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About this item

  • TRIPLE CONNECTIVITY. The EPOS Impact 1000 gives you more connection options. You can use the headset with your desktop or laptop computer, and you can also connect it to two mobile phones. That gives you more ways to use your EPOS Impact 1000 headset.
  • 20 HOURS OF TALK TIME. This is a headset that keeps you talking when other headsets may keep you waiting. No need to recharge the battery every night, because you get more talk time than many headsets offer. And you can continue using it even when it’s plugged in for a recharge.
  • SUPERB SOUND AND NOISE REDUCTION. You need professional sound, and you need to remove the noise in your background so your callers aren’t distracted. You get both with the EPOS Impact 1000 wireless headset; great sound and excellent noise reduction.
  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION. Noise can be highly disruptive to your concentration, and productivity. With ANC, the EPOS Impact 1000 filters out the sounds in your background that can cause you to lose your focus. Turn it on, and stay in the concentration zone.
  • HearThrough. Having to take off your headset every time you want to have a face-to-face conversation can be frustrating. Having to do this repeatedly throughout the day isn’t ideal. Fortunately, the EPOS HearThrough feature keeps your headset on, even when you’re having those conversations.


The EPOS Impact 1000 is designed for the open office, and to give you a quieter, more productive day at the office through advanced technology.

If you're looking for a new headset and noise reduction, sound quality and comfort are high on your list of must haves, then the EPOS Impact 1000 is worth your time to check out.

To learn more, check out our review video

The review video not only gives you the 411 on the EPOS Impact 1000 headset, but it also provides you with sound and noise reduction tests. Well worth your time to watch.

What's in the box

Most people are interested in knowing what comes in the box. The image below summarizes what you can expect to receive when ordering the EPOS Impact 1000 Bluetooth wireless headset.

Naturally the headset would be either a mono or duo, depending on which version ordered. Also, the charging stand is optional, so if you order that, it would be included in the package.

What it connects to

Any headset you order needs to connect to your devices. Here's what the EPOS Impact 1000 Bluetooth wireless headset connects to.

Image of the three different devices the EPOS Impact 1000 connects to

Connecting to a computer is as simple as inserting the USB adapter, or cable if you're connecting via the wire. But you might be interested to know if it's easy to connect to your mobile phone.

close up shot of the EPOS Impact 1000 headset earpiece with text saying connecting is  easy

Here are the three simple steps you do to get connected to your mobile phone.

The three steps needed to connect the EPOS 1000 headset to a mobile  phone

Triple connectivity

One of the unique features of the EPOS Impact 1000 headset is it can connect to three devices; a computer, and two mobile phones. This isn't something you'll find with other bluetooth wireless headsets, and gives you excellent versatility. Use the Impact 1000 with all your computer applications, as well as with your personal, and business phones.

Man wearing an EPOS Impact 1000 wireless headset, holding two mobile phones, and text saying triple connectivity;  computer, and two mobile phones

Teams Version available

The EPOS Impact 1000 gives you a few choices, one of which is a UC or Teams version.

close up view of EPOS Impact 1000 with text saying a Microsoft Teams version is available

You also can choose between:

    • Mono, single ear headset
    • Dual ear model
    • Charging stand (duo model only)
    • Microsoft Teams or UC variants
    • ANC or no ANC (duo model only)
EPOS Impact 1000 mono model, and duo

No matter which way you go, you'll get a headset that's comfortable, professiioal sounding and connects to multiple devices.

Premium Sound from a Premium  Headset

The EPOS Impact 1000 is among the elite models of headsets in terms of sound quality. Not only will you sound incredibly good on your calls, but that distracting background noise will be removed at a high level. The result is your callers will hear every word crystal clear, and they won't get distracted by whatever is going on around you.

