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These days, it’s challenging to sort through all the different headset options to find the one that’s perfect for you, and your situation. 

You not only have a world of options to choose from, but different avenues to those options. For example, you can shop on America’s favorite etailer site to find what you think is the best solution. Or you can shop on various vendor websites, or even on the headset manufacturers website to gather the information you need to make your buying decision. Just writing all this while envisioning that process makes me tired, and rings of confusion, and uncertainty.. 

But there is a better way.!

Headset Advisor has been assisting customers with tailored, compatible headset solutions that are perfect matches to their needs since 1994. And I’ve got to say, we know a thing  or two about headsets, if for no other reason than we’ve been focused on them for so long. In fact, almost 30 years now. And because we provide all the leading brands, we have our fingers on the pulse of the industry, which includes newly released products across the headset spectrum.

A new headset from Jabra

In this blog, I’d like to introduce you to a brand new headset that Jabra recently released called the Jabra Evolve2 55.

I’ll give you some details about it, and compare it to the Jabra Evolve2 65 which has been a headset favorite for some time now.

Rather watch a video than read a blog?

But for those of you who’d rather watch a video rather than wading your way through a blog post, I’ll share a Youtube video review, and comparison we recorded recently that’s bound to be helpful if you’re wanting to know more about this new headset, and see how it  compares to the Evolve2 65.

Here’s the core question of this blog:

If I were deciding between the popular Jabra Evolve2 65 and the new Jabra Evolve2 55, which would I choose, and why?

The answer The new Jabra Evolve2 55. 

Having said that, this is by no means a knock on the Evolve2 65, because that’s a fantastic headset as well. After all, the Evolve2 65 has over one thousand online reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars, which is solid. And, the Evolve2 65 packs a solid punch with 40mm ear speakers for those who like great sound in a business grade headset. This is something we’ll talk more about a little later on.

But if I were forced into choosing between them, then I’m going with the newer Evolve2 55.  Here’s why I say that:

1. The Evolve2 55 has Active Noise Cancellation

woman sitting in front of a laptop computer wearing a double ear headset with man working in the background

When talking about reducing noise, the conversation is generally focused on a microphone for its sound quality, and its ability to remove unwanted background noise. Noise cancellation is designed to give your callers a better listening experience by dampening distracting noise. But what about how that same background noise affects you, and your ability to stay focused? That’s where Active Noise Cancellation, and passive noise canceling enters into the conversation.

The Jabra Evolve2 65 doesn’t have Active Noise Cancellation available. Instead, it relies on a specially designed, angled earcup for refracting sound, along with sound absorbing materials to help dampen unwanted background noise.

Woman wearing a Jabra double ear wireless headset with the words passive noise cancellation written below

The Jabra Evolve2 55 comes with the electronic feature of Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC for short. ANC can be activated, or deactivated by the user, and it electronically counters incoming noise so you aren’t distracted by it. Jabra took ANC to a new level by making it available in both mono and duo headsets.

So if you struggle with distracting sound in your workplace, having an electronic feature in a headset that's specifically designed to help reduce, or eliminate those noises should come as good news. Less distractioins equals better concentration, and better concentration leads to a more productive workday.

2. The Evolve2 55 uses a newer version of Bluetooth

The Jabra Evolve2 65 uses Bluetooth version 5.0, and the Jabra Evolve2 55 uses version 5.2. So what are the key differences, and is version 5.2 better?

The key benefits of using Bluetooth 5.2 over version 5.0 are:

Improved speed: Bluetooth 5.2 has a maximum data transfer rate of up to 2 Mbps, which is twice as fast as Bluetooth 5.0.

Extended range: Bluetooth 5.2 has a maximum range of up to 400 meters, which is 100 meters further than Bluetooth 5.0.

Improved energy efficiency: Bluetooth 5.2 uses less power than Bluetooth 5.0, which can lead to longer battery life for devices that use Bluetooth.

There are also some new features in version 5.2 that you don’t get when using Bluetooth 5.0. Specifically:

Direction finding: Bluetooth 5.2 can be used to determine the direction of a Bluetooth signal, which can be used for applications such as indoor navigation.

Hearing aid support: Bluetooth 5.2 offers improved support for hearing aids, which can make it easier for people with hearing loss to use Bluetooth devices.

Low Energy Audio: Bluetooth 5.2 introduces a new audio codec called Low Energy Audio (LE Audio), which offers improved audio quality and battery life over previous Bluetooth codecs.

Overall, Bluetooth 5.2 is a significant improvement over Bluetooth 5.0. It offers faster speeds, a longer range, improved energy efficiency, and new features that make it a more powerful and versatile wireless technology.

