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Product Description

The Orosound Tilde Pro is a Bluetooth headset made for professionals in the modern world who need a headset to work wherever they go. Orosound takes a different approach and manufactures their products locally in France with the best quality in mind. If you care about quality, keep reading. If you don't then this won't be the headset for you!

Noise Canceling Microphone WITH Adjustable Sidetone: No longer will you have callers on the other end asking you to repeat yourself. The Orosound Tilde Pro has a great sounding microphone with enhanced noise cancellation.

Meaning, when you have kids screaming, dogs barking or co-workers talking to loud, the caller on the other end will be able to focus on your voice and not the distractions around you.

Sidetone is also a nice addition so you can slightly hear your own voice and talk at a normal volume.

Detachable Microphone: When you get off work, and want to use the Orosound Tilde Pro for personal audio, simply detach the mic boom and now you have a personal pair of headphones. No longer will you need one headset for business and another for personal audio.

Interchangeable Ear Cushion Speakers: Most headsets only give you the choice of speakers on-ear or over-ear. The Orosound Tilde Pro gives you more flexibility by allowing you to switch ear cushion sizes in the future if your preferences changes. This also gives you a longer lasting headset because if the speaker breaks, no need to buy a whole new headset.

Compatibility: One concern many customers have before they ever invest in a headset is compatibility. The Orosound Tilde Pro works with all leading UC call platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, RingCentral, Cisco and many others.

USB Dongle Included: In the box is a proprietary USB Dongle that simply connects to your computer and gives you a more reliable connection vs pairing via Bluetooth. You also get the flexibility to connect with a mobile phone, and seamlessly switch between your computer or mobile phone.

Wired or Wireless: If your battery were to run low, simply connect the charge cord to your computer and you're now using the headset in wired mode. Your battery charges as you use your headset and gives you a bit of enhanced audio.

Active Noise Cancellation: The last thing you want to deal with is noise in an office, home environment or coffe shop. Good news is the Orosound Tilde Pro has customizable ANC so you can fine tune how much noise you want to let in.

Voice First: When you're in the zone listening to music, and someone comes up to talk to you, it's common to remove your headphones to hear. With Voice First, simply press a button on your headset and it opens the microphones for you to clearly hear whose talking. When done, press the Voice First button again and you're back to what you were listening to.

More Protection, More Peace Of Mind: You're covered with a 3 year warranty. That's 3x most other brands for peace of mind to have a quality headset that you know will last for many years.

Differences between the TILDE PRO variants

  • TILDE® PRO S+ (on-ear WITH mic boom) Includes USB Dongle
  • TILDE® PRO C+ (over-the ears WITH mic boom) Includes USB Dongle

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Customer Reviews

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Josh Sehn (Cypress County, CA)
Excellent mic/noise rejection, acceptable background noise cancellation.

I bought this headset based on the reviews of the microphone/noise rejection.

It does an excellent job of blocking outside noise from entering the mic so callers on the other end do not hear any background noise at all. This is definately the products main strength and the primary reason for my purchase choice.

The comfort of the headband, the sound quality, and outside noise cancellation are a little underwhelming but still quite good (i.e. better than most) I believe the product could be substantially improved in these areas.

Hi Josh, thank you for the honest and fair feedback! We'll forward this info to Orosound for improvements on future models.

Kristoffer Hinchley (Elmhurst, US)
Superb headset

Very user friendly, works great for my job. My voice comes through very crisp and clear. The noise canceling wheel is great but the feature itself can be improved in my opinion. Overall a great device, I appreciate the headset advisor team taking the time to go through each of the features before I purchased it.

Anonymous (Bullhead City, US)
Orosound Tilde Pro Review

The product works great. It has excellent noise cancellation blocking out the noise you hear when listening through the headphones as well as the sound that is picked up through the boom mic. I noticed that my previous headset was picking up background noises like tapping on my desk and my mouse clicks, which was pointed out by people on the other side of my call as well as echoed through their microphones. Since using the Tilde Pro, I no longer hear those echo sounds through their microphones and the people on the other side said that they no longer hear any of the tappings on the desk or mouse-click noises.

Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Let us know if we can ever help in the future :)

Alex Rattray (Brooklyn, US)
The best I've found for Zoom calls in noisy environments, but not perfect.

My use-case is taking Zoom calls and listening to focus music while working from noisy environments like cafes, or while working from home and doing background activities like cooking, cleaning, etc. I'm often on calls back-to-back all day long, with a mix of internal and external people (sales, recruiting, 1:1s, running meetings, etc).

I've tried a ton of well-reviewed headsets, and this is definitely the best I've found. But I'm still moderately disappointed.


1. It's too tight on me, and I get a headache after a few hours of wear. I'm told there's a break-in period of a few weeks, so fingers crossed.
2. It points a red light at end of the boom mic at the camera, super weird and distracting. You can enable "night mode" to turn this off, but the setting doesn't stick.
3. The configuration software isn't great in general, doesn't work on mobile, and requires a USB-C connection to work (can't just use bluetooth). Not the end of the world, but because of the night-mode issue (see above) it's pretty annoying.
4. The mic boom pops off a little too easily, which can be embarrassing during calls, or cause it to get lost in your bag during transit.
5. The headset does not fold up nicely (like bose qc35) for travel, making them a little suboptimal for on-the-go, especially with the mic boom popping off.
6. Pairing with a phone and a computer both can cause some weird behavior, though not as bad as others I've encountered. Improving this would make me use the headphones a lot more.
7. It doesn't display the battery % remaining in your connected phone or laptop, which really sucks, especially considering the battery life is not great.
8. Occasionally, it doesn't work when I join a new zoom meeting, despite it working just fine on the meeting before (no sound/mic). I have to turn the headphones off and on again (and maybe do another weird step, I can't remember) to make them work again. Really embarrassing and distracting.


1. Especially when coupled with the mac app krisp, people can't hear anything other than what I'm saying. No toilets flushing, no people talking loudly near me, no construction sounds on a loud street, no cooking sounds, nothing. I may have to speak up a little to sound good in those environments, but it works. The mic sound quality is totally good enough for calls, maybe not for podcast recording or whatever.
2. The sound quality is totally good enough for listening to music. Not the headphones for crazy audiophiles but I have no problem listening to music.
3. I really like that the noise canceling is enough to not let background sounds distract me, but not so much that I'm oblivious to what's going on around me.
4. The side tone is perfect (when turned all the way up to 5), I don't strain my voice when talking all day.
5. It looks fine, a little silly but not distracting or unprofessional.
6. You can talk while it's charging.

I really hope Orosound makes some improvements, I'd buy a v2 in a heartbeat (and probably one for each person on my whole team, too – right now it's not quiite good enough to recommend it unreservedly).

Hi Alex, thanks for sharing such and objective review. Because of feedback like this I'm sure Orosound will keep making better and better products over time.

Paul C. (Portland, US)
Great Office Headset!

I work in a call center environment. I love this headset. I wanted a dedicated wireless headset for work that was more focused on vocal quality. This headset did not disappoint. The voice quality of my callers was very clear. My callers also mentioned they could hear my voice with great clarity. I wear a hearing aid in my left ear. This headset has no issues with hearing aids.

This product may not be for you if you're looking for good musical sound quality in a headset. I prefer to listen to music with my Bose Quiet Comfort 35. The removal mic boom is fantastic in noisy environments. Callers can hear your voice with good quality, and the ANC mutes background noise very well.

I can use the headset wireless for two work days without charging. I'm on the phone for 7-8 hours. The battery is supposed to last for 24 hours. After two days, the battery goes down to 20%. I have to charge the battery after two days. I envisioned three days on a full charge. Unfortunately, this is not the case—a minor inconvenience.

Overall very happy with this headset. A little expensive but worth the price!

Dal Birch (Scottsdale, US)
Very good, but Not for people with large heads

This headset works very well, but it's a little tight on my head. It is just barely large enough for me. Any smaller and I would have to return it. I don't have any problems with the size of Bose, Sony, or any other headphones or headsets that I've tried. Orosound needs to make future products like this a little larger.

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