Plantronics Savi 8220 Wireless Headset Bundle With Lifter

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Experience crystal clear audio with the lightweight Plantronics Savi 8220 over-the-head dual speaker wearing style and ANC technology. This wireless headset is built sturdily enough to handle everyday use while the technology itself incorporates some of the latest features for headsets. It’s the ideal option for people that make communication a big part of their daily schedule. The wireless Plantronics headset makes traveling from one location to the next with ease. Getting around the office is effortless when no wires are restricting your movement.

This productivity bundle includes a Handset Lifter to go with your Savi 8220 wireless headset to answer/end calls when away from your desk phone up to 590 feet. Having the option to move freely from one space to the next increases productivity by allowing you to access what you need at any given moment. Retrieving paperwork from the filing cabinet on the opposite end of the room is possible thanks to the wireless range offered by the headset.

With multi connectivity you'll be able to connect with a corded desk phone, mobile phone and computer for an all in one headset solution. So whether you need to take a desk phone call, mobile call or listen to webinars on the computer, the Savi 8220 has you covered. The poly headset makes communicating faster, easier, and more convenient for you.

Up to 13 hours of battery on a single charge in narrowband mode, you'll have over a full work day to keep your conversations without worrying about needing to charge your battery until the end of day. The wireless bundle maximizes efficiency by eliminating disruptions to your workflow. You can charge it while you’re away from work, so you’re ready to approach the day so that it’s ready for use the moment you arrive at the office.

Office work is more pleasant with the Plantronics Savi 8220's noise cancelling microphone so users and customers on the other end can carry on a pleasant conversation without excess background noise. The Plantronics headset ensures that all communication is crystal clear. There are fewer instances of misunderstandings due to poor sound quality. Instead, you’re able to hear the speaker on the other end of the line without listening to all the background noise going on around you.

Finally, you're covered with a one-year advanced replacement warranty for peace of mind. That means one year of our support: if our team determines that your Plantronics Savi 8220 is defective, we'll ship a replacement that same day and cover the shipment cost to do so.

The Savi 8220 provides outstanding value by being a quality product. It withstands excessive wear and tear yet doesn’t look worn. Anyone wanting a Plantronics wireless headset that withstands the test of time should consider this model, which offers outstanding sound quality, battery life, and warranty today.

The company best known for the Plantronics Savi 8220 wireless headset is undergoing new branding. From now on, it’s known as Poly. It’s still the same high-quality wireless products you’ve gotten to know and trust, though. It’s just that Plantronics is now named Poly.

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