3. The Evolve2 55 Weighs less

The Evolve2 65 mono weighs 3.49 ounces and the duo model weighs 6.22 ounces

The Evolve2 55 mono weighs 2.7 ounces and the duo model weighs 4.5 ounces

If you were to compare the Evolve2 55 mono weight of 2.7 ounces to an ordinary household  item, it would  weigh the same as 2.7 standard size envelopes. So if you can imagine that, you should arrive at the conclusion that it's extremely lightweight.

And when speaking about the weight of a headset, it relates directly to the degree of comfort. Yes, there are other factors that go into making a headset comfortable aside from its weight, but weight does play a role in how comfortable a headset is. That applies in the case of the Evolve2 55, especially when compared to the weight of the 65 model.

4. Evolve2 55 is more comfortable

Man sitting at an office desk typing on a computer while wearing a double ear wireless headset

Ouch on the ear!

Though the Jabra Evolve2 65 is a comfortable headset overall, I found if I wore it for longer stretches of time, I could begin feeling the hard plastic housing beneath the ear cushions pressing against my ears. Arguably others might not have this same experience, but that was mine. That aside, I found the Evolve2 65 to be comfortable.

Sleek, slim speaker housing

The ear speaker housing on the Jabra Evolve2 55 is significantly slimmer when compared to the width of the Evolve2 65, with a more appealing design and profile. I found that sleeker profile translates into a lighter, more comfortable wearing experience. But there is a reason why the Evolve2 65 ear speaker housing is thicker, and that’s due to it accommodating 40mm speakers, whereas the Evolve2 55 uses thinner, smaller 28mm speakers. The simple fact is bigger speakers require more real estate.

Unique headband cushion

The headband on the Jabra Evolve2 55 is padded for added comfort. Cushioned headbands are really the standard these days, so nothing unusual here. But Jabra carefully examined this seemingly minor detail of headband cushioning, and came up with a way to enhance the fit and feel of the padding used on the headband. They came up with the idea to use several layers of perforated foam which helps to stop pressure buildup which in turn gives you a more comfortable headset wearing experience, and who doesn't want that?

Happy ears, happy years

Another comfort feature engineered into the Evolve2 55 is how the earcups rotate. The truth is, we all have different sizes and shapes of ears, and we even have differences in the angle of our ears. Realizing these things, the Engineers at Jabra designed earcups on the Evolve2 55 to rotate in two different directions.

By having earcups that rotate in these various directions, you get a more customized fit which leads to a better, more comfortable experience. Add to that, the ear cushions on the Evolve2 55 are thicker, and softer than those found on the Jabra Evolve2 65 which Jabra refers to as “Air Comfort Technology'' Jabra can call it what they like, all I know is the cushions on the Evolve2 55 are super squishy, soft, and conform perfectly to the shape of your ear.

close up image of Jabra double ear headset with the words Jabra exclusive Air Comfort Technology written below it


And I have to say, that level of comfort isn’t something you’ll experience with just any headset. Comfort, according to our customers, is one of the most important aspects of any new headset purchase. So with that in mind, the way in which Jabra approached the design of the ear cushions and headband on the Evolve2 55 lends itself to being among the very elite in that sense.

5. The Evolve2 55 sounds better 

Woman sitting at an office desk wearing a headset while on a multi-person video call

Any headset can be made to feel comfortable, and any headset can be priced in a very attractive way, but not all headsets are made to sound great. Some do sound great, while others, well, not so much. So how does the Jabra Evolve2 55 sound, and how does that sound compare to the sound quality of the Evolve2 65? 

We tested both 

Here’s what we discovered when we made that comparison, and put both headsets through our sound quality, and noise reduction tests. We wanted to hear how you sound when talking, and we also wanted to hear how well it did to remove background noise. The different background noise we tested them against included:

  • Office noise
  • Dogs barking
  • Babies crying
  • Blender noise - not that you’d be whipping up pitchers of Margaritas when working, but this is a good test because of how noisy it is.

      The verdict

      Image of two hands with one thumb pointing down,  and the other hand thumb  pointing up

      Both headsets did a good job. Both sound really good, and both remove background noise quite well. But knowing that I have to choose one, I’d choose the Jabra Evolve2 55. To me, it just sounded better, and removed a bit more of the background noise. Perhaps this is due to the newer technology used in the Evolve2 55, or the extra microphone because the Evolve2 65 duo has three, and the Evolve2 55 has four. More is better? I’m not sure if it actually comes down to that or not, but to me, the Evolve2 55 did a better job overall.

