Dual Powerhouse: Yealink WH64 DECT + Bluetooth Headset -Ultimate Versatility

Having an office job these days could mean you work around a lot of coworkers, like in an open office environment for example. But it can also mean working from home, or on the go like at the local coffee shop. No matter where you call your office, there is one constant, which is you need to stay connected, and you need to sound professional.

Staying connected involves having the tools to allow you to be in touch with customers and coworkers, and those tools include a good computer, and a professional grade headset. But when it comes to finding the right headset for your specific needs, that can be a bit confusing simply because of the many available options.

One headset worth considering - Yealink WH64

There are a number of reasons why this is a headset that belongs on your short list, but if I were to cut to the chase and lay out one of the most compelling, and unique features of this headset, in a nutshell it would be that it’s the first headset to include both DECT and Bluetooth technology in the headset. Some have this capability, but it resides in the base, which makes it impractical if not impossible to use a headset away from the office. I’ll explain this further a bit later on. In the meantime, if you'd like to watch an informative video on the differences between DECT and Bluetooth, click here

What's In The Box

Before covering the different features of this new headset, here’s what you’ll get when you order one. This is also known as what’s in the box.

  • Mono or Duo headset
  • Charging base
  • AC Power Adapter
  • USB-A to USB-C cable 
  • Micro USB to USB-A cable
  • Drawstring bag
  • Quick Start Guide 

To begin, the Yealink WH64 is the updated version of the WH62, and from an appearance and functionality point of view, Yealink did a nice job with this update. Below, you'll find some of the key features broken down by headings, so you can skim the blog to easily find the features you’re most interested in. I'll start by going over what the Yealink WH64 connects to.


three graphics for three ways to connect WH64 headset

The Yealink WH64 wireless headset is designed to connect to desktop computers, laptop computers, USB iP phones, and mobile devices. And with an optional accessory, you can use the WH64 headset with several non iP phones.

Being that this is a headset that contains integrated DECT and Bluetooth technology, you’ll have several ways in which to use it. 

  1. Connect to your desktop computer
  2. Connect to your laptop computer
  3. Connect to your iP phone that has a USB port
  4. Connect to many traditional desk phones via the optional interface cable
  5. Connect to your mobile device in, or out of the office via Bluetooth

You’ll find other headsets that offer you these same connection options, but you won’t find another so versatile that lets you take your headset on the go like this one will. When leaving your office, you can plug into the laptop with an optional DECT USB adapter. You can also pair it up to your mobile device, or even plug the headset into your computer USB port to recharge the headset, and continue using it while charging. 

When shopping around, you won’t find another headset that’s this flexible, offering the advantages of DECT, combined with the convenience, and talk time of Bluetooth for in-office, or out of office use. When you want to take this headset on the go, simply lift it out of the charge base, grab the included USB cable, or optional USB adapter and you can connect to pretty much anything, pretty much anywhere. 

UC or Teams, Mono Or Duo - Your Choice

Yealink WH64 mono and duo headsets

If you use Microsoft Teams as your exclusive communication platform, then choose the Teams variant. This will give you the best experience when using the Yealink WH64 with Teams. You can take a call or end it from the headset, as well as mute and more.  But, if you use different applications for your voice and video calls (Zoom, RingCentral etc), then you’ll want to select the UC variant. Either way, you can choose the headset best suited for your specific situation.

And for those who prefer to have one ear open to hear the surroundings, you can select the Yealink WH64 Mono headset. But if blocking out as much surrounding noise is more your style, then you'll want the WH64 Duo model. 

So whether you want a UC or Teams variant, or mono or duo wearing style, the Yealink WH64 gives you these choices.

Microphone Impression

Image of man holding a Yealink WH64 headset and mic boom

The Yealink WH64 features a 3 mic array matched with Yealink’s Acoustic Shield 2.0 Technology for noise removal. We’ve tested other headsets for sound quality, and noise reduction capabilities, and in my opinion, I think some of Yealink’s other models perform a bit better. That’s not to say that this headset sounds bad, because it doesn’t, it provides professional sound. And this is also not to say that it doesn’t remove noise, because it does. But what I am saying is some of Yealink’s other headsets, to me, do a better job at noise canceling. But that’s only one person’s opinion. You might listen to our review video that contains noise tests and arrive at a much different conclusion. If so, then the WH64 would be a good choice.

