headset which includes, clear calls, call security and multi device connectivity

The Poly Savi 8445 Office allows you to have up to four headsets conferenced in on a call, so you can collaborate whether the call participants are nearby, or scattered across the office.

No need to schedule the conference room when you have one built into your Savi 8445 Office base. Conferencing convenience for you and your coworkers is as close as your desktop.

So whether you need to collaborate together on a project, or team up together to help your customers, the Poly Savi 8445 Office has the tool for the job.

Savi 8445 Headset weight

You’ll be wearing this headset for hours at a time, so I’m pretty sure you’d like to know how heavy it is. I know I would. Well, here’s the 411 on weight, and no, the Poly Savi 8445 Office isn’t a heavyweight. In fact, it's quite the opposite which makes it a lightweight, and in the headset world, that's a good thing.

  • 8410 Mono model - 4 ounces, 115 grams
  • 8420 Stereo model - 5.6 ounces, 160 grams
  • 8445 Convertible model earpiece - .74 ounces, 21 grams

At Headset Advisor, we’ve been very focused on headsets for three decades, which means we’d recognize a heavy headset if we came across one. The Poly Savi 8420 weight is about right for a stereo headset.

Many mono headsets weigh in around 4 ounces, just like the Savi 8410. Likewise for the 8420 stereo at just under 6 ounces. Earpieces in general are pretty lightweight, and at ¾ of an ounce, I’d say the Savi 8445 is right there. All in all, these headsets weigh about what they should, and they'll all give you a comfortable wearing experience.

Connectivity - what the Savi 8445 connects to

Graphic with image of Poly Savi 8445 Office headset, and text about what it connects to

It’s always good to know what a wireless headset connects to. This way, you know what you can use it with, and what you can’t. Savi headsets have always been generous in what they connect to, and the 8445 is no different.

The Poly Savi 8445 Office connects to:

  1. Computer
  2. Deskphone
  3. Mobile phone

Rather than having two or more headsets so you can connect to all your devices, and be hands free, the Poly Savi 8445 Office allows you to have one headset for all your devices. There’s value to having one headset because there’s fewer things to keep track of, fewer devices to manage, fewer devices to buy, and fewer devices to learn. Instead, one headset follows you where you go, and what you're connected to. 

And in terms of which voice platform you can use the Savi 8445 with, it's universally compatible, so no matter what you're using, the 8445 is ready to go to work.

Savi 8445 base that’s versatile

close up view of the headset base for the Poly Savi 8400 Office series headsets

The base on the new Poly Savi 8445 Office has a new color display that gives it an improved look.

The base display allows you to control your audio settings, which is cool, and it has a few other adjustments like a scroll wheel, back button, Teams button (for that variant), plus PC, Bluetooth and deskphone buttons. All these things are plainly visible, front and center.

Something that’s interesting is the base on the Savi 8445 Office is also backwards compatible to many of the former Savi headset models and works with these headsets: 

  • Savi 8400
  • Savi 8200
  • Savi 7400
  • Savi 7300

So if you use some of these past generations of Savi headsets, you’ll be able to use the new 8400 base with them. This gives you more versatility, and interoperability which isn't something you normally get in headset bases.

Software for the hardware

four square graphic of animated people in office related work settings.

Poly offers Lens software for the cloud, and as an App to help you manage, monitor and update your Poly devices.  Lens helps to illustrate Poly’s commitment to making it easier for you to personalize and manage your devices.

With Lens, you can easily update your firmware, personalize your devices so they reflect your personal tastes, and if you're an IT Manager, you can troubleshoot, and push out updates right from your desktop. And what's not to like about that?

Have questions, or need some help?

customer support man wearing a headset on a call, in front of a computer monitor

Talk to one of our headset experts to help you find the product that’s right for you. It can be confusing to wade through all the different choices, so don't feel like you have to go it alone. We're here to help. Contact us today for a tailored recommendation.


Poly Savi 8400 Office datasheet

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Poly Lens Cloud based software

Poly Lens desktop App

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