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About this item

  • Interchangeable design. The Adapt 30 features an interchangeable design. You can switch between a single ear wearing style to a full double speaker. If things get noisy, switch it up and cover both ears. Want to hear more of your background? Snap on the single ear. This is a unique design.
  • Longer wireless range. Unlike Bluetooth headsets that limit your wireless range to under 100 feet, the Adapt 30 gives you range up to 350. More range means more ways you can use your headset. Quick trips for a coffee refresh, or talking with coworkers is easy when you have this much wireless range.
  • Professional sound. When on important business calls you need to sound professional. The Adapt 30 comes with a high quality, noise canceling microphone so your callers will hear you loud and clear. And that background noise like dogs barking or noisy coworkers won’t be heard either.
  • Dual connectivity. You can use the Discover Adapt 30 with desk phones and desktop or laptop computers through communication cartridges. You decide what you want to connect to, and the Adapt 30 is ready, willing and able.
  • Longer warranty. Most wireless headsets only give you a 1 or 2 year warranty. The Discover Adapt 30 raises the bar by giving you a full 3-year industry leading warranty. A longer warranty means longer peace of mind.



The Discover Adapt 30 is a best value wireless headset to seamlessly connect between your desk phone and computer when using software applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, RingCentral etc.

The Adapt 30 brings uniqueness, and modularity to the business headset space giving you flexibility and longevity you just can't get in any other headset brand.

More years of use & more flexibility:

Out of the box the Discover Adapt 30 wireless headset allows you to interchange the headband between a single and dual speaker. This is beneficial for a couple reasons.

  1. If your headband were to break on other headsets, you'd have to throw it away and spend the money to buy a new replacement headset. With the Adapt 30, if your headband breaks, you just purchase an inexpensive headband and you're back in business.
  2. Having two wearing style choices gives you more flexibility to customize the headset how you want. It's great for teams as well because you can deploy one headset that gives the users option to select their preferred wearing style.

Seamless connectivity:

Adapt 30 headset in charging base with icons of computer and desk  phone on the left margin

Many customers today use a mix of desk phones or computer softphones. The Discover Adapt 30 has you covered with connectivity to both applications. So, if you use desk phones today but switch to computer softphones in the future, you're protected from having to buy all new headsets. Your hardware may change, but your headsets won't. 

Universally Compatible

The Discover Adapt 30 will connect with 98% of corded desk phones (Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Poly, Yealink and many others), as well as most of the leading UC applications on your computer (Teams, Zoom, RingCentral etc.) The Discover Adapt 30 gives you the kind of versatility you need in a professional grade headset.

Long range wireless freedom: 

Adapt 30 mono next to an Adapt 30  Duo with wording stating 3-5 times the wireless range

With DECT technology the Adapt 30 is rated up to 350ft of wireless range, giving you as much as 10x more distance than a Bluetooth headset to walk and talk hands free. Longer wireless range means you have a wider footprint for greater versatility, and productivity. You're free to grab that much needed cup of coffee, get that document off the printer, or breeze your way into a colleagues office to have a quick conversation. You have more freedom when using the Discover Adapt  30.

Noise canceling microphone:

Whether you work at home or in the office, the Adapt 30 microphone will keep you sounding loud, clear and professional. And besides great sound quality, you'll also get a microphone that removes annoying background noise.

Offices can get noisy, and that noise can come from many sources such as coworkers, office machines, traffic, Janitorial, and the list goes on.

And if you work from home you may be dealing with the sounds of kids or your favorite four legged friend. If that sounds familiar, no need to worry because the Adapt 30 microphone will help remove that noise so your callers hear you, and not the sounds going on around you.

All day comfort:

man wearing a Discover Adapt 30 with bullet point talking about comfort

Whether you wear the single or dual speaker model, both were made to be comfortable, even if worn all day. Swiveling speakers, adjustable padded headband, and pillow soft memory foam ear cushions, work together to give you the level of comfort you're looking for, and need, especially for those long busy days.

Easy to use & setup:

image of Discover Adapt 30 with wording to illustrate buttons

Easy setup

With the user experience in mind, the Adapt 30 is extremely easy to setup.

  • First, connect the AC power adapter to the charging base, and plug it in
  • Next, plug in the included RJ9 cord to your desk phone.
  • And finally, plug in the USB cable to the computer USB port

That's it. You're now ready to go to work (assuming you've charged up the battery).

The headset buttons are pretty straightforward.

  1. Mute/unmute
  2. On/off (answer/end) 
  3. Volume up, volume down

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to answer/end calls away from your desk depends on the make/model of your desk phone, and requires an optional accessory. If you aren't sure which accessory to order, contact us today to verify compatibility.

More protection, more peace of mind.

Image of Discover Adapt 30 with wording about a longer 3-year warranty

You're covered with a long 3 year warranty which gives you 3x more protection then most other headsets in it's class. You can count on having a great working headset for many years! And having that long warranty gives you one less thing to worry about. Have an issue, or question? Just give us a call  and we'll be happy to help.

Work with us for the best support experience

Banner with picture of man wearing a headset and bullet points of why Headset Advisor is your best choice.