Having been in the headset business for three decades, we know that people have a preference for the side of their face they place the microphone boom arm. The microphone boom arm on the Yealink WH64 can be placed on the right side of your face, or left. There are a number of name brand headsets that limit the microphone placement to one side only. With the WH64, you can choose which side to locate it, and having the choice isn’t a bad thing.

graphic of man wearing a yealink wh64 headset showing microphone on the right and left sides

Before leaving the microphone subject, you should know that by raising the microphone boom arm, it mutes the headset, and lowering it unmutes. This is a feature you won’t find on a lot of headsets, though it’s becoming more common. As an alternative to raising the boom, you can also press the mute button found on the side of the headset, which is the more traditional way.


graphic profile of a woman wearing Yealink  WH64 headset and text talking about comfort

You can have the most technologically advanced headset, but if it’s uncomfortable, its value diminishes in a hurry. And though you’ll find a good amount of tech baked into the WH64, Yealink didn’t overlook comfort when designing, and manufacturing this headset. 

Beginning with the weight of the headset, which is where the matter of headset comfort starts, you’ll find the two available configurations to be lighter than competing models. Here’s how much the mono and duo models weigh:

  • Mono - 3.2 ounces (91 grams)
  • Duo - 5.3 ounces  (150 grams)

Having a lightweight headset helps to prevent user fatigue because you don’t have to withstand the weight of a heavier device resting on the head for extended periods. At 3.2 and 5.3 ounces (mono and duo weights), these headsets are noticeably light, but comfort doesn’t end with the weight of a headset, because there’s more to this.

Ear Cushions

Yealink WH64 comfortable ear cushions

The ear cushions on the Yealink WH64 are made of soft memory foam with a thin, perforated cover for improved ventilation and heat dissipation. The ear speaker assembly rotates allowing it to adapt to the angle of your ears which is another factor in comfort. Soft cushions that mold to the shape of your ears, combined with speakers that conform to the angle of your ears help to make this a comfortable headset for anyone.


Yealink WH64 headband cushion being squeezed by a man

The headband is nicely padded and adjustable allowing it to be sized to your specific requirements. So whether you have a tall head, a short one, or something in between, the headband can adjust as needed. 

Finally, the materials used in the Yealink WH64 were carefully chosen for their weight, and strength. This, along with the overall design work together to provide a lightweight, durable, adaptable headset. And it goes without saying that comfort, like sound, is a subjective thing, but to me, this headset wears light, and feels light and soft, though after a few hours I did feel some clamping pressure. To alleviate this, I simply applied some outward pressure on the headband to help relax the inward pressure, and the discomfort I was feeling was eliminated.

Overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight, comfortable headset, I doubt you’ll be displeased with the WH64.

Wireless Range

Yealink WH64 wireless range

If going the distance is high on your headset shopping list, then the Yealink WH64 should be a headset of interest.

As mentioned earlier, the Yealink WH64 comes with resident DECT and Bluetooth, both offering different wireless range estimates.  Bluetooth will generally provide up to 100 feet while DECT is known to provide 1-4 times the wireless range of Bluetooth. Yealink estimates the Bluetooth range of the WH64 to be up to 50 meters / 164 feet, and when using DECT you can expect to receive up to 150 meters / 492 feet. Both of these range estimates exceed what the typical Bluetooth or DECT headsets offer. So again, if you’re looking for longer wireless range, then check out the Yealink WH64 because it’s designed to go the distance.


The Yealink WH64 is a wireless headset, and because it’s wireless, it relies on a rechargeable battery to function. That begs the question of how much battery life can you expect to get when using the Yealink WH64. Here’s the short answer to that question:

First, it depends on which mode you’re operating in; Bluetooth or DECT. Here’s what you can expect when using either:

  • Bluetooth Talktime - Mono headset - up to 26 hours -  Duo headset - up to 32 hours
  • DECT Talktime - Mono headset - up to 14 hours - Duo headset - up to 16 hours
  • Bluetooth Listening Time - Mono headset - up to 41 hours - Duo headset - up to 48 hours
  • DECT Listening Time - Mono headset - up to 14 hours - Duo headset - up to 17 hours

Standby time - Mono headset - up to 157 hours - Duo headset - up to 195 hours

Recharge time - time required to fully recharge the battery - 1.5 hours

When recharging the battery, you can continue using the headset, which is a feature not found on all wireless headsets. So if you’d find it useful to continue using the headset even when it’s plugged in for a recharge, then the WH64 would be a good headset to consider.

