Discover Adapt 30 Wireless Headset for Seamless Connectivity to Desk Phone and Computer

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A best value wireless headset that lasts longer!

discover adapt 30 showing it being interchanged

Out of the box, you're covered with a 3 year warranty. That's 3x the warranty of other comparable headsets. On top of the extended warranty, the Discover Adapt 30 includes a mono and duo speaker that connects to the microphone speaker.

Other headsets, if the headband or speaker breaks, guess what? You have to buy a whole new headset, which isn't cheap by the way! 

If the same thing happens with the Adapt 30, since it has an interchangeable headset design, all you'd need to buy is an inexpensive headband

Seamless connectivity to desk phone + computer

discover adapt 30 seamless connection to computer and desk phone

With technology changing so quickly since COVID, it's risky to have a single connectivity wireless headset. You may have desk phones today and gone tomorrow to be replaced with a computer softphone. 

The Discover Adapt 30 has you covered with both connectivity options. To toggle between both devices is as simple as tapping a button on the charging base and you'll switch from desk phone calls and your computer apps like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for example.

If your company decides to get rid of desk phones and use strictly computer softphones, then you'll have peace of mind knowing you won't need to buy a new headset. 

Clear sound you and your callers will appreciate

Everything may be great in a headset, but if it doesn't sound good then there's not much else to talk about, right? The Discover Adapt 30 has you covered with wideband audio, and is a fancy way of saying you can expect your calls to be extremely clear. Not only for you, but for callers on the other end because it has a noise canceling microphone as well. This helps to block unwanted background distractions in loud homes or offices. 

Long range wireless freedom to get more done

Discover Adapt 30 wireless range

Some of you are more productive when you walk and talk, and the value of being able to get up to walk and talk is amazing! Others, really like the ability to step away from their desk and still have the added ability to answer/end calls from the headset.

That means no more running back to the phone to answer calls, or worse missing calls and having to play phone tag after listening to voicemails (Accessory sold separate). 

The bottom line is you'll be more productive when using the Discover Adapt 30. The range you ask? You're covered with up to 350 feet of wireless range, which is about 10x longer than a Bluetooth headset. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Delta Queen (Nazareth, US)
Easy set up and clear sound

Super easy to set up. Voices are clear. Only complaint so far is the annoying beeping in your ear that doesn’t stop to remind you that you are on mute. I didn’t test the range clarity yet. Will post a new review if an issue with the range. I like the wireless one piece, no phone needed, and USB hookup.

Anitra Alderete (Peralta, US)
Very comfortable

I really like the headset. But notice that customers are having a hard time hearing me at time.

Geno LoCascio (Tarpon Springs, US)

Love wireless - so easy to set up - a minute later all my calls were on another level - could fit the head better though - always adjusting it or moving it

Kassie Perino (Longview, US)
Phones all day

Not a bad product. There is a bit more background noise than I expected, but overall I’m happy with the headset

Gary Guion (Palestine, US)
Great Product and Service

The Discover Adapt 30 Wireless Headset is more than exceeding expectations, as well as the customer support received from Headset Advisor.

Mike Atkinson (Chicago, US)
A very nice headset

Headset works great, very long range.

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