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About this item

  • Modular design. You can choose between ear cushions that rest against the ear, or those that fully cover them. You can also choose to select a model that includes a detachable noise canceling boom microphone, or not. Based on your needs, there’s bound to be a Tilde Pro headset that’s right for you.
  • Voice and sound quality. The Tilde Pro won’t leave you disappointed when it comes to sound quality. The 3 noise canceling microphone array will have you sounding crisp, clear and professional, and the HD audio driven by robust 40mm speakers will give you sound quality guaranteed to satisfy.
  • The Tilde Pro reduces noise through the microphone’s noise cancellation feature, so your callers aren’t distracted by the sounds going on around you. Active Noise Cancellation allows you to not be distracted by noise so you can get more done. You and your customers will be happy and more productive
  • Aware+ gives you the ability to have a face-to-face conversation without the need to remove the headset. You can collaborate with coworkers, or just be aware of your surroundings by the simple press of a button. No more constantly taking off your headset and putting it on all day, week and month.
  • Battery. You get up to 28 hours of talk time from the Tilde Pro from a single charge. You have enough battery life to power your way through several days, even as many as 5 without needing a recharge. You can even use the headset when it’s charging, which is something uncommon on business headsets


Every once in awhile a headset comes along that stands out in the crowd. And that's what you'll discover in the Orosound Tilde Pro.  This is a headset that has it all.

Unlike other headsets, the Tilde Pro is designed, and manufactured in France and it's easy to see the French inspired accents throughout. 

close up view of a woman wearing the Orosound Tilde Pro wireless headsetThe Orosound Tilde Pro was created to give you more:
      • More use flexibility with its modular design
      • More background noise reduction for a more professional call experience
      • A more professional sound so your callers will hear you clearly, consistently
      • More enjoyable listening whether it's music, podcasts or anything else
      • And just more of the things you want and need in a professional grade business headset.


This is a premium grade business headset that's loaded with features to meet any challenges you might face.  Designed for use with desktop and laptop computers with the included USB adapter, and for use with your mobile devices through Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Man inserting a USB dongle  into the side of a computer

The Tilde Pro will remember up to 8 devices, and allow you to connect to 2 simultaneously. This means you can toggle between using the headset with your computer, and mobile device seamlessly.

What customers say they are looking for

Based on customer feedback, these are the most important things people look for in a business headset:

      1. A headset that sounds professional
      2. A headset that removes background noise
      3. A headset that's comfortable
      4. And one that's compatible with their current communication system 

Watch our Orosound Tilde Pro review video below to see how it stacks up.

The Tilde Pro will have you sounding like a Pro

Not all headsets are created equal, and that includes how they sound. When you use a Tilde Pro, the last thing that should be on your mind is whether or not you'll sound good. That's one thing you won't be thinking about, because the boom microphone gives you sound that's nothing short of impressive.

Great sounding, detachable boom microphone.

The detachable boom microphone is packed with technology that guarantees you'll sound better than good, meaning you'll sound great.

The microphone is one of the all-time best sounding microphones we've tested. The audio is crisp and clear with a very pleasing bass tone quality. This is something you don't often hear in a business grade headset because most headsets don't provide the rich sound you get from the Tilde Pro.

Use the boom microphone or not - your choice

For those times when you're on important business calls, you'll want to use the boom microphone for optimizing your voice sound quality, and also removing your background noise. Attaching the boom mic takes but a second.

image of Orosound Tilde Pro headset switching between large, and small ear cushions, and with, and without boom microphone

For those times when you're not on calls, and you want to relax to some music, remove the boom mic and your all-business headset becomes ready for a night out on the town. It's like getting two headsets in one.

Rid yourself of background noise

Background noise can be distracting, and annoying at the same time. Callers typically don't enjoy hearing the noises going on around you. Whether it's your favorite four legged friend, your enthusiastic kids, or coworkers that simply talk too much, noise needs to be reduced if you want to have a professional sounding call.

very close up view of the end of the Orosound Tilde Pro microphone

The Orosound Tilde Pro comes with a professional grade, removable microphone that's made up of 3 mic array, and denoise algorithm. You get hgih quality sound, which is what you need for your business calls. Not only does it do a great job to make you sound good, this microphone also does a great job at removing background noise. 

