Yealink WH63 Convertible DECT Wireless Office Headset

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  • LONG WIRELESS RANGE. The Yealink WH63 wireless headset keeps you talking when other headsets drop off. You have a wider footprint to use the headset which means more versatility, and you can get more done. The WH63 is a DECT headset which gives far longer range compared to Bluetooth models.
  • AMAZING NOISE REDUCTION. When your workspace gets noisy, it’s comforting to know that your headset will remove that noise so your callers hear you, and not what’s going on around you. The Yealink WH63 removes unwanted noise far better than other headset brands, for a more professional sounding call
  • FOUR WEARING STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM. Right out of the box, you have three wearing styles included; headband, earloop, and eartip with an optional neckband available. This gives you the ability to change the headset wearing style whenever you want. It’s always nice to have choices, and you have four.
  • DUAL CONNECTIVITY. Whether you want to use the WH63 headset with a Windows, or Mac computer, or even a compatible iP phone, you have those connection options available. One headset for your different devices is convenient, and switching between them is quick and easy.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE. At only 0.67 ounces, or 19 grams, the Yealink WH63 is lightweight and comfortable for all day wearing. Comfort begins with having a lightweight headset, and the WH63 satisfies that requirement in a big way. Any style you choose will be light and comfortable.


The Yealink WH63 Convertible wireless DECT headset is perfect for those who like choices, and don't want to be weighed down by a heavy, over-the-head style headset.

Yealink WH63 headset in base, and headband, neckband, earloop, and eartip pack shown

Read or watch - your choice

Some people prefer to read content, while others would rather consume their content through video. Feel free to read on, or you can shortcut tbings by watching our Yealink WH62 / WH63 review video below.

 Choose your style

The WH63 checks a lot of boxes because right out of the box, you have choices staring you in the face. You're not stuck to one wearing style, because the WH63 wireless headset gives you four uniquely different wearing styles to choose from. 

four squares each showing a different headset wearing style; on ear, in the ear, over the head, and behind the neck.

Device connectivity

And the choices don't end there, because the Yealink WH63 lets you choose what you want to connect it to.  So whether you're using a Windows, or Mac computer, or one of the compatible desk phones, the Yealink WH63 lets you choose your device.

Yealink WH63 on desk top next to computer and desk phone

Professional Headset, Professional Sound

When investing in a new headset, you want to eliminate the chance it's going to sound bad. Don't worry about that when ordering a Yealink WH63, because professional sound comes standard. 

woman wearing a Yealink WH63 headset with imaginary bubble around her to suggest a sound shield from outside noise

You get two integrated, professional grade microphones that are noise canceling. Yealink pioneered a technology called Sound Shield, and it lives up to the hype. At Headset Advisor, we test a ton of headsets, and the Yealink brand is among the elite when it comes to removing unwanted background noise.

Sound Shield is no gimmick. It's the real deal because when noise gets out of hand, it tackles that noise efficiently so your callers hear you, and not all the rukus going on around you. So, you can say goodbye to the distracting noises of your coworkers, kids, dogs, landscapers, freeway pals and more. Trust the WH63 to bring you a new level of sound quality that I know you, and your callers will appreciate.

Comfort with a capital C

Sure, you want a great sounding, versatile headset, but just imagine how much those things will fade into the background if you leave work each day with pain from your headset. You want great sound, but you need the headset to be comfortable, especially if you're someone who has to wear a headset all day.

woman at a desk wearing a yealink wh63 headset

No matter which configuration you choose, you're guaranteed a lightweight, comfortable wearing experience.

But what about compatibility? You need the headset to work with your communication system, and your devices, right?  No worries!

Yealink WH63 is Universally compatible

image of Yealink WH63 headset, a computer, and desk phone along with text that talks about UC software compatibility

So whether you're using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, RingCentral or any of the other popular UC patforms, the WH63 wireless headset will work great.

Using the WH63 with 3rd part phones

And if you want to use the Yealink WH63 with 3rd part phones, you'll need an accessory.

Yealink WH63 headset and Yealink EHS60 accessory

Make your WH63 a mobile headset with this kit

Want to squeeze even more out of the Yealink WH63 wireless headset?  No problem! Add an accessory kit to make your WH63 portable so you can take it with you on the go.

man wearing a yealink wh63 headset working remotely on a laptop

Sometimes work takes us out of the home or office, and into new worksites. With this handy accessory, your Yealink WH63 transforms into a mobile device which gives you a lot of freedom, and flexibility.

Going the distance with the WH63

The WH63 is a wireless headset, and part of the appeal of having that kind of device is having a wide wireless footprint to operate within. This is where the Yealink WH63 separates itself from the rest of the pack.

woman wearing a Yealink wireless headset walking through an open office area with text stating up to 393 feet of wireless range

Bluetooth headsets will only give you up to 100 feet of wireless range, and, in real world  situations, you'll likely only get 50-60 feet before the signal degrades which then makes the headset unusable.

