Shokz Opencomm2 UC: Bone Conduction Headset with Microphone for Clear Communication

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  • UNIQUE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN. The Opencomm2 UC is worn behind the neck, and lightly rests on the top of both ears, leaving both fully uncovered allowing you to hear your surroundings. It weighs just 1.2 ounces, or about the same weight as a slice of bread, which means it’s light and comfortable.
  • BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY. The Opencomm2 UC uses bone conduction technology which approaches audio differently. Instead of using sound waves, like traditional ear speakers, it uses transducers, and sound vibrations aimed at bypassing the eardrum. This can help those with hearing loss to hear better
  • EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY. The Opencomm2 UC gives you the professional sound quality you want and need, and excellent noise cancellation. It comes with a great sounding microphone that features Digital Signal Processing, and Clear Voice Capture technology to help eliminate unwanted background noise.
  • LOOP 110 USB ADAPTER. This allows you to have a better, more steady and reliable computer connection,and you may experience longer wireless range, and improved voice audio quality over the previous Opencomm model. And because it’s Zoom optimized, you’ll be able to answer and end calls remotely.
  • SHOKZ CONNECT SOFTWARE. Whether you use Mac or Windows operating system, Shokz has a Connect software download to keep your Opencomm2 UC headset updated with the latest firmware releases. This keeps your headset operating with the most up-to-date features and fixes, and gives you peace of mind.


These days it's easy to blend into the headset landscape by offering a me-too product, but that's not what Shokz did when they released the Opencomm2 UC.

What was previously a headset that was mostly used for recreation, has now evolved into something more. Yes, you can still buy Shokz headsets that are great for hiking, biking, running, and even swimmng, but what about those same Shokz fans who work in offices, or need the same style of headset for work?

The good news is Shokz has a headset just for that purpose in the Opencomm2 UC


Image of Shokz Opencomm2 UC headset

It's easy to see that Shokz chose a different path when it  comes to the design of this headset.

The Opencomm2 UC doesn't use traditional ear speakers like you see on most other headsets. The Shokz  Opencomm2 UC uses Transducers, and Bone Conduction technology rather than over-the-air ear speakers.

Here's an informative overview video of the Opencomm2 that provides a lot of good information, including a sound test. Feel free to have a watch, or read over our Opencomm2 UC product listing below.

In order to understand, and even appreciate the differences, here's a very brief overview of bone conduction technology, which the Opencomm2 UC utilizes.

Transducers are the two pads in the center of this image.

Shokz Opencomm2 UC image showing a close up of  the bone conduction transducers

And here's an inside view of of the transducer


Opencomm2 UC transducer exploded view

So what's the difference between transducers and speakers?

motion image of air conduction and bone conduction technology with human ear


Ear speakers send sound waves directly from the speaker, over the air, straight to your ear drum. The sound the ear drum hears, is then converted to vibrations and passed on to the cochlea, or inner ear, down the auditory nerve to the brain where the sound is interpreted.

Bone Conduction & transducers

First, and perhaps most importantly, the transducers send sound vibrations (rather than sound waves) through the temporal bone on the side of the head, which are then relayed directly to the cochlea, bypassing the eardrum all together. Once these sound waves are received by the chochlea, they are then relayed across the auditory nerve and then to the brain. 

So rather than converting sound waves to sound vibrations, and utilizing the eardrum, bone conduction starts with sound vibrations, and bypasses the eardrum.

Here's a diagram of the inner ear

4 second video showing the transducer

Bone conduction is a technology that's been around a long time, and is helpful to those who have hearing loss. In fact, Beethoven, the famous 18th century composer, who was nearly deaf, used bone conduction to hear music by attaching a rod to his piano, and clenching it in his teeth. 
Drawing of Beethoven clenching a rod in his teeth which in turn is connected to hs piano

Ok, now that you have an idea of what bone conduction is, let's dig into the Shokz Opencomm2 UC to filnd out about its features.


It's a fact that anyone who plans on wearing a headset, wants one that's comfortable. And I have to say, the Opencomm2 UC is extremely comfortable. Here's what makes it a headset you can comfortably wear all day long without experiencing headset fatigue:

1. Construction

The Opencomm2 UC is made using titanium on the inside, and silicone on the outside which makes it strong, durable, lightweight and water resistant.

