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Headset Advisor is a family owned business founded by Doug Merritt in 1994. Our mission has always been to provide you such great service you'd be our customer for life and refer your friends.

You wouldn't think choosing a headset for your business needs would be a challenge. With all the different brands, models and misinformation online, it quickly gets confusing and can be a frustrating experience. 

When you work with us, we have all the answers to your questions and can quickly match you with the best compatible headset for your unique needs. We provide just about any headset you need and are experts with all of them, so we have no vested interest which brand or model you choose. 

Our goal is to ensure you get the right headsets based on what's most important to you. Also, we're experts with all headset brands we provide, so we're here to help ensure you have great working headsets at all times. You're never passed off to the manufacture or third party source for support.

Whether you have a question about compatibility, need a recommendation, or want help with your existing headsets, contact us today and our Advisors in California are ready to assist. 

How will we help you?

At Headset Advisor we offer all the leading brands of wired and wireless office headsets. With all the available options out there it makes it difficult to find the one that best fits your business situation.

Having a headset where your customers can hear your agents clearly and your agents can hear them clearly is very important to the overall success of your organization. 

Our team will provide you a free headset recommendation so you can find the best office headset that helps you meet your business objectives.

Click here to get free headset recommendation.

Our guarantee to you.

Within 30 days you can return your order for any reason. In order to get a return started it's very easy, and there's no fine print or restocking fees to worry about. We even cover return shipping. All we ask is you contact us so we can email you a pre-paid shipping label with an RMA number to ensure a quick refund.