The Yealink WH63 is a DECT headset that's rated up to 393 feet of wireless range. And in our in-house wireless range tests, Yealink headsets have tested true to their stated range estimates. This isn't common among headsets overall, as most will give you less range than what spec sheets state.

So if wireless range is important to you, stop looking around because Yealink headsets will give you longer wireless range compared to any other brand, including those name brands.

Like to compare the WH63 to other Yealink headsets?

chart that shows the different Yealink headsets and how they compare

Order from Headset Advisor for a better experience

Anyone can sell you a product, but not everyone can back it up with high level support. Headset Advisor was founded on the principle of providing the best customer service experience, and that's what we've been delivering for the past 30 years.

Don't settle for second rate service when a better option is available to you. Let our Advisors, and support team give you the service you deserve.

Yealink WH63 Technical Specifications

2 Versions available Teams and UC
4 unique wearing styles headband, neckband, earloop, eartip
USB Connectivity To PC  and to compatible iP phones
Integrated busylight Yes
Headset docking and charging stand Yes
Package Contents
Charging base for headset
Headset earpiece Yes
Earhook and eartips Yes
Power Adapter Yes
1.2m USB 2.0 Cable Yes
0.8m USB 2.0 Cable Yes
Quick start guide Yes
Optional Accessories
Neckband Yes
Busylight Yes. Item BLT60
Headset stand / charging base 124g / 4.37 ounces
Headset  19g / 0.67 ounces
Talk time Up to 8 hours
Standby time Up to 54 hours
Battery recharge time 2.5 hours (5V/1.2A)
DECT wireless details
Wireless range up to 120m/394 feet
Secure DECT (level) : Step C: authentication – DSAA2, encryption – DSC2 (128bit)
Headset Audio
Microphone type Mono microphone
Microphone noise canceling Yes - Sound  Shield  NC technology
Microphone sensitivity -38.0+/-2 dBV
Microphone frequency range 100 Hz-10 kHz
Earspeaker size : Ф 13.6
Earspeaker sensitivity 116+/-3 dB, 0.179 V
Earspeaker impedance 32+/-4.8 Ω
Earspeaker max output  power 10 mW
Earspeaker frequency range 20 Hz-14 kHz
Talk mode wideband, 100Hz~8kHz, 16kHz sample rate
Hearing protection
Daily noise protection Yes
Peak block protection EN50332
Australian G616 protection AU G616
Base Audio
Ringer size Ф 20
Ringer sensitivity 87+/-3 dB, 0.1 W, 0.1 M
Ringer impedance 8+/-1.2 Ω
Ringer max input power 1.5 W
Ringer frequency range 100 Hz-10 kHz
Buttons / Call Management
Answer/End/Reject a call Yes
Volume up/down Yes
Microphone mute Yes 

Yealink WH63 FAQ's

Q: What softphones does the WH63 work with?

A: The business headset supports many softphones, like 3CX, Unify, Zoom, Teams, and Ringcentral; for more compatible information, please visit

Q: How can the WH63 conference headset connect to the other brand IP Phones?

A: The WH63 DECT wireless headset supports connecting with Cisco, Poly, and AVAYA IP Phone through EHS60 and connecting with Mitel and Unify IP Phones through EHS61 with remote control feature.

Q: How far can I walk away from my computer and still maintain a connection?

A: The Yealink WH63 is rated up to 393 feet of wireless range. This means you can walk and talk further than competing DECT  headsets, and several times further than Bluetooth models.

Q: How much talk time does the battery on the Yealink WH63 headset give you?

A: The battery is rated to provide up to 8 hours of continuous talk time. 

Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery in the Yealink WH63 headset?

A: A full battery recharge takes up to 2.5 hours

Q: Do all four wearing styles come included with the headset?

A: No. When you order the Yealink WH63, you get a headband, ear loops, and ear tips. The neckband is an optional accessory

Q: Does the Yealink WH63 have a busylight?

A: Yes, it's built in to the headset earpiece

Q: Is there a ringer built into the base of the Yealink WH63?

A: Yes. unlike most wireless headsets, the Yealink WH63 features a built in speaker in the base to notify you when you have an incoming call.

Q: How many wearing styles does the Yealink WH63 have?

A: Four; headband, neckband, earloop, eartip

Q: Can you use the Yealink  WH63 wireless headset with Windows and Mac computers?

A:  Yes

Q:  Can you use the Yealink WH63 headset with iP phones?

A: Yes, with those that are compatible. To learn more and to see if your phone is compatible, go here. 

Yealink WH63 downloads

Download WH63 Data Sheet


Yealink WH63 Videos

Yealink WH62 / WH63 Troubleshooting guide

Yealink WH63 unboxing and set up video



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Justin Frankel (Garden City, US)

Yealink WH63 Convertible DECT Wireless Office Headset

Christy Botz (Cañon City, US)
Yealink WH63 UC Head Set

I am overall pretty happy with the Blue tooth ear piece. I like how light weight it is and how clear the signal is. However, I am not happy that the battery does not last for more than 4-5 hours. I need it to at least hold charge for 8 hours. I have called and am getting a replacement sent. It could just be a default in the battery.

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