So when the noise level begins to rise, rest assured your callers won't be hearing all that noise going on around you. Premium voice audio quality, combined with superb noiise reduction is truly a winning combination.

Configurations & modularity

The Orosound Tilde Pro comes in four different configurations:

Tilde Pro S  - Tilde Pro S+  -  Tilde Pro C  -  Tilde Pro C+

Orosound Tilde Pro headset collage of four configurations with a woman in the middle of the collage wearing a Tilde Pro headset

Being that the Tilde Pro is modular, it gives you the flexibility to configure the headset the way you like.  One of those choices is to allow you to choose between ear cushions that go against the ear, or those that go around them for better passive noise control.

An Orosound Tilde Pro headset on a desk top showing one large ear cushion, and one normal size ear cushion on the same headset

So if you work where noise is a problem, choosing the larger ear cushions that fully enclose the ear would be a smart choice. But if noise isn't something you have to deal with, or if having your ears fully covered isn't to your liking, you can always choose the smaller ones. Either way, it's your choice. 

You can also choose between having a boom microphone, or not. If you plan on using a headset for business calls, I would highly advise selecting the version that includes the boom microphone. Why? Because you'll have better voice audio quality, and better background noise reduction. And when you want to relax and listen to some music, the boom microphone is easily removed.

man in upper picture removing magnetically attached headset microphone. Lower picture he is reattaching it

If your background is generally quiet, and you're not on calls throughout the day, the model without the boom mic may be a good option for you to consider. Keep in mind, you can add the boom mic later as an accessory if your needs were to change.

Other things that make the Tilde Pro a great choice

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

These days, you're seeing more and more headsets come with Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC for short. This is a feature that's designed to give you control over background noise. But in spite of this feature becoming more common, there are differences in what they do.

  • Some headsets with ANC provide you with"ANC on" and "ANC off"
  • Other  headsets give you "ANC low and high"
  • But the best ones are those that give you several stages of noise control, like what you get with the Orosound Tilde Pro.

The Active Noise Cancellation on the Tilde Pro is made up of 4 microphones, and allows you to regulate noise from 0 - 30 db which translates to 5 different adjustment levels. With the ability to fine tune the noise level, you can block out, or let in however much noise you want. This is something you won't find on other headsets that include the ANC feature.

And finally, if noise is something you struggle with, combining the larger ear cushions with the ANC feature on the Tilde Pro is a great way to team up against distracting background noise.  You keep your concentration, and also your productivity.

Profile view of a woman wearing a Tilde Pro headset

Aware+ Mode

If you've ever worn a headset, you know how frustrating it can be to have a face-to-face conversation with someone. Throughout the day, as you need to talk with coworkers, you're required to remove the headset, and when done talking, put it back on. 

With the Aware+ mode activated on the Orosound Tilde Pro, you no longer need to take the headset off. To have a conversation with a coworker, press the Aware+ button and you're good to go. And when you're done, press it again to return to what you were doing. 

No more hassles, no more frustrations, just simple communicating as it was intended. 

Woman wearing an Orosound Tilde Pro and pressing a button on the side


This is a feature that's not talked about all that much, but for many, it's an important one.

Being able to hear your voice when talking is what helps regulate the volume at which you speak. In most cases, headsets don't give you the option to make adjustments to sidetone. Fortunately, sidetone adjustment is standard on the Tilde Pro, so you'll never feel like you're in an isolation chamber. You can adjust sidetone up to 6db.


profile of a man wearing an Orosound Tilde Pro with battery specs listed

Talk and listening time matter, even if you're not what might be called a power user. Who doesn't like the convenience of recharging a headset once a week, rather than once a day? 

The Tilde Pro has a rechargeable battery that provides:
  • Up to 28 hours of talk time
  • Up to 18 hours of Bluetooth streaming
  • Full battery in 2 hours
  • 50% charge in 30 minutes

With almost 30 hours of battery life on a single charge, means you won't need to remember to recharge your headset every day. Even if you skip charging it for a few days, you'll still have enough battery life to get you through the next day.

Bonus battery feature

To give you even more value, when the Tilde Pro is plugged in for a battery recharge, you can continue using the headset. This is a capability you won't find on many competiting headsets.

