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Here at Headset Advisor, we have a tradition of reviewing new headsets, conference phones, and webcams by all the leading manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers include names like Poly, Jabra, Konftel, Logitech, Yealink, EPOS, Orosound and others. 

Besides doing product reviews, we also enjoy doing side-by-side product comparisons. That leads me to what today’s blog is all about. 

There are so many choices available today for things like headsets, conference phones and webcams, it can be very challenging to sort your way through all these choices in an attempt to find the product solution that’s right for you. 

In this blog, I won’t be giving you all your available choices, but what I will be doing is doing a side-by-side comparison of two highly popular Bluetooth wireless headset models.

Specifically, I’ll be comparing the Jabra Evolve2 65 and Voyager 4320 UC.

voyager 4320 uc next to jabra evolve2 65

Before I dive into this comparison, you may be interested to watch a Youtube video I recorded on this exact subject. In watching this video, you’ll not only be able to see them and their features, but you’ll be able to hear how the microphone sounds, and how well it does to remove annoying, unwanted background noise. 

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If you prefer to read this blog instead, come along as we break down the details on these two popular Bluetooth headsets. 

The popularity and use of Bluetooth wireless headsets for business has accelerated rapidly in recent years. All the big players such as Poly and Jabra have been rolling out products faster than you’d expect. 

We’re seeing a lot of great features being incorporated into these headsets, such as Active Noise Cancellation, Acoustic Fence technology for even better noise reduction, and smart sensors to make using a wireless headset far easier, and convenient. 

The price points for Bluetooth headsets do vary. Much of this variation is based on the type of Bluetooth headset it is, such as dual ear models, compared to in-ear models for example. The Jabra Evolve2 65, and the Poly Voyager 4320 are priced towards the entry to mid-level on the price scale. You can find models that are more expensive, and you can find some that are priced less. 


The Jabra Evolve2 65 uses Bluetooth version 5.0 

The Poly Voyager 4320 uses Bluetooth version 5.2 

In a practical, day to day sense, there really isn’t much difference between 5.0 and 5.2. Where larger differences are seen is when you go from 4 to 5, or 5 to 6 as an example. No real distinct advantage here for the Voyager 4320 that has a more current Bluetooth version. 

Wireless Range, there is a difference 

David wearing voyager 4320 uc

The Jabra Evolve2 65 has an estimated wireless range of up to 100 feet, and the Poly Voyager 4320 wireless range is stated to be up to 164 feet, or 50 meters. 

Does wireless range matter? Maybe the best way to answer that question is to ask yourself, if you could go just a little bit further, would that allow you to do more?

  • Allow you to talk to more people who are now just out of range?
  • Allow you to grab that much needed cup of coffee?
  • Talk to the boss, make it to the warehouse etc... All while on a live call.

Most people would agree that more wireless range is usually better.

We’ve tested countless numbers of wireless headsets. It’s extremely rare that we find a model that provides wireless range that matches with the range estimate shown on the specification sheet. In most cases, wireless range tends to be about half of the stated range. 

If we apply that 50% rule to these two headsets, the Jabra Evolve2 65 should provide you with about 50 feet of range. The Poly Voyager 4320 a bit more at around 80 or so feet. Much of this depends on the work environment, and the type and number of obstructions in your workplace. 

The advantage here is given to the Poly Voyager 4320 though it’s a narrow advantage. 

No measurable difference 

When it comes to wearing a headset on your head for hours at a time, the weight of that headset does matter. 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 tips the scale at 6.22 ounces 

The Poly Voyager 4320 weighs in at 5.71 ounces 

Translated, it looks this way: 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 weighs the same as 6.2 #2 pencils 

The Poly Voyager 4320 weighs the same as 5.7 #2 pencils 

A big difference? Not really. It’s pretty safe to say that both of these headsets weigh about the same. And, when putting either of them on, they really do feel lightweight and comfortable. 

Crazy batteries 

How long a battery lasts in a wireless headset is important. There’s this condition that people can develop. It's called battery anxiety. In other words, in the back of their mind, they’re worrying about their wireless headset battery dying on them, especially when on an important call. 

Both of these models should put those minds to ease. 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 has a battery that gives you: 

35 hours of talk time 

37 hours of listening time 

1.5 hours for a full recharge

40% charge in 30 minutes 

80% charge in 60 minutes 

The Poly Voyager 4320 battery gives you: 

24 hours of talk time 

47 hours of listening time 

1.6 hours for a full recharge 

10 hours of listening for 15 minutes on the charger 

50 days of standby 

If you analyze these figures, it’s pretty clear that both of these headsets have outstanding battery life. The recharge time is nearly identical too. 

Which is better? I guess that comes down to what your intended use is. If you plan on spending a lot of time on Softphone or video calls, then the Jabra Evolve2 65 has your name written all over it. On the other hand, if you plan on listening to a lot of music, podcasts or Youtube videos, then the Poly Voyager 4320 is your best bet with that crazy 47 hours of listening time. 

Either way, you can’t go wrong because both models have better than average battery performance. 

