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Product Description

The Yealink WH67 is a DECT wireless headset system built for professionals. You'll have a new level of flexibility to connect between devices and manage communications.

The Yealink WH67 isn't only a DECT wireless headset but it has a built in full duplex speakerphone into the base where the WH67 charges. 

Noise is a productivity killer and the last thing you want is callers hearing what's going on in your background. The Yealink WH67 has a noise canceling microphone to help reduce unwanted background distractions.

Also, the WH67 has a wearing design fit for most users. You can seamlessly switch between a headband, ear hook, and neckband wearing option for ultimate comfort.

Lastly, out of the box, you can connect the Yealink WH67 to a corded desk phone or computer for seamless connectivity to your communication devices. 

Add the Yealink WHC60 accessory to wirelessly charge your cell phone for a mobile phone workstation. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Everett G. (Scott City, US)
Good - Definitely Not Great.

I chose this model because I wanted a headset that would work - "plug & play" - with my Yealink office phone. And it does. That part is great. But that's where great ends.

The biggest problem I have is that the volume control on the headset also controls the volume of the base unit speaker, and also the phone. So, when I turn down the volume for the ringer on the base, it also turns down the call volume in the headset. Then, I have to turn up the volume on the headset to hear call. And, unless I remember to turn down the volume once the call has ended, I'm startled practically out of my chair the next time the phone rings. There doesn't appear to be any way to "un-link" the two volume functions.
I like the idea of connecting both my iPhone and my computer to the base, so I can use the headset for these devices. I connected the base unit to my desk phone via USB. And the headset does work seamlessly with my Yealink phone and also with my iPhone. There are several USB ports on the base unit. But that is a bit misleading, as only one of them allows connection to other devices. The other USB ports are for charging only. Other connections must be via Bluetooth. I had anticipated that I would connect my iPhone to the base via Bluetooth. However, I note that during video calls, or even watching a Youtube video, the audio from the headset is very noticeably "out of sync" with the video, which is irritating to say the least. I assume this is a Bluetooth issue. But it doesn't matter, as I have no alternative means of connecting to my computer.
Documentation that comes with the headset is sparse, directing you to the Yealink website for a full users guide. That's not a bad thing, in and of itself. But the instructions are not all that well written and fall short of being as helpful as they should be.
Considering the cost of this unit, I would have expected the features to be more intuitive and more robust.
Pretty disappointed overall.

Ken S. (City of Saint Peters, US)
It’s ok.

I wanted this because it can connect to my computer, work cell phone, and my personal cell phone at the same time. It does a great job of that. I do have a few issues with it that I don’t like.

Ear piece is too heavy. I thought it would be a benefit if I could try out all the options of wearing the ear piece. I can only use it with the headset support (headset). I have tried all the other options, they all do the same thing. Due to the weight it pulls down on my ear and moves to where the mic points down, and it feels like my ear canal is being stretched down. I constantly have to readjust it. If the made an earpiece that was traditional I would use that. I don’t see where one is made right now.

Volume too low. When using the headset strap the ear piece is not in the ear and is cover by some cloth in the pad on the headset. It’s very quiet hard to have a good conversation.

Speaker. The speaker is nice but I can’t find a way to permanently disable it. I am on a construction site constantly in and out of the range of the base. If I’m on a conversation away from the base using my phone and walk towards the base, it connects to the base and my conversation is transferred on to the base speaker for everyone to hear except me.

Base- doesn’t sync contacts. This sucks I don’t remember anyone phone numbers. Using the base to dial a number is very uncomfortable, using index finger to poke at numbers desk height. It’s easier to just grab my phone and dial a number.

Teams meeting works good. My Bose ear buds work just as good.

Honestly I regret getting this.

Hi Ken, thank you for your feedback, but we want you to have a headset you'll enjoy using. Please contact us so we can find a better headset for your specific needs.

Stephen Colón (San Diego, US)
Even more useful than I expected

This headset is *exactly* what Teams needs to really be a phone replacement. I love how seamlessly it bounces between my cell phone and a Teams call, I love that Teams and Outlook alerts arrive on the screen, and both I (and the people I'm calling :) ) love the call quality. It's so handy to have a dedicated display/device for Teams alerts--really great tool for staying on task without missing a notification.

Gerald Maguire (Attleboro, US)

The Bluetooth Range is terrible. Also didn't realize the bluetooth for the cellular is tied to the base and not the headset. So Can not use the bluetooth with the cell away from the my desk.

Kory Freshwater (Atlanta, US)
Fantastic headset

This is a truly great headset. The sound is solid from the earpiece, and the fit is amazing, don't need the ear hook to keep it securely in the ear. The best feature is the speaker phone. This one device allows me to seamlessly go back and forth from the headset to the speaker and not change sound drivers on my PC. This feature alone make me wonder why I haven't run across this sooner. It seems almost common sense with today's PC oriented phone systems. Now that I have this level of convenience and performance, I would never go back. The battery only lasts about 4-6 hrs on the head piece. However, that doesn't really matter much because I no longer need to wear it all day due to the seamless integration with the base unit for the sound driver from my computer.

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