Inside view of the construction of the Opencomm2 UC headset which shows metal band inside and silicone outside

2. Weight

The Opencomm2 UC weighs only 35 grams, or about 1.2 ounces. That makes it comparable to the weight of a slice of bread, and as headsets go, that's light because most alternative headsets will weight upwards of 4 ounces, and likely weigh as much as 6.  When you view the Opencomm2 UC through that lens, it's easy to see why it's comfortable. 

Opencomm2 UC headset on a desk top next to a slice of bread

3. Design 

The design of the Shokz Opencomm2 UC is different from traditional headsets which helps to make it comfortable for all day wearing.


What the Shokz Opencomm2 UC connect to

  1. Computers (Mac and Windows)
  2. Mobile phones (Android or Apple)
  3. Tablets
  4. Videoconferencing applications
  5. Softphones 

    The Opencomm2 UC comes with a Loop 110 USB adapter for using with desktop, and laptop computers.

    Opencomm Loop 110 USB adapter image side by side to a second image of a computer with the Loop 110 inserted into the USB port

    The Loop 110 is pre-paired to the headset, so once the battery is charged,  simply insert the USB adapter into the port on the computer, and that's it.

    A few of the benefits provided by the Loop 110 adapter include:

    • A better, more steady computer connection
    • Better sound quality
    • Longer wireless range
    • When using Zoom, remote call answering

    Wearing style

    Unlike traditional headsets that are worn over the head or ear, the Opencomm2 UC is worn behind the neck. That will come as good news for anyone who's unable to wear over the head, or on ear headsets.

    Rather than a headset that presses against the ears, or inserted into your ear canal, the Opencomm2 UC gently wraps around the back of your head, and rests on top of the ears.

    Man sitting at an office desk facing a computer screen while wearing an Opencomm2 UC headset

    This wearing style eliminates the discomfort from headbands that are too tight that can cause migraine headaches. It also eliminates having an earpiece that's either too loose, making it a challenge to keep on, or too tight, which can be painful for your ear.

    The weight of this headset, combined with its unique wearing style, help to make this a headset you can wear for long periods of time with exceptional comfort.

    Sound Quality

    We all want a headset that sounds professional, and that's what you get with the Opencomm2 UC.

    Microphone & noise reduction

    Man in foreground at office desk wearing an Opencomm2 UC headset, with coworker in background

    Noise is something most of have to deal with on a regular basis. Whether that's the sound coworkers, our favorite four legged friend, our children, or the hustle and bustle of a busy freeway nearby, the Opencomm2 UC has your back. 

    It comes with a high quality, professional grade microphone:

    • Noise cancellation to remove unwanted background noise
    • Digital signal processing (DSP) technology  
    • Clear Voice Capture (CVC) technology that identifies and balances audio by removing ambient noise.

    Hear for yourself and decide

    If you'd like to hear how this headset sounds, and how well it removes background noise, make sure to check out our Shokz Opencomm2 UC Gen 2 review video below.

    We put this headset up against the sounds of office noise, dogs barking, babies crying, and our signature, albeit noisy, blender test. 

      New and improved mute

      Unlike the previous generation of Opencomm Bluetooth headset, this updated model provides a mute button. In the earlier version, muting the microphone was a cumbersome process that required you to manipulate two buttons, which was a hassle. Fortunately Shokz resolved that by providing a one touch mute button.

      close up view of the Opencomm2 UC microphone boom showing the mute button

      The mute button is conveniently located on the end of the microphone boom. Hopefully in future releases of this headset, Shokz will incorporate the raise boom arm to mute feature which is becoming pretty standard on headsets today.

      The bottom line is this; with the Opencomm2 UC headset you'll sound crisp, clear and professional to your callers, and they won't hear what's going on in your background. 

      Peace of mind, professional sound, music to anyone's ears.

      Music sound quality

      Profile of a Man wearing a Shokz Opencomm2 UC wireless headset outdoors

      Without question, the Opencomm2 UC can be used to listen to your favorite podcast, or music. But with that in mind, don't plan on getting high-end audio. This headset wasn't designed for that.

      The transducers have a tendency to vibrate as the volume rises which is somewhat of a unique experience, and the audio quality overall is just ok.

      Hearing conversations is another matter all together. That's because Shokz incorporated a technology called PremiumPitchTM 2.0 which accurately picks up and equalizes medium and high-frequency vocals, ensuring you hear every word distinctly and without distortion.

      If you're looking for a wireless Bluetooth headset that will be used mostly for business calls (voice or video), then the Shokz Opencomm2 UC is a solid choice. 