Multiple mics make the difference

The EPOS Impact 1000 comes with a technologically superior microphone which delivers that professional sound.

close up view of the EPOS Impact 1000 mic with animated sound waves surroundiing the tip

You can rest assured that when you're talking, your callers will be hearing you clearly,  and consistently thanks to Adaptive, Ai powered technology.

EPOS Impact 1000 close up view of the microphone

Muting made simple

At some point everyone will need to mute a call they're on. Some headsets require you to locate a dedicated mute button, which may, or may not be conveniently located. Others may require you to long press the mute button. And if a mute button is your preferred way to mute the microphone, the EPOS Impact 1000 gives you that option. 


You can just raise the microphone boom arm up to mute, and down to unmute. Pretty simple don't you think?

Man  wearing an EPOS Impact 1000 headset raising the mic boom upwards to mute the microphone

And you won't have to worry about forgetting that the microphone is turned off either. Here's why:

close up image of the microphone tip, flashing red to notify that the microphone is muted

And here's a couple of other points that pertain to the EPOS Impact 1000 microphone.

two images that show the EPOS Impact 1000 microphone being worn on the right, and left side

As surprising as it might seem, a lot of headsets restrict the microphone placement to one side, and the truth is, a lot of people have a preference which side they locate the microphone.

The other thing is what the microphone does to help search out noise to eliminate.

Woman sitting at office desk wearing an EPOS Impact 1000 headset with text that talks about the microphone scanning for noise 32000 times per secondThe bottom line is the microphone on the EPOS  Impact 1000 is sophisticated, and it provides the performance needed for all your calls.

And speaking about performance, what do you get from the EPOS Impact 1000 battery?

Battery performance

The EPOS Impact 1000 is a wireless headset with a rechargeable battery, and it would make sense for you to want to know how much battery life to expect.

close up view of the EPOS Impact 1000 ear speaker housing, and text that says 20 hours of battery life

With that much talk time, you won't be recharging the headset every day. In fact, you might only need to recharge it once a week. So you can wave goodbye to the days of arriving to work and having a dead headset battery, because you don't need to recharge it every night.

You can recharge the headset via the charging stand, or by using the charge cable. You'll find the charging stand to be a unique design with  the point of contact in the middle of the headset headband. Not something you see in other headsets, which is one more feature that makes the Impact 1000 a unique headset.

image of the EPOS Impact 1000 charging stand with the headset docked

If you recharge using the cable, you can continue using the headset during the recharge process. This is a feature you don't have available on many other wireless headsets.

image of duo model of EPOS Impact 1000 headset with text that says you can use it when recharging

Comfortable, conforming memory foam

Headset comfort comes from several things. Among them includes the weight of a headset, adjustability, design, and of course having soft padding anywhere the headset comes in contact with you.

image of a mans hands showing the EPOS Impact 1000 headband ear cushions with text saying they're made using memory foam

The EPOS Impact 1000 ear cushions are made using memory foam. As you know, memory foam is a material that's moldable. This means the cushion adapts to the shape, and angle of your ears which contributes to all day wearing comfort.

You'll also get some nice comfy padding on the top of the headband for even more comfort.

BrainAdapt psychoacoustic research

EPOS, through the Demant Group, conducted decades of research on how we listen, as compared to how we hear. This led to the EPOS BrainAdapt technology that you get in the  Impact 1000 which is designed to give you better hearing,  better concentration and ultimately, more productive calls.

Noise can come at you from all directions, and the source can vary a lot too.

multiple pictures in one, that show different scenes of people working in an office and creating noise such as on the phone,talking together etc.

Noise, the ultimate disruptor

Whether that's the sounds of  coworkers, office machines, your favorite pet, or the sounds of children begging for your attention, noise interferes with your concentration. With enough of it, you can find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, and less productive.

Fortunately, the research EPOS did helps to address this situation and brings you a solution.

close up, side view of a woman wearing the EPOS Impact 1000 headset with text that references Active Noise Cancellation and better concentration

Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC, electronically counters incoming noise, and dampens it down to the point that it's no longer distracting, or even eliminated entirely.

When noise is kept in the background, and off your calls, you'll feel better, you'll stay focused, and in the end, you'll have a better call experience, and get more done.

TalkThrough can be game changing

Anyone who has worn a headset knows how frustrating it can be to keep having to take off the headset to have a conversation with someone. This is a process that can repeat itself multiple times each day, and it can get very annoying.

The EPOS Impact 1000 comes with a feature called TalkThrough which simply means you don't have to take off the headset to have a live, face-to-face conversation.

Two women wearing a headset in an office, looking at a computer screen with imprinted information  on the Talk  through feature

When you want to have a face-to-face conversation, simply access the HearThrough feature on the Impact 1000. No more removing the headset, and placing the headset back on throughout the day. Instead, you can leave the headset on, do your work, have your conversations, and end your day feeling less frustrated.

Where you buy your headset matters

These days, you have a lot of choices where you can buy your headset. You can buy it from one of the many large online sources, from a big box store, or from one of the many companies that provide headsets, but don't specialize in them.

The problem with all of those options, among other things, is the level of service and support you'll get.

Headset Advisor gives you more

Anyone can sell you a product, but not everyone can back it up with high level support. Headset Advisor was founded on the principle of providing the best customer service experience, and that's what we've been delivering for the past 30 years.

Don't settle for second rate service when a better option is available to you. Let our Advisors, and support team give you the service you deserve.

man wearing a headset promoting Headset Advisor service support


Product features and specifications

Impact 1000 how to page

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Naomi Colon (Houston, US)
Amazing headset!

I currently work from home and these headsets are exactly what I was looking for. I needed a noise canceling microphone for barking dogs and kids. You couldn't even hear the hammering happening overhead. Amazing!!! It does hurt my ears after a while but after adjusting the headset it wears off.

Scott (Greenville, US)
Awesome Headset for Open Office

What makes these so amazing is the mic. It only picks up your voice amidst other people talking in the background or even seated next to you. I work in an open office and am on video calls all day long, as are my colleagues. We have tried every headset and earbud out there, Bose, Apple, etc. but those mics continued to pick up the voices of others in the office. It made calls a real challenge. Then we found these EPOS headsets. I no longer have to hover over the mute button and have people on the call complain that there is too much background noise coming through. Highly recommend.

Azariel Israel (Dallas, US)
When the headset works...it's great

The mic on this headset is amazing. I could have my kids running around me playing and no one can hear a thing. The problem I am having is constantly having to pair my dongle and my Bluetooth devices. I have to do this every single day.

Mark (Parker, US)
Overall Frustrating Experience

I had a few problems with this device. First, it hurt my head when I wore it for more than an hour. After a couple of calls to HA, I was given advice on how to bend it to not hurt but it still wasn’t comfortable.

I also found that it didn’t switch well between my IPhone 15 and my computer. When switching from my computer to my phone, people would tell me that they couldn’t hear me. Since I have a USB headset for my computer and a Blue Tooth headset for my phone, I decided it wasn’t worth it to keep troubleshooting the problem so I returned it.

Michael Cervinka (San Marcos, US)

I’ve used many headsets over the last 11 years while working in both open office environments and remotely at home and coffee shops. After careful consideration of factors such as noise-canceling mic options, build quality, and sound clarity, I have to say I’m really impressed with the EPOS Impact 1000 headset. Although the software can be a little tricky, it’s manageable, and overall, I highly recommend this headset!

Bridget Nagel (Grafton, US)
Wanted to love these

I really wanted to love this headset but I encountered too many issues. Incoming sound was delayed, lots of connectivity issues. The EPOS Connect app was absolutely terrible and did not work whatsoever. Attempted troubleshooting but was unsuccessful and needed to return. I did love the comfort of the headset and the microphone was crystal clear. Audio sounded great when it worked.

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