The Tilde Pro keeps you talkiing, when others keep you waiting.


When you're not on business calls, and you want to kick back to the sounds of your favorite music, you'll be pleasantly surprised listening with the Tilde Pro.

woman sitting down with Tilde Pro headset on, eyes closed enjoying the sound

The 40mm speakers and HD Audio really deliver when it comes to sound quality. The ear speakers, just like the microphone, give you a very nice, rich sound with a solid sounding bass bump, nice mids, and sharp highs.  And though this sound shouldn't be considered studio quality, it clearly raises the bar for other business grade headsets to follow. 

All work and no play isn't fun. So the Tilde Pro mixes things up in the most sound pleasing way.

Software download

To help you get the most out of your new Orosound Tilde Pro, there's a very useful, free software download available.

Download the Orosound Link software to unlock, and enhance many features on the Tilde Pro. 

Whether you want the latest version of firmware to keep your Tilde Pro operating at peak performance, or if you want to adjust sidetone, or maybe just personalize the settings to make it customized to your personal prefernces, Link has you covered.

And for you IT professionals who are in charge of managing a population of headsets, Orosound makes the task easier by giving you insights and abilities to push firmware updates across the enterprise, or customize settings.

Compatibility & connectivity

A collage of images to show the Tilde pro headset connecting to computer, and mobile phone

Whether you want to use your Tilde Pro with your computer, mobile phone, or both, it has the ability to keep you connected so you don't miss out on anything important.

  • Computers and laptops: Mac, Windows…
  • Smartphones and tablet computers: iOS, Android…
  • Compatible landline phones
  • Softphones
  • Connectivity to all the leading UC applications like Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, Google Meet and a host of others.


Buttons & controls

close up view of the Orosound Tilde Pro earpiece showing the different buttons and their function


When you invest in a premium headset, it's right for you to expect more. One of the many areas where the Tilde Pro gives you more, is in the warranty.

Some headsets come with a 1-year warranty, and many give you a 2-year warranty. The Orosound Tilde Pro ups the anty by giving you a warranty that's 33% longer. And most would agree that when it comes to warranties, longer is always better.

For a full 3-years, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your Tilde Pro headset is covered by our unconditional, full service warranty. Expecting more is one thing, but expecting it and getting it is even better.

Headset Advisor, the North American Distributor of the Orosound Tilde Pro, is your go to source for anything you need, including in, or out of warranty issues. Our 30 years of headset expertise helps us to understand your needs, and respond with professional, timely service that's second to none.

Tech Specs

Country of origin Designed and manufactured in France
Replacement parts Lrg/Sm earpads and boom-microphone
Warranty 3-years
Downloadable Software Orosound Link | customization available
Wearing style(s) Over-the-head, double ear
Wearing options Around the ear, against the ear cushions, boom-mic, no boom-mic
Weight 215 grams / 7.58 oz
Waterproof rating IPX4
Softphone and videoconference  Compatible with all UC applications
Wireless Range 20meters | 66 feet (in open field)
Microphone Type 3 mic array noise canceling and HD audio, Magnetically attached, flexible and removable.
Microphones for Active Noise Cancellation Yes - 4 adjustable to 30 db
Microphones for Aware+ (HearThrough) Yes
Noise reducing microphone Yes
VoiceFirst Technology Yes - differenciates noise from voice signals
Vocal commands compatible with Apple Siri and Google Assistant
Size 40mm
Audio Codecs SBC, AAC
Distortion < 0,2% on the spectrum
Frequency Response 3dB from 10Hz to 20kHz
Wired & Wireless Connections
Bluetooth version 5.0
Connectivity Desktop, laptop computers, select desk phones, and mobile devices
Number of connections Remembes up to 8, with 2 simultaneous
Wired connection Yes via included audio/charge cable
Optional cable(s) For audio jack
USB Adapter / dongle Yes, included
Battery life up to 28 hours. Fast charging: full battery in 2h, 50% in 30 minutes



Q: How do I change the language on my Orosound tilde pro?

A: You'll want to start by downloading the Orosound Link software. Once you've done that, you'll notice a flag in the lower left area. Click on that to change to your preferred language.

