Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone For Business Calls and Meetings

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Bluetooth USB Dongle: Yes - Sync 20+
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The Poly Sync 20 is your personal USB smart speakerphone for crystal clear meetings, business calls, and music.

The audio on your laptop creates a less than ideal experience. Add the Poly Sync 20 and your audio will turn into the best-in-class sound anywhere.

Added with a multi microphone array, you and your participants will have more productive conversations to hear and be heard.

The Poly Sync 20 business speakerphone works the way you do. You can program your favorite function so it works with one touch. For instance, you can program a button to play or pause music and redial your last number.

Benefits of the Poly Sync 20 

Ease of Use

Whether you want to connect with prospective clients, collaborate with colleagues, or even tune into industry seminars, the Poly Sync 20 is the ultimate option for all-important business events and meetings. 

And when you’re looking to unwind after a long business meeting, this easy-to-use speakerphone can switch to playing music in a versatile fashion — all at the simple touch of a button. All you have to do is program a button to play music. 

With such smart functionality at the ready, the Poly Sync 20 business speakerphone makes everything easy, from business to entertainment. 


Besides flexibility and ease of use, this Poly speakerphone also offers great compatibility. It works on both the Windows and Mac operating systems, and you can connect it to your desktop or mobile device via Bluetooth. 

Crystal Clear Audio

With crystal clear audio, you don’t have to strain your ears trying hard to listen up. This speakerphone makes phone conversations and virtual meetings easy and effortless with its excellent audio features. In addition, it has 3 microphones and a pickup range of 7 feet. 

Long Battery Life

Benefit from the 20-hour battery life offered by the Poly Sync 20. A single charge can last for much more than a full workday so you can enjoy uninterrupted use. 

Order the Poly Sync 20 business speakerphones today for your organization or business!

Technical Specs

  • Works on Windows or Mac OS
  • Connects to; PC (USB) & Mobile Devices (Bluetooth)
  • Bluetooth v5.1
  • Full duplex, 3 microphones, with 7ft pickup range
  • 20 hour battery life
  • 12.7oz
  • LED online indicator


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