      Ear speaker quality

      Close up image of a double ear Bluetooth wireless headset

      Before I leave the subject of sound all together, I can’t move on until I comment on speaker sound quality. And it’s here where the Evolve2 55 takes a back seat to the Evolve2 65. You see, the 65 model uses 40mm speakers which are the same size speakers used in many of the most expensive Bluetooth headsets such as:

      • JBL Tour One M2
      • Bowers & Wilkins PX7
      • Sony XM-4
      • Bang & Olufsen

      The sound you get from the Evolve2 65 when listening to music is really good, with the right amount of bass, pleasing mids and sharp highs. Which is not to say that you should expect the same high quality sound you get from those other headets, because those headsets are designed for entertainment, where the Evolve2 headsets are designed primarilly for business use. 

      40mm vs. 28mm - hearing is believing

      side view of a man wearing a headset with the words 40mm speaker for high definition sound for calls & music

      The Jabra Evolve2 55 uses 28mm speakers and as you might imagine, isn’t on the same level as the Evolve2 65 that uses 40mm. So that might leave you wondering if the sound quality you get from the Jabra Evolve2 55 is bad, or at the very least, disappointing.

      The answer to that is no. Though it’s not on par with the sound you get from the Evolve2 65, it’s by no means a disappointment. It delivers sharp, crisp sound, but it can't match the sound you get when using the 65 model.

      As I mentioned earlier, the 65 and 55 models are headsets designed primarily for business use. Yes, you can use these same headsets for listening to music, videos, podcasts etc. but that’s not their primary intended use. With that in mind, they both do a great job for business calls, and give you solid sound for entertainment. But keep your expectations in line by not expecting either of these headsets to be a Bose killer.

      Battery advantage goes to the Evolve2 65


      ghost image of a battery next to a Jabra Evolve2 65 Bluetooth headset


      Wireless headsets use rechargeable batteries, and the amount of talk, and listening times vary from model to model. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you get from both models in terms of battery life.

      Jabra Evolve2 55:

      Talk time - Up to 16 hours with Active Noise Canceling off -10 hours with ANC on

      Listening time - Up to 18 hours with Active Noise  Canceling off - 15 with it on

      30 minutes on the charger will give you 50% battery charge.

      Jabra Evolve2 65:

      Talk time - Up to 35 hours with busy light off - up to 24 with busy light on

      Listening time - Up to 37 hours

      The battery recharges fully in 90 minutes, and you get 8 hours of battery life in 15 minutes, 40% in 30 minutes, and 80% charge in 60 minutes on the charger.

      NOTE: You can use both of these headsets even when the battery is being charged. There’s a USB cable included that can not only be used to recharge the battery, but it allows you to use the headset while the battery is being charged.



      The Evolve2 55 starts at $259.00 for a Mono, single ear model

      The Evolve2 65 starts at $212.00 for a Mono, single ear model


      So for less than $50.00, you can upgrade to the newest Bluetooth headset in the Jabra line. Is the Evolve2 55 worth it? Only you can answer that question. But to me, I’d say that it is, if for no other reason than getting a lighter, more comfortable headset that sounds better than the Evolve2 65, and then there’s Active Noise Cancellation which that alone, in my way of thinking, is worth the price of admission.

      Like saving money? (of course you do)

      If you’re someone who finds joy whenever you get a better deal, which is most of us, then here are a few ideas for you to consider that will save you some of your hard earned money.

      Money saving tip #1: Trade in your old headsets

      Just ask the other guys if they’ll give you cash or credit for your old headsets. If you do, you’ll probably hear a lot of silence on the other end of that conversation.

      Headset Advisor, the headset experts for nearly three decades, has a unique program that gives you cash or credit towards your new headsets. So if you think those old headsets in that box in your storeroom no longer have value, think again, because those little gems are your ticket to a better price on the new headsets you’ve been needing.

      Go here to learn more about this unique cost saving program, or you can contact us and have a conversation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable Advisors who will be glad to give you all the details. 

      Money saving tip #2: Use Coupon code BLOG at checkout

      Whether you have old headsets to trade in or not, you can always get a better deal by using coupon code BLOG when checking out on our website. We all like getting discounts, and when you use this coupon code, you’ll be on your way to a better deal.

      By the way, you can use the coupon code in combination with the trade in credit which helps you to save even more!

      Money saving tip #3: Pay as you go with our headset lease program

      Having budget challenges is by no means unusual. In fact, it’s pretty common to just about any business. So it stands to reason that you might end up short of funds when it comes time to buy those new headsets for the team. So what do you do?

      1. Wait until next year, and just get by until then?
      2. Buy fewer headsets?
      3. Buy a lesser model and compromise on the features you need?

      Headset Advisor has a solution just for you, and it’s affordable. 

      Our headset lease program makes sense

      We have a monthly headset lease program that allows you to get the headsets you need today, for one low monthly rate. We can even set it up to run parallel to your voice and video service agreement which makes it even more convenient. And you won’t be hit with any unexpected bills along the way for service issues, or all those replacement accessories because both are included. Two good reasons why our affordable headset lease program is one you should check out.

      And, as a little frosting on the cake, you won’t have to worry about which of your headsets are in warranty, and who to contact to get some help. That’s because all of your headsets will always be in warranty, and you’ll have one convenient source to contact for support..Easy? Oh yeah.

      Your Headset, your way

      close up view of a woman wearing a headset while being on a call

      We all love choices, and the new Jabra Evolve2 55 gives you a lot of them. Here are the different options you can choose from when ordering one of these headsets. You can select:

      • Mono, single ear headset
      • Duo, double ear headset
      • Microsoft Teams version for those who use this as their primary UC platform
      • UC version for those who use a mix of applications like Teams, RingCentral, Zoom etc.
      • USB-A adapter for those who use computers with these older USB ports
      • USB-C adapter if your computer uses the newer C type USB port
      • Charging stand for easy recharging, and a convenient place to dock your headset
      • No charging stand for those who have a more mobile work environment

        However you work, or whatever your UC platform or wearing preference, you'll have no problem finding a Jabra Evolve2 55 that works for  you.

        Final thoughts

        image of a plain fabric background that's  partially torn to reveal the words final  thoughts

        If you’re in the market for a new headset for yourself or a team, and you need it to work with your computer applications, and with your mobile devices, the Jabra Evolve2 55 would be a solid headset to consider.

        Better sound quality

        This is a headset that provides excellent voice audio quality, which is important to anyone who wants to sound their best when on business calls. The Evolve2 55 also does a very good job at removing background noise, which is important if you want your callers to stay focused on your message, and not be distracted by the noises going on around you. 

        Better Comfort

        You also get a headset that’s extremely light, and one that has some unique comfort features engineered into the headband and ear cushions in what Jabra has termed Air Comfort Technology. And I have to say, I think they’re on to something with that because the Evolve2 55 is really comfortable which is something that can’t be said about a lot of headsets.

        And though the battery life is one area that could be improved upon, it’s still very adequate for a typical, even busy workday. Power users could squeeze more life from it by charging while on breaks, or when away at lunch. Though more battery life is an area I’d like to see improved, this is in no way a limiting factor. Having more battery life, in my way of thinking, simply gives you more headset use between charges and nothing more. So if you have a busy day, and after hours you want to continue using your headset for entertainment, for example, a longer life battery will give you more headset availability without the need for a recharge. Still, no area for concern in my opinion.

        Active Noise Cancellation included

        Being that the Evolve2 55 comes with Active Noise Cancellation is reason enough to give this headset serious consideration. In particular, with ANC being a standard feature in both mono and duo models.

        Multiple configuration choices 

        I also like that you can choose from the different options such as

        • Mono
        • Duo
        • Teams
        • UC
        • USB-A
        • USB-C
        • Charging stand
        • No charging stand.

        Depending on your needs, you should have no trouble finding an Evolve2 55 that’s right for your situation. It’s always nice to have choices,  and with this headset, you have several to choose from. 


        Up until now, I really haven't talked about connectivity and wireless range because the Evolve2 55 is pretty much the same as other headsets. That is, it connects to computers, laptops and mobile devices, and it will remember up to 8 devices, with 2 simultaneous connections.

        Wireless Range

        The wireless range is pretty standard at up to 100 feet (30 meters). But with that in mind, you should only expect to get about 50 - 60 feet which is the true approximate usable range compared to the range used in tests that are conducted using line of sight, or open field, which doesn’t accurately replicate a true working environment that are normally full of obstructions.

        Drilling down to the bottom line one could ask this question: 

        Would I buy the Jabra Evolve2 55 over a lot of other headsets, including the Evolve2 65? 

        Yes, and for all the reasons I mentioned earlier.

        Jabra has been rolling out new headset after new headset, and admittedly each new model has been solid, and the Evolve2 55 is a solid new headset as well.

        And, if you’d like to check out another recent new headset release that I like a lot, make sure to have a look at the new Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex. Just like with the Evolve2 55, I think you’ll be impressed with the 65 Flex.

        Here’s a Youtube review video we did on the Evolve2 65 Flex that you might enjoy watching.

        Have questions, or need some help?

        image of  customer  support Representative wearing a headset on a call

        Headset Advisor has been assisting businesses with tailored, compatible headset solutions since 1994. So if you have questions, or are looking for a headset recommendation that’s guaranteed to be compatible with your system, make sure to reach out to us here, and one of our friendly, knowledgeable Advisors will be happy to help.





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