Q: How much battery life do you get with the Orosound  Tilde Pro?

A: The Tilde Pro is rated up to 28 hours of talk time and a full battery recharge takes 2 hours. You get 50% battery charge in 30 minutes

Q: Which noise-cancelling functions are available on TILDE® PRO?

A: You actually have several. First, you get a professional grade noise canceling boom microphone for having high quality calls. You also get Aware+ which separates noise from the person you're speaking to face-to-face (with the headset on), and finally, you get Several levels of Active Noise Cancellation that gives you control over your background noise.

Q: How to attach and adjust the boom-microphone of the TILDE® PRO headphone?

A: The boom microphone on the Tilde Pro is detachable. It connects to the headset magnetically which makes it super easy to remove and attach.  To remove, grasp the boom, and apply gentle pressure. It will come right off. Reattaching it is equally easy. Hoover the round portion of the boom near the home position on the headset, and the magnet will pull it into place. 

Adjust the boom is simple as well. You'll want to place the end of the microphone approximately two fingers width from the corner  of your mouth. Because the mic boom is magnetically attached, it's advisable to place one hand on the round portion of the boom to keep it in place, with the other hand applying pressure to bend the arm. Doing this  will help assure you get the microphone in the correct position for optimizing your voice audio quality.

Q: What comes with the Orosound Tilde Pro?

A: That depends on the specific model configuration ordered. Some versions will come with larger ear cushions, smaller ear cushions, mic boom, or no mic boom. That aside, each variant will come with a USB Adapter, A USB-C cable for recharging, and using while charging, and a zippered travel pouch.

Q: What does the Active Noise Cancellation feature do on the Tilde Pro?

A: This feature allows you to control how much background noise you hear. which means you can better manage distractions, improve concentration and be more productive.

Unlike other headsets that only give you ANC on/off, the Tilde Pro gives you 5 levels of adjustment, which is better. More control means more focus and less frustration.

Q: What makes the Orosound Tilde Pro a better choice over other headsets?

A: The best headset is the one that meets your specific needs. This could the Orosound Tilde Pro, or another make or model. But in a general sense, the Tilde Pro is a great headset to consider because it gives you really good voice audio quality (a nice rich sound), and ear speakers that sound great. You also get Active Noise Cancellation to concentrate better, and Aware+ so you can hear your surroundings, or have a face-to-face conversation without removing the headset. With its modular design you can select the configuration that best meets your needs, and the longer warranty is a nice bonus too.

QWhat is the difference between over and on-ear pads?

A: Over the ear pads refers to those ear cushions that are larger, and fully enclose the ear. This means that you'll have a noise barrier for helping to reduce room noise. The ear pads that go on the ear are those that rest against the ear, and don't fully enclose them. People do have preferences when it comes to this, so with the Tilde Pro, you have your choice, which is nice.

Q: Is it possible to use TILDE® while it is charging? 

A: Yes. When the Tilde Pro is plugged in for a recharge, you can continue using it. This means you won't have to wait for the battery to finish charging before you can resume using it. This is a feature you don't find on all headsets, even those deemed premium. This is a standard feature on all Tilde Pro headsets.

Q: What devices can I connect a Tilde Pro headset to?

A: You can connect a Tilde Pro headset to your Bluetooth enabled devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets etc. as well as with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

You can also connect through USB via the included USB Adapter. This means you can use the Tilde Pro with desktop and laptop computers, and on select desk phones.

There's also an optional audio cable available to give you one more way to connect and use your Orosound Tilde Pro.

Q:  What does the Aware+ feature on the Tilde Pro do?

A: If you've worn headsets in the past, you know how frustrating it can be to have to remove the headset every time you want to have a face-to-face conversation, or hear your surroundings. The Tilde Pro Aware+ feature allows you to hear your surroundings, or have that face-to-face conversation without having to take off your headset. This is accomplished through the activation of built-in, outward facing microphones that turn on so you can hear them through the ear speakers.


    See what Tech reviewers say

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Antonio A A Lima (São Paulo, BR)
    Excellent Headphone

    I am using it for the last 2 weeks, easy to use, works as expected, good ergonomics. The case could be a little bit better and the PC software has an interface very basic. Both items works, but could receive more attention considering the aspired product category.