      Being this is a Bluetooth wireless headset, you need to know some details about the internal, rechargeable battery.  Here are the specs:

      • Up to 16 hours of talk time
      • Up to 8 hours of listening time
      • 5 minutes charges gives you 2 hours of talk time
      • 60 minutes for a full charge
      • Stand by time - 14 days
      • Battery capacity - 183mAh
      • Maximum charging voltage - 5.25 V
      • Charging port - Magnetic Induction

      NOTE:  The cable used to recharge the battery is proprietary. This means you can't use a standard USB, or micro USB cable to recharge the Shokz Opencomm2 UC battery.

      close up view of the Opencomm2 UC proprietary battery charge cable

      Overall, the battery in the Opencomm2 UC is impressive. It delivers a lot of talk time in a headset that's limited on space for placing a larger battery.  And the 2 hours of battery life for a short 5 minutes charging is really nice. And finally, when most headsets require 2-3 hours for a recharge, the Shokz Opencomm2 UC accompishes this in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time. 

      Opencomm2 UC software - Shokz Connect

      Screenshot of the Shokz Connect Software

      Shokz offers a free download so you can make your headset personalized to your preferences. This free download is available for Mac or Windows operating systems.

      Now you can also easily update the firmware for the Opencomm2 UC headset so it will always be up to date, and operating with the latest releases. The past model didn't have this feature available which meant you were stuck with the version of firmware it came with.

      What's in the box

      Image of contents that come with the Shokz Opencomm2 UC Blluetooth wireless headset

      • OpenComm2 UC Bone Conduction Stereo Bluetooth Headset
      • Shokz Loop 110 USB-A Wireless Adapter
      • Magnetic Induction Charger
      • Hard Shell Carring Case


      three image collage of the Opencomm2 UC headset with notations as to the buttons

      Pros and Cons


      1. Super lightweight, comfortable wireless headset for all day wearing
      2. Open ear design for hearing surroundings (situational awareness)
      3. Decent battery at 16 hours of talk time
      4. Professional sound quality, and very good noise reduction
      5. USB Adapter for a better computer connection experience, and Zoom remote call answering
      6. Bone conduction technology can aid those who are hard of hearing to hear better as the process bypasses the eardrum
      7. No need to remove the headset to have a face-to-face call, or hear what's going on around you.


      1. No Active Noise Cancellation (but with open ears, no reason to have it)
      2. Open ear design subjects you to surrounding sounds which can be distractive
      3. Battery charge cable is proprietary, so you can't use your current cables
      4. No mic up/mic down mute
      5. Audio quality for casual listening isn't the best

      Technical Specifications



      Bluetooth Version Bluetooth Version 5.1
      Multipoint Pairing Yes - 8 total, 2 simultaneously
      USB Adapter for computer connectivity Yes
      Wireless range Up to 98 feet - enviornment dependant
      Compatibile Profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
      Zoom Certified Yes
      Connects to Computers | Mobile devices



      Wearing style Behind the neck | Transducer earpads
      Water resistant rating IP55
      Weight 35 grams | 1.2 ounces
      Materials Full Titanium wrapped in silicone
      Moisture detection Yes
      Buttons Multifunction, volume & mute buttons



      Frequency Response 20HZ-20kKHZ
      Sensitivity 96±3 dB
      EQ 3+



      Microphone type DSP Noise-Canceling Boom Mic
      Mute button Yes - on end of mic boom 
      Microphone sensitivity -38dB±3dB



      Q: Can people hear my music and calls while using the OpenComm2 UC?

      A: No. The Opencomm2 UC uses bone conduction which transmits sound vibrations rather than sound waves. The transducers emit vibrations which are not discernable like a type speaker.

      Q: Can the OpenComm2 UC be connected with a mobile phone and tablet at the same time?

      A: Yes, the Opencomm2 UC can connect to two Bluetooth enabled devices simulataneously. So yes, you can connect to a mobile phone and also to a tablet.

      Q: What are the benefits of being Zoom Certified?

      A: One of the most beneficial aspects of being Zoom certified is the control you can exercise from the headset. For example, if you're away from your desk, and you receive a call, you can answer it, talk, and then end it without being at your desk.  You can mute your Zoom call, and do many other things to help make your Zoom/Opencomm experience the best it can be.

      Q: Can I use the OpenComm2 UC with other video conferencing platforms?

      A: Absolutely! The Opencomm Bluetooth headset is designed to be compatible with all the leading providers such as Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Dialpad, RingCentral, 8x8 and many others

      Q: What is Shokz Connect?