The Adapt 30 checks a lot of boxes

Adapt 30 headset with text that descibes the different features around the headset


Q: Does the Discover Adapt 30 reduce background noise?

A: Yes. The Discover Adapt 30 comes with a professional grade noise canceling microphone.

Q: Can you get a single ear, or double ear spare headband?

A:  Yes. You can order either a mono, or duo headset, and get a spare headband of  either type which allows you to switch between a single ear, or double ear wearing style.

Q:  How much talk time does the Adapt 30 give you?

A: 9 hours.

Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery?

A: 60 minutes for a full charge

Q: How much does the headset weigh?

A: 3.5 ounces which makes it light enough to wear comfortably all day.

Q: Can you place the microphone on the right or left side?

A: Yes. It can be placed on either the right, or left sides. This is something not all Bluetooth headsets offer. You get to choose which side to locate the microphone.

Q: What makes the Discover Adapt headset a better value compared to other wireless Bluetooth headsets?

A: First, you get a unique interchangeable design that allows you to switch between a single ear, and double ear wearing style. Secondly, you get a warranty that's much longer than other headsets for longer peace of mind. You get a solid sounding microphone that removes background noise, and comfort for all day wearing. Finally, you will pay less which saves you money.

Q: Is it easy to interchange the single, and double ear headbands?

A: Yes. It only takes a moment. Snap one off, and snap on the other, and you're good to go.

Q: Is the Discover Adapt 30 comfortable?

A: Yes. It weighs only 3.5 ounces which makes it among the lightest headsets available. It has very soft ear cushions, an adjustable headband that can be sized for your needs, a headband that's padded that allows you to increase or decrease the tightness, and ear speakers that pivot to conform to your specific shape and angle of ear.

Q: How much wireless range do you get with the Discover Adapt 30?

A: The Adapt 30 is designed to give you up to 350 feet of wireless range. The range you get will depend on your environment, and how many obstructions stand between you, and your computer or mobile device. More obstructions weaken the signal, which in turn shortens your wireless range.

Q: Can you use the Discover Adapt 30 with a Windows or Mac?

A: Both. The  Adapt 30 is compatible with both operating systems.

Q: Does the Discover Adapt 30 come with both single and dual speaker headbands?

A: No. You must select the model desired, like a single or dual speaker headset.  You then have the option to purchase a separate headband of either type.

Q: Does the Adapt 30 protect your hearing?

A: Yes.  It comes with Acoustic Shock Protection

Q: How do you recharge the battery in the Discover Adapt 30?

A: The Adapt 30 comes with a charging stand. This allows you a place to dock your headset when not in use, and while docked,  it recharges the battery.

Q: What is the warranty that comes with the Discover Adapt 30?

A: 3 years. Wireless headsets generally come with a 1-year, or 2-year warranty. But, the Adapt 30 gives you a longer warranty for longer peace of mind. 

Q: I use Microsoft Teams. Can I use the Discover Adapt 30 with this?

A: Yes. The Adapt 30 is compatible with all the leading UC platforms.

Q: What's the main difference between the Discover Adapt 20, and Adapt 30?

A: The biggest differences are the Adapt 30 is a DECT headset, where the Adapt 20 is a Bluetooth wireless headset. The Adapt 30 gives you up to 350 feet of wireless range compared to up to 100 feet with the Adapt 20. And, the Adapt 30 works with deskphones where the Adapt 20 isn't  designed for that use.

Downloads & videos

Download the Adapt 30 Data Sheet

How to pair the Adapt 30 headset to the charging base

Discover Adapt 30 review video

Discover Adapt 30 vs. Jabra Engage 65 comparison video



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
ALFRED (Albuquerque, US)
new purchase advise

Otto is the best. It has taken me hours to try to get advise on 3 headsets that are compatible with my new phones. He took the time to research my needs for my communication services. He needs a raise before you loose him to the competition. Thanks otto.

Hi Alfred, thank you for your review and we're glad Otto guided you in the right direction. Let us know if we can ever help in the future.

C. (Las Vegas, US)
Great headset

Works great. Really help when multi-tasking talking the clients and being on the computer at the same time.

Thanks for your feedback! Let us know if we can ever assist in the future.

Michael Jewett (Smyrna, US)
Works as advertised … except!

Headset works perfectly. Unfortunately the lifter has no instructions. It is working, but I have extra pieces. No instructions whatsoever.

Victor Shine (Brooklyn, US)
Excellent design and workmanship

The fit is perfect. The design is innovative - I don't think I have seen another headset that can convert from mono to binaural. I thought I saw something about unlimited battery with a second battery included to charge while the primary is in use, but I can not find that piece. Otherwise, the service at Headset Advisor is top-notch, and this is a wonderful product.

Hi Victor, thank you for your feedback! This model doesn't offer unlimited battery, but it could have been the Discover D904 you were looking at with this ability. Let us know if we can ever assist in the future.

Duncan McKinnon (West Palm Beach, US)

Discover Adapt 30 Over-The-Head DECT Wireless Headset

Monique Ceasor (Cornwall, CA)
5 Stars


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