    Robin McKee (Chaska, US)
    Good headset for the office

    Noise canceling in the headphones is very good.
    The microphone picks up too much back ground noise, also sounds like you are inside of a tin can, which is normal for headphone microphones.
    If you happen to be a passenger in vehicle moving down the road you can hear a popping sound from the noise canceling feature trying to adjust the widely changing air pressures, if someone opens a window it gets worse.
    Inside the office these would work great. But for listening to music outside side or inside of a vehicle the Bose 700 headsets are the best. For talking on the phone in noisy outside environments or inside a vehicle the Blue Parrot 250 is cheap and has the best noise canceling microphone, but you will have to jam an ear plug in the ear that is not covered by the headset.

    Matthew Fidler (Fort Worth, US)
    OroSound good for office work

    I have been using the OroSound for a couple of weeks so perhaps as I work with the tool, I may have different results.

    The boom mike is convenient and seems to block noise around me so that calls don't appear to notice any background noise. The boom mike is quite easy to remove. I like the ability to remove if I don't need it. My only concern with changing the small port cover; I am afraid it will be lost. For me, I put it in mesh where the dongle is supposed to to go.

    I personally struggle with the power key; It often turns itself on when in the case and inside my backpack. This implies to me that I really need to get a hard case (which isn't included) to truly protect the investment. I also tend to have a hard time turning on and off the headset not really getting the right amount of time on the power key. Often it goes into pairing mode.

    I also have a problem with the headset dropping off when I pick something up; I haven't had this problem with other on the ear headsets.

    The active noise canceling is not as good as my old Bose on the ear noise canceling headset. I do like the option of turning up or down the noise canceling, however.

    I also like the button that lets you talk with people around you, I find it quite helpful to interact with people around you when needed.

    I also downloaded the Link application. For me the upload over bluetooth did not work, making my headset a bit unusable. It turned my headest into a usb hard disk. After guessing at the French manual about manually resetting the firmware, I tried to download an older version of firmware off the website (which did not work; the link was broken). By looking at the file extension, I searched my laptop for the downloaded firmware and eventually ended up transferring the firmware manually over usb. For me, it would have been helpful to have some English troubleshooting section about this either on the headset advisor website or the orosound website. I might have gotten support for this from either OroSound or Headeset advisor but it was the weekend (and I assume they were both off).

    When working with teams, the mute button showed the mute status on the teams interface; on zoom it did not.

    Overall, this is a good headset if you are staying with it at an office desk or cubicle; If you are transporting it or moving with it (like I am), there are concerns about it falling off or turning on and draining the battery before you get to use it.

    David Luna (Tampa, US)
    Orosound Tilde Pro Hybrid Headset ROCK!

    I work in a very noisy "open office" space and I needed something that not only for the headset, but also for the mic.
    The Orosound headsets have been working great and I have recommended them to all of my co-workers!

    Thank you for your feedback, David! Let us know if we can ever assist in the future.

    ARuggerio (Janesville, US)
    Very nice headset

    My use case is I work 100% remote. My work environment consists of 3 dogs that like to bark and frequently we have other distracting, loud things going on during my work hours. I spend 90% of my day on calls with coworkers and clients.

    I have tried many different devices that say they are noise cancelling for both headset and mic. In most cases the headsets block external noise well. What they didn't do well was block my background noises for those on the other end of the call. I looked at this headset and was really put off by the price but I thought I'd try it for the 30 days trial period. After day 1 of wearing the headset all day there was no discomfort, I could hear clearly and when I had the dogs barking I asked if anyone could hear them and they all said nope! I am two weeks in and have decided that I do not want to give these headsets back.

    That's great to hear the headset is working like it should! Thank you for your feedback and let us know if we can ever assist in the future.

    Antoinette Hubbard (Manahawkin, US)
    Amazing headset

    This headset is amazing does everything I need. Out the box I knew this headset was just what I needed. Amazing quality, and sound. I love the Active noise cancellation and aware button. I hate that I wasted a few hundred ls on headset and should have pick these first. My headset is comfortable and I wear for my shift 8 hours. Works with my teams and taking my calls using my boom mic. I also love the mute button on the mic.

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