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  • Ai DENOISING MIC. One of the many benefits of artificial intelligence is its ability to remove noise. The Tilde Evo utilizes Ai to bring you enhanced sound while at the same time, removing unwanted background noise, and if outdoors, wind sound. Better sound, better technology, Evo.
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION. Microphones do a decent job at removing noise for your callers, but what about you? Noise can be very distracting, but with the Evo, you get peace and quiet even when chaos is going on around you. Active Noise Cancellation on the Evo tames the noise.
  • AWARE MODE. Having to remove a headset every time someone walks up for a quick conversation can be annoying and inconvenient. The Evo solves this problem through a useful feature called Aware Mode. Press a button to have a conversation without the need to remove the headset. Problem solved!
  • 40mm SPEAKERS. The Evo was built to sound good, and it sure does. It packs a solid sound punch with its robust 40mm loudspeakers leaving others behind. Many headsets offer 28mm or 30mm speakers, but the Evo gives you more; more sound, and more listening pleasure.
  • Built In Busy Lights. The Orosound Tilde Evo lets others know when you’re on a call and not to be disturbed. It comes with a bright LED located on the end of the microphone boom, as well as one red LED on each side of the ear speaker housing. Interruptions are minimized, and your focus and concentra


Orosound, the French company that created the highly popular Tilde Pro has released their latest business grade headset that’s sure to be a hit because it shares the same DNA with the Tilde Pro.

Introducing the Orosound Tilde Evo!

Orosound Tilde Evo

The Orosound Tilde Evo takes style and performance to the next level. Starting with its smashingly good looks that’s available in two versions:

  1. Tilde Evo C - comes with ear cushions that encircle the ears
  2. Tilde Evo S - comes with ear cushions that rest against the ears
Orosound Tilde Evo S and C models

Though the Tilde Evo looks great, what are its features that help to make this a headset choice worth your consideration? Here are some things you’ll want to consider.


The Orosound Tilde Evo comes with a pre-paired USB-C adapter. This is hands down a better connection method compared to Bluetooth giving you a more steady, better sounding connection, longer wireless range, and the ability to access advanced features such as remote call answering. If you use a computer that has USB-A ports and not USB-C, the Tilde Evo offers a USB-A pre-paired adapter as an option.

The Orosound Tilde Evo, like many Bluetooth headsets, can maintain a connection to two devices simultaneously. But unlike the others, it can remember up to ten devices extending your connectivity options.

The Tilde Evo connects to:

  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • And tablets

So if you’re needing to jump on a softphone call, or join the team on a video call, the Tilde Evo keeps you connected. 


Weight matters. Anyone who wears a headset for extended periods of time knows this to be true. The Orosound Tilde Evo tracks at the lighter side of headset weight.

  • Tilde Evo C - This configuration weighs 8.9 ounces, or 254 grams
  • Tilde Evo S - This version weighs 7.4 ounces or 210 grams

There are many double ear headsets that weigh  6+ ounces, with others weighing much more. That puts the Evo models a pinch above the lighter models, but well beneath the heavyweights. And if you’re someone who works in a contact center, or other jobs that require you to wear a headset all-day, then this information is good to know.


Orosound Tilde Evo

Weight is one element that needs to be considered when determining a headset’s comfort. The design of the headset is another, followed by padding and adjustability. So how does the Orosound Tilde Evo stack up?

The headband is thoughtfully designed because it utilizes a more comfortable approach to cushioning. Rather than incorporating a thicker headband pad, the Tilde Evo uses a suspended canopy design that delivers a lightweight, soft and comfortable wearing experience. The suspension action allows you to adjust it so the fit is personal and tailored to your exact comfort needs.

The ear cushions are generously padded whether you use those that rest against the ear, or the ones that go completely around them. Either way your ears will be rewarded with a soft, comfortable feel. And when it comes time to replace them, they’re easily changed out without the hassle you get from other brands.

The Orosound Tilde Evo is the next generation of headset that follows the same blueprint as the popular Tilde Pro. It shares some of the same design elements, which is a good thing given the Tilde Pro was a very comfortable headset, but Evo is a smaller framed, lighter version. And the form factor allows for even distribution of pressure for a comfortable, all-day wearing experience.


When you’re on important calls, you want to sound your best, and you don’t want your callers hearing the noise in your background. The Orosound Tilde Evo has both covered because it takes advantage of the latest Ai technology for optimizing sound, and removing unwanted background noise. Both are hallmark features of the Tilde line.

The Tilde Evo utilizes two digital mems microphones for denoising unwanted sound including wind. So whether you’re on an important call in the office, or on the go, the Tilde Evo microphones will keep you sounding loud, clear and professional.

And for those who have a preference for the right or left side microphone placement, the Tilde Evo gives you the choice. Feel free to wear the microphone on either side which is a choice many headsets don’t offer.

Noise Reduction - ANC

Orosound Tilde Evo

The microphone on the Tilde Evo utilized Artificial Intelligence to enhance audio, and remove distracting noise. But the Evo doesn’t stop there. It also incorporates the use of Active Noise Cancellation to shield you from the noise in your background. So when things get lively in your workplace, simply turn on the ANC and the noise will fade away giving you a quieter, more peaceful experience so you can keep your concentration.

The ANC feature on the Tilde Evo uses four digital mems microphones, and reduces noise by up to 30 db. This is noteworthy if you’re someone who is contending with distracting background noise, and in need of a new headset.

Aware Mode

Orosound Tilde Evo

Anyone who’s worn a headset knows the frustration of having to continuously remove the headset every time someone walks up and needs to have a quick conversation. This is a process that repeats itself and can lead to frustration. 

The Orosound Tilde Evo solves this problem through a feature called Aware Mode. When someone walks up to you and wants to have a conversation, you simply press a button on the headset to activate two dedicated external microphones. This allows you to clearly hear the conversation without the need to remove the headset. A small thing perhaps, but one that removes this off your list of frustrations.

Ear Speakers

Orosound Tilde Evo ear speakers

The Orosound Tilde Evo comes with impressive speakers. You get great sounding 40mm ear speakers for a solid sound whether that’s for entertainment, or for business. And when you consider that this is first and foremost a business grade headset, having speakers this stout is frosting on the cake. 

Most headsets will come with 28mm or 30mm ear speakers, which Orosound could have engineered into the Evo. Better sound was one of the goals of this headset, and it delivers.

Your podcasts will sound better, your music will sound better, and so will your voice and video meetings. One more thing that makes the Orosound Tilde Evo a better choice.


No need to ask because you’ll already know. The Orosound Tilde Evo comes with busy lights. One is located on the microphone boom, with others located on the side of each ear speaker housing. So when someone needs to talk to you, they’ll know in advance if you’re on a call, no matter what angle they approach you from.

Wireless Range

The Orosound Tilde Evo, like most Bluetooth headsets, provides you with up to 30 meters, or 98 feet of wireless range. Your actual range will vary depending on the type, and number of obstructions you have in your work environment. 

Things like windows, doors, walls and partitions for example weaken a wireless signal because to maintain the connection, the signal needs to penetrate these obstacles. And when the signal is weakened, the wireless range is shortened. The 30 meters/ 98 feet of range is based on line of sight, or open field testing meaning no obstructions. So in most cases, you should expect to get less than the stated range.


The Orosound Tilde Evo recharges through the included USB-C cable, and the headset can continue to be used while charging. This is something that a lot of other headsets cannot do. So when the battery is in need of a recharge, you won’t have to wait to resume using your headset. Simply plug it in for the recharge, and continue using it.

You can also recharge the headset battery via the optional docking station shown below. 

Orosound Tilde Evo charge base

A recharge takes 90 minutes, and a quick recharge gives you 6 hours of talk time after 20 minutes charging.


Headsets today, like many devices, take advantage of Apps for added convenience, enhanced performance, or to personalize the device. The Orosound Tilde Evo interoperates with these applications.

Orosound Link - Orosound Link is a desktop application tailored for end users of Tilde® headsets. Available on MacOS, Windows, and Linux, the app grants access to the latest software updates, essential product information, and customizable audio settings to help make your headset personalized to your specific preferences.

TwinStream - The Link app provides optional "Enterprise" functionalities, such as the TwinStream double listening feature. Tailored for employees engaged in tasks demanding thorough training or precise interaction assessment, this feature enables collective listening in "operator-supervisor" mode during phone calls or video conferences.

Orosound Desk -  Orosound Desk is a secure fleet management solution tailored for IT managers. Fully compliant with GDPR*, the application ensures data anonymization, secure storage of information on servers located in Europe, and imposes
limits on data retention periods. The Desk application offers a complete overview of
deployed headsets, facilitating proactive and streamlined fleet management throughout deployment, usage, and maintenance phases. Optional functionalities include the
creation of personalized dashboards and technical management capabilities to push backend settings to the entire fleet or specific user groups.

Take It For A Spin (Literally)

Check out the Orosound Tilde Evo below in full 360

Demo Anyone?