      A: Shokz Connect is software that can be downloaded for Windows or Mac operating systems that allow you to update the firmware in your headset so that it's always using the latest. This feature wasn't available for the previous generation Opencomm headset.

      Q: What are the key improvements of the OpenComm2 UC compared to the OpenComm UC?

      A: Including a USB adapter was a big one because it allows you to have a better computer interface experience, and improved sound quality. It also allows you to take Zoom calls remotely because it's Zoom certified.

      The Mic boom was changed from Left position to Right.

      The new model has a dedicated mute button which is a big improvement over how the previous model muted.

      The sound quality, and battery performance has been enhanced

      Shokz Connect software download is now available for firmware updates, which the previous version didn't have available.

      Q: Do I need a USB-A or USB-C version?

      A: That largely depends on the type of USB ports your computer uses. Some computers have USB-A ports, or "Type A", while others use USB-C, or "Type C" ports. So, identify which you have, and that will tell you which version you should order. Any questions, make sure reach out to one of our friendly, and knowledgeable Advisors.

      Q: Can I use the OpenComm2 UC headphones without the wireless adapter?

      A: Yes, you can. The Opencomm2 UC, though it comes with a USB adapter, it's also a Bluetooth headset. That means  it can be paired up to many different devices such as mobile  phones, tablets, and even Bluetooth enabled computers. Though using a USB adapter for computer connections is far better.

      Q: Is the OpenComm2 UC compatible with iPhone and Android?

      A: Yes. You can use the Opencomm2 UC with either of these brands of phones. 

      Q: Is the OpenComm2 UC compatible with PC and Mac computers?

      A: Yes. The Opencomm2 UC can be used with either. It's a matter of determining what type of USB port the computer uses, and then making sure you're using that type of USB adapter. You can always connect wirelessly via Bluetooth if the computer is Bluetooth enabled, but there are good reasons why it's preferred to connect to a computer with an adapter. 

      Q: Can I pair other headphones to the wireless adapter?

      A: No. The Loop110 USB adapter is specifically designed to be paired to the Opencomm2 UC headset. It would therefore not work.

      Q: Can the boom microphone be detached?

      A: No. The microphone and boom cannot be detached or removed. It does swivel up and down, but it cannot be separated from the headset.


      Shokz Opencomm UC Data Sheet

      Opencomm UC User guide

      Shokz Connect download for Windows 

      Shokz Connect download for Mac

      Opencomm UC unboxing video

      Opencomm2 controls overview video

      How to pair Opencomm video



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 32 reviews
      Jacob Levy (Omaha, US)

      Shokz Opencomm2 UC Stereo Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

      William Nordfelt (Fairview, US)

      It’s too big around the back of my head. Other than that it’s great.

      Carlos Jimenez (Barranquilla, CO)
      Amazing product and tech support

      I recently purchased this product, and I must say, the sound quality is nothing short of amazing. I've used it in incredibly crowded places, and people never even noticed the background noise. The clarity and depth of the sound truly exceeded my expectations.

      But what truly sets this product apart is the exceptional tech support. I had the opportunity to reach out to their support team for assistance, and I can't praise them enough. They were not only prompt and efficient but also incredibly knowledgeable and patient. Their dedication to ensuring I had the best experience with the product was truly commendable.

      In summary, this product has delivered fantastic sound quality and outstanding tech support, making it a remarkable purchase. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a top-notch audio solution.

      Hi Carlos, thank you for your feedback! Let us know if we can ever assist in the future.

      Jeff Peterson (Juneau, US)
      Good upgrade

      Bought version one and thought it was a good product with some compromises. I would say version 2 is better all around. Two most significant areas are mic quality and connection stability. Had some complaints about mic quality in teams on version 1. So far everyone has said the call quality is clear. Connection with the dongle works well..was disappointed that there wasn't an upgrade path as version 1 wasn't released that long ago. I have spent $200 on each and feel like the first set was a "beta" set at my expense..Would love to see some work on the app and am happy there is a way to upgrade the firmware.. Purchased through Headset Advisors and there speed and service was fantastic...

      david harris (Fernandina Beach, US)
      Shokz2 way bone conductor


      Ray Pegram Jr (Saint Albans, US)

      This product is fantastic.. Nice to try bone conduction to prevent damage inside the ear.. Wear this most of the day without battery going dead.. Efficient headset.. Highly recommend..

      Thanks for your feedback, Ray! Glad you're liking the new headset. Let us know if we can ever assist in the future.

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