Connectivity is a wash 

The Jabra Evolve2 65, and the Poly Voyager 4320 can both recognize up to 8 devices, and connect to 2 simultaneously. In this sense, these headsets are the same. 

Both models come with a USB Adapter as well. The Jabra Evolve2 65 comes with the Jabra Link 380, and the Poly Voyager 4320 comes with the BT700, which is an updated adapter to their previous BT600 version. 

I’m struggling a bit to find areas on one of these models that’s arguably better than the other. You might understand my position a bit better when you see more ways that these two headsets are similar. Consider these points: 

Hearing protection 

Both models have it: Jabra has “SafeTone”, while Poly has “SoundGuard”

Integrated Busy Light

Both models have this. When you get on a call, an LED on the earpiece lights up to let those around you know that you’re busy on a call. 

Padded headband 

Both have a padded headband for enhanced wearing comfort. 

Soft ear cushion 

Ditto, both have these. Very soft on the ear, and helps for aiding comfort especially when wearing a headset for long periods of time. 

Adjustable headband 

Both have this, as would be expected. 

Software to make adjustments to the headset 

Yes, both the Jabra and Poly headsets have this. 

Jabra’s software is called Jabra Direct, where the Poly software is called Hub. Both allow you to do a wide assortment of things such as making adjustments to the audio quality (standard definition of HD for example), turn on/off the busy light, audio tone settings, languages, sidetone, remote call answering and more. 

One more area where these two headsets have something in common. 

Duo or Mono, your choice 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 and the Poly Voyager 4320 are both available in a single, or double ear configuration. So, if you need to block out background noise, then the duo (binaural) model would be the one you want. 

If you want to hear what’s going on around you when on a call, then the mono (monaural) headset is what you want. 

Noise Cancelling Microphones 

David wearing the Jabra Evolve2 65

Both of these headsets have excellent microphones for picking up your voice. That can be confirmed if you watch my review video. When speaking, both headsets allow my voice to be heard loud and clear. It’s a very professional sound which is exactly what you want when buying a headset that will be used for business. 

The Jabra Evolve2 65, and the Poly Voyager 4320 both did a superb job at removing unwanted background noise. I was surprised at how well they both did. I threw loud office noises, dogs barking, a fan blowing on me, and finally I put them up against our

signature blender test which has a blender running on high speed a short 3 feet away. Both models did a very respectable job of cancelling out most of that unwanted noise. 

Do I think any model had a noticeable advantage here? Not really. They both performed great all the way around. 

Wired and wireless versatility 

Another area that makes these headsets very similar is the fact that you can use them as a wireless, or wired headset. 

Should your battery need to be recharged, you have the option of plugging it into a USB port for charging. Once plugged in, you can continue using it. Now this might not sound unusual or special, but take my word for it, not all Bluetooth wireless headsets are capable of doing this. 

Is this a useful feature?

Absolutely! Imagine that you’re on a Softphone call and your battery is dying on you. In that case, you’d simply pause the call momentarily until you plug the USB cable in, and your call resumes.

What would you do in this same situation if you didn’t have that ability?

Tell them you’ll call them back?

Take time to seek out a wired USB headset to use while your regular headset charges?

Why do all that when these headsets can continue to be used even when charging? Useful? Oh yea. 

Warranty & Pricing 

The list of similarities continues as we look at the warranty and price. 

Jabra Evolve2 65 warranty is 2-years 

Poly Voyager 4320 warranty is 2-years 

Jabra Evolve2 65 suggest selling price is $249.00 

Poly Voyager 4320 suggest selling price is $229.95 

Though the warranty is identical, the price difference has the Jabra Evolve2 65 at $19.00 higher. Though this is a few dollars more, it isn’t enough of a difference to say that one is more or less expensive than the other. To me, the price is essentially the same. 

If you have your sights set on one of these models, make sure to use coupon code BLOG when checking out on our website (www.headsetadvisor.com) for a nice discount.

Which one should you get? 

That’s a question that I’m unable to answer. 

  • Some have this thing called brand loyalty where they only purchase a certain brand based on their past experience, or preference. 
  • Some may be attracted to the way one headset looks compared to another. Some might like how one sounds compared to the other.
  • Some might like a very specific feature only found on one model. 

However you arrive at your decision for either of these headsets, rest assured that you absolutely, positively, 100% cannot go wrong with either. The Jabra Evolve2 65, and the Poly Voyager 4320 are both very contemporary looking headsets with nice styling.

And, they are both comfortable, and not only sound great, but they handle annoying background noise with ease. This means you’ll be able to be heard loud and clear, and your callers won’t hear all that noise going on around you. 

Both headsets are backed by the two biggest names in the headset industry; Poly (formerly Plantronics), and Jabra. You’re in smooth waters, and a safe harbor by selecting either. You simply can’t go wrong.

I like them both, and I’d be hard pressed to choose between them. It might just require that I draw the name of one out of a hat. These headsets are that closely matched which makes deciding difficult, and really a personal choice.

Evolve2 65Jabra evolveJabra evolve2 65Poly voyagerPoly voyager 4320 ucPoly voyager 4320 uc vs jabra evolve2 65Voyager 4320 uc

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