But if you'd prefer to take it for a real test drive, contact us today to try one out for free right in your office because when you do, you'll have the opportunity to experience all the great features the Evo offers.

A Better Headset - Better Value

Orosound Tilde Evo overview of features

Tilde Evo C Datasheet 

Tilde Evo S Datasheet


Q: What configurations are available when ordering an Orosound Tilde Evo?

A: First, you have the choice of ordering a version that comes with ear cushions that fully surround your ears (the model C). Or, you can select the model that comes with ear cushions that rest against the ears (the model S). You also have the option to order a charging stand that docks and charges the headset.

Q: What is the wireless range of the Orosound Tilde Evo?

A: The Evo has a wireless range of up to 98 feet, or 30 meters. Keep in mind that wireless range varies due to the type, and number of obstructions in your space.

Q: How much does the Orosound Tilde Evo weigh?

A: That depends on which model you've selected. The configuration that has ear cushions that surround the ear (c model) weighs 8.9 ounces (254 grams). The s version, which comes with ear cushions that go against the ear, weighs 7.4 ounces (210 grams).

Q: Does the Orosound Tilde Evo come with a noise canceling microphone?

A: Yes, The Orosound Tilde Evo uses Artificial Intelligence and two digital mems microphones to remove background and wind noise.

Q: Can I wear the microphone on the right or left side?

A: Yes. Unlike many headsets, the Tilde Evo lets you choose to wear the microphone on the right or left side.

Q: Does the Orosound Tilde Evo have Active Noise Cancellation?

A: Yes

Q: I hate having to remove my headset each time someone approaches me to ask a question, or have a conversation. Does the Tilde Evo have a feature to eliminate this problem?

A: Yes. The Orosound Tilde Evo comes with a feature called Aware Mode. When you want to have a face-to-face conversation with a colleague, simplly press the Aware Mode button which activates two microphones. This allows you to easily, and clearly hear the individual without the need to remove the headset.

Q: What can I use the Orosound Tilde Evo with?

A: Computers, tablets and mobile phones

Q: How do I recharge the battery?

A: The Orosound Tilde Evo comes with a USB-C charging cable, and an optional USB-A. You can also get an optional docking stand that charges the battery. 

Q: How long does it take to recharge the Tilde Evo battery?

A: 90 minutes for a full charge, and via quick charge you get 6 hours of calls after 20 minutes charging.

Q: Can I use the Orosound Tilde Evo when it's plugged in for a recharge?

A: Yes. Unlike many headsets, you can continue using the Tilde Evo even when it's plugged in for a recharge.

Q: When wearing an Orosound Tilde Evo, how will others know if you're busy, on a call?

A: They'll know because the Tilde Evo comes with bright LED's located on the end of the microphone, and on each side of the ear speakers. So no matter the angle, the Tilde Evo makes it easy to know when you're busy, and not to be disturbed.

Q: Does the Orosound Tilde Evo sound decent when listening to music?

A: Yes. That's because it comes with stout, 40mm loudspeakers. Most headsets, no matter their price point, come with speakers smaller than what you get in the Evo. Most brands offer 28 or 30mm speakers which means you can expect better audio when using the Evo.

Q: What about comfort? Is this a comfortable headset?

A: Yes. The Orosound Tilde Evo was designed to be a great fitting, comfortable headset for all-day wearing. The headset is among the lightest in its class, and the soft ear cushions add to its comfort. Not to be overlooked is the padded canopy designed headband that offers suspension for a custom fit. When you add everything up, you end up with a comfortable headset that's bound to please.

Q: What if I want to personalize, or manage my headset population across our enterprise?

A: No problem with the Tilde Evo. The Orosound Link lets you customize your headset so it meets your personal preferences. It also allows you to update the firmware when needed. The Orosound Desk let's IT professionals manage their fleet of headsets for better monitoring and control.

Q: Can I shadow, or monitor employees using the Orosound Tilde Evo?

A: Yes. The Tilde Evo can be used with the Orosound App that has a feature called TwinStream for double listening. This allows you to monitor, shadow and coach employees for training and improvement.

Q: Is a USB adapter available with the Orosound Tilde Evo?

A: Yes. It comes with a pre-paired USB-C adapter, and you can get as an option, a USB-A.

Q: What version of Bluetooth does the Orosound Tilde Evo use?

A: It uses version 5.4 which is currently the most up-to-date Bluetooth version available. 

Q: How many devices can you have a Tilde Evo remember, and how many can you maintain a connection to?

A: The Orosound Tilde Evo can remember up to 10 devices, which is more than other headsets. And like other headsets, it can maintain a connection to 2 simultaneously.

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