Integrated Busylight

Yealink WH64 busylights

To help prevent interruptions while on calls, the Yealink WH64 comes with integrated busylights. These LEDs turn red when you get on a call, so others in the area can see when you’re busy. And, as an added tool to help reduce, or eliminate interruptions, Yealink offers an optional external busy light (BLT60) that allows you to place it within your work area giving you more ways to let others know not to interrupt you.

If you use the Microsoft Teams version, the LEDs on the headset will also change color to alert others of your status.

Ear Speakers

Yealink WH64 ear speakers

The Yealink WH64 comes with 30mm ear speakers. These are more or less the middle of the pack on speaker size. Some headsets come with speakers that are 28mm in size, while others may offer 40mm speakers. At 30mm, to me, that puts these in the average category. And when listening to music, you won’t be disappointed, but at the same time, you won’t be overly impressed either. There’s a noticeable deep thumping bass that’s not present, but that aside, it delivers a relatively satisfying sound, in particular, for a headset not designed for high fidelity audio.

Software For The WH64

Yealink USB Connext software screenshot

These days, having headset software for updating firmware, and for personalizing the headset with specific audio adjustments, sidetone, ring characteristics and more are becoming the norm. 

For those wanting to acess the many adjustments, you can through the Yealink USB Connect software


What’s Missing?

image of man in a wondering pose

I may be nitpicking here, but there are a couple of things not present on the Yealink WH64, that if included, could help to make this good headset, even better and more universally appealing. 

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). -Yealink has placed a lot of emphasis on sound quality and noise reduction, both designed for the far end. What about the noise in the background, and how it affects the person wearing the headset, and their ability to stay focused? Noise not only distracts callers, but noise can be distracting to you too.

If the Yealink WH64 had ANC, I feel it would be a more well-rounded, more fully featured headset. ANC is fast becoming a standard feature that’s showing up on more headsets, and to include it on this headset would help give some noise relief to those who buy it.

Transparency. This feature goes by many names, such as; TalkThrough and Transparency among others. But no matter what it’s called, it essentially does the same thing, which is to eliminate the need to remove the headset when you want to talk with someone face-to-face. It does this by activating external microphones allowing you to hear the other party, without removing the headset.Not having this feature means you’re required to remove the headset every time you want to talk to someone. In busy offices, or at home with a lot of interruptions, you can find yourself putting on, and taking off the headset a lot during the course of a day, week, or month.

The Yealink WH64 doesn’t have this feature, and I’d like to put it on my wish list of features to add to it. By including it, those who wear it will be treated to some much needed relief from the annoyance of this repetitive process. 

By not having these two features, is this a headset you should pass on? I’d say not. Like with many points in a decision, you may find yourself weighing the pluses and minuses. I'd argue in this case that the pluses outweigh the minuses. 

Even without these two features, the WH64 remains a Unicorn headset with its unique dual mode feature which goes a long ways towards making it appealing. 

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down on the WH64?

one thumb up, and one thumb down

So what’s the verdict on the Yealink WH64 all things considered? (spoiler alert; we're digging it). Me? I'd say if you're shopping for a solid headset that's versatile, and affordable, then this is a great headset to consider. Here are the reasons I'm giving the WH64 a thumbs up, rather than thumbs down: 

  1. No other headset gives you DECT and Bluetooth built into the headset, which gives you much more use flexibility.
  2. You get a hefty battery that can deliver up to 48 hours of listening time, and up to 32 hours of talk, and you can continue using the headset even when it’s charging, which a lot of headsets don't offer.
  3. You get longer wireless range than most other headsets, unless you’re considering another Yealink headset. So if having a wider wireless footprint appeals to you, then the WH64 is a good consideration.
  4. You also have a speaker housed in the base unit, so even if you don’t have your headset on, you can hear an incoming call. Not many headsets have this feature as well.
  5. You can place the mic boom on either side, and you can raise it to mute. Both are convenient, and both aren’t found on all headsets.
  6. You won’t pay a lot to own one and you get a lot of features for the price.

The bottom line is the Yealink WH64 is a very good overall value. When you take into account all the great features it comes with, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value out there.

Try One And Get A Discount

image of a box with a bow and print on it saying try one for free & use coupon code Blog

If you’re on the fence about the Yealink WH64, contact us to find out about trying one out for free, right in your office. There’s no better way to know if any headset is right for you, than by trying it out in your specific work environment.

And if the WH64 is the headset you've been looking for, then use COUPON CODE BLOG when checking out on our website for a sweet discount. We all like getting discounts, and deals, so make sure you use BLOG at checkout to get yours!

Have Questions, Or Need Some Help?

Headset Advisor has been helping customers with their communication needs since 1994. We have the experience, and knowledge to help answer your questions. Contact us today, and one of our friendly, and knowledgeable Advisors will be glad to assist you.


Yealink WH64 datasheet

Yealink WH64 Flyer 


Q: What does dual mode mean?

A: The Yealink WH64 has Bluetooth and DECT technology built into the headset. This gives you several connection options including using the headset remotely without the need to use a base. DECT provides longer range compared to Bluetooth, and with integrated Bluetooth in the headset, you can use the WH64 on the go without the base.

Q: How much talk time do you get with the Yealink WH64?

A: That depends on which mode you're operating in (DECT or Bluetooth), and which model you're using (mono or duo). DECT mono gives you up to 14 hours, the Duo model gives you up to 16 hours. If using Bluetooth, you get up to 26 hours for the Mono model, and up to 32 hours if using the Duo model.

Q: What size ear speakers come with the Yealink WH64?

A:  The ear speaker size is 30mm which is pretty standard for this type of headset.

Q: Does the Yealink WH64 have a noise canceling microphone?

A: Yes. It features a 3 microphone array that's matched with Yealink's Acoustic Shield 2.0 noise canceling technology. Overall, Yealink headsets with this technology does a superior job at noise reduction, and the WH64 does too.

Q: How long does it take to recharge the battery in the WH64?

A: 1.5 hours

Q: Does the Yealink WH64 have Active Noise Cancellation?

A: No.

Q: What is the wireless range of the WH64?

A: The wireless range depends on which mode you're using (Bluetooth or DECT). Bluetooth range is up to 164 feet (50 meters), and if using DECT, the wireless range is up to 492 feet (150 meters).

Q: What configurations of the WH64 are available?

A: You can select from a mono (single ear) or Duo (double ear), as well as a Microsoft Teams or UC Variant.

Q: Can I place the microphone boom on the right or left side?

A: Yes. You have the choice of locating the microphone on either side.

Q: How do you mute the microphone when using the Yealink WH64?

A: You have two ways; 1. you can press the mute button found on the headset, or 2. you can raise the microphone boom arm. If you raise the boom to mute, lowering it unmutes.

Q: What can I use the Yealink WH64 with?

A: You can connect the WH64 to desk or laptop computers via the USB port, to USB iP phones, and to mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Q: What is the number 1 selling feature of the Yealink WH64?

A: Hard to answer that because it has several, but choosing only one would be the dual frequency mode of DECT and Bluetooth resident to the headset. It's the only headset capable of doing this making it unique.

Q: Does the Yealink WH64 have a busylight?

A: Yes. There are LEDs located on the outside of the earspeakers. These LEDs not only alert others when you're busy, but they change color to show your status.

Q: What optional accessories are available for the Yealink WH64?

A: You can get an optional external busylight for additional busy notifications, as well as a wireless USB adapter, and telephone interface cables.

Q: Is the Yealink WH64 comfortable, and if so, what makes it comfortable?

A: First, the mono and duo models are lighter in weight than comparable models. The mono weighs just 3.2 ounces, and the duo model weighs 5.3. That's lighter than most, but there are other things that help to make this a comfortable headset for all-day wearing. It comes with specially designed ear cushions that are soft with a cover that's perforated to help evacuate heat. The headband is also nicely padded and adjustable for a perfect fit.

Q: What UC applications does the Yealink WH64 work with?

A: All the leading applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, RingCentral and others, and it also works with all the leading iP phones.


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