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About this item

  • Professional sound. The Evolve2 65 is designed to make you sound good, real good. And when you hear how it sounds, you can’t help but agree. Callers will hear you loud and clear, and you won’t have to repeat yourself. This is good for you, and your callers, and you’ll have a more productive call.
  • Noise Reduction. The Evolve2 65 helps reduce noise. The microphone removes background noise for a distraction free call. And the ear speaker housing is designed to deflect noise. The ear cushions are made from sound absorbing memory foam, and they also conform to your specific ear shape.
  • Light & Comfortable. Having a great sounding headset is one thing, but having a comfortable headset is a must. The Evolve2 65 mono, and stereo models are lightweight, and comfortable. Super soft conforming ear pads, adjustable headband, and pivoting ear speakers give you comfort for all day use.
  • Excellent speaker sound. Not all business headsets give you sound quality that leaves you highly satisfied, but that’s how you’ll feel with the Evolve2 65. An advanced chipset, combined with stout 40mm speakers deliver sound for impressive bass, mids and highs. Taking a break has never been better.
  • Long life battery. The Evolve2 65 keeps you talking while others keep you waiting. You get up to 37 hours of listening, and 35 hours of talking before a recharge is necessary. You can even use the headset while it’s plugged in for a recharge. Longer battery life means less time spent charging.


The Jabra Evolve2 65 is engineered to keep you agile. Work anywhere with superior wireless audio performance, and comfort.

side view of a woman wearing a Jabra Evolve2 65 mono headset smiling while working in an office setting

Whether you're working in the office or on the go, the Jabra Evolve2 65 keeps you in touch, and communicating. 

How to learn about the Evolve2 65

  1. You can continue reading to get all the details
  2. You can watch our Jabra Evolve2 65 review video below, which includes a sound test
  3. Or, you can do both - why limit yourself?

Devices it connects to

Use the Evolve2 65 with your desktop or laptop computers, or with your mobile phone or tablet. It remembers up to 8 devices, and will maintain a connection to 2 simulataneously. This means you can be on a Softphone call on your computer, and pause that call, and take a call on your mobile phone. The handoff is seamless, and there's no delay in switching.

ghost image in back of a man wearing a headset, and icons in foreground of desktop, and laptop computer and mobile  devices

With hybrid working being common today, the Evolve2 65 keeps you connected. So if you need to take a call at the coffee shop, at home, or in the office, you can count on the Evolve2 65 to help you get your work done.

You'll sound good

One of the most important features of a headset, according to a recent survey of our customers, was sound quality. That is, customers find sound quality as being the most important feature of a headset. 

This makes sense because when you're on calls taking care of business, you want to sound your best. Having a headset that delivers professional sound quality is highly important.

The Jabra Evolve2 65 delivers on professional sound.


The Evolve2 65 comes with 3 digital MEMS microphones that are fine tuned to provide that professional sound you need for your important voice and video calls. But sound quality doesn't stop there, because the microphone also removes background noise.

close up view of the microphone on the Jabra Evolve2 65

We all know that offices, coffee shops or working from home can all gives us background noise challenges. The good news is when using the Evolve2 65, you won't have to worry about that when you're on calls.

The microphone is designed to pick up your voice, and remove background noise at the same time. This gives you peace of mind knowing your callers are hearing you loud and clear, and not all the sounds going on around you.

And when you want to mute the microphone, simply raise the microphone boom arm up, and it automatically turns off the microphone. Return it to the talk position to resume speaking.

Noise Cancellation

Headsets reduce noise in a few different ways, but not all headsets come with all of them. Here's how business headsets approach the subject of noise reduction.

Noise canceling microphone. This speaks to the technology in the headset microphone that's designed specifically to dampen room noise. This gives your callers a more pleasant, and professional sounding call without the distraction of background noise.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This is a fairly new feature now appearing on business headsets. This feature electronically produces anti-noise to counter incoming, distracting background noises. Unlike noise cancelling microphones that are designed to improve the sound quality for callers, ANC is designed for the person wearing the headset. Less distractions from background noise means better concentration, and greater productivity.

Passive Noise Cancellation. This can take you in a few different directions, but are all design elements, and not electronic features.

  1. Larger, fully surrounding ear cushions can help to passively lower the sound from your background, which can help you to concentrate better.
  2. The material that ear cushions are made of can help absorb sound, so it's not bothersome, and distracting.
  3. The design of the ear speaker outer shell can be shaped in such a way that it causes incoming sound to bounce and be redirected. This too can help you to avoid hearing unwanted sound.

How the Evolve2 65 reduces noise

As mentioned earlier, you get a noise canceling microphone to help eliminate background noise for your callers.

The Evolve2 65 comes with ear cushions that are made from memory foam which does two things; first, it's extremely comfortable because the foam material molds to the shape of your ears for a personalized fit. Secondly, the foam material is sound absorbing which helps dampen sound.

Finally, the Evolve2 65 has a specially designed ear speaker shell with a shape that causes sound to bounce off into a different direction.  This is part of the passive noise cancellation features on the Evolve2 65.

What's not included

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) isn't a feature you'll find on the Evolve2 65. You have to move up into different models in order to have that. Some of the models that include ANC are the Evolve2 55, Evolve2 65 Flex, Evolve2 75, and 85. 

Ear speakers

Having a great sounding microphone that reduces background noise s what you hope for when ordering a new headset. But what about the ear speakers?

  • How do they sound?
  • Will they give you a pleasant listening experience?
  • Will your get rich audio or audio that's lacking?

You'll probably find yourself pleasantly surprised when you drop an Evolve2 65 over your head. That's because this headset comes with impressive sound delivered straight to your ears by the 40mm ear speakers. Jabra married those speakers to their most advanced chipset ever for unrivaled audio quality in a business headset. Other headsets, including some Jabra models, don't offer speakers this stout with the same level of audio quality.

ghost image in background of man with headset on laptop, and exploded ear speaker housing exposing internal components

So when you want to listen to some music, you'll find the bass notes deep, the mids solid, and the highs sharp. And when you stop to consider that this is a business headset, you can't help but be impressed with the thought that went into the design, and speaker output.

And to help aid in giving you a better listening experience, Jabra designed the ear speaker housing in a whole new way. This angled design was made to cause sound to deflect sound so you hear less of the noise going on around you. This not only allows you to have better concentration, but you hear your music better too.


Comfort is one of those things that shouldn't be overlooked when shopping for a new headset because comfort matters. Who wants a great sounding headset if you end your day searching for that bottle of Tylenol? 

image of Jabra Evolve2 65 headset on desktop with coffee cup nearby and people in the background working

The soft memory foam ear pads mold to the shape of your ears giving you a custom fit. And the headband is adjustable so you can position the ear speakers where they are most comfortable. 

And finally, the Evolve2 65 is light and comfortable for all day wearing.

  • Evolve2 65 mono - 3.49 ounces
  • Evolve2 65 Duo  - 6.22 ounces

Without question the design of a headset plays into how comfortable it is. But so does the weight of a headset. And at 3.49 ounces, and 6.22, the Evolve2 65 headsets won't  leave you uncomfortable or in pain after a full day of wearing it. Good news to those who spend all day on calls.


The Evolve2 65 is a wireless Bluetooth headset that has a battery and requires periodic recharging. With that in mind, here's what you need to know about the battery that comes with the Evolve2 65.

  • Talk time - up to 35 hours
  • Music time - up to 37 hours
  • Full charge - 90 minutes
  • Recharge progress - 40% after 30 minutes, 80% after 60 minutes

As UC headsets go, the battery power in the Jabra Evolve2 65 is significant. If you're shopping around for a new headset, you'll find that most headset batteries don't offer this much life. 

Something else you won't find in every other headset is you can continue using the Evolve2 65 as a wired headset when recharging the battery. That means zero downtime, and zero waiting for a battery to recharge. 

Woman wearing a Jabra Evolve2 65 headset in an office, with the battery specifications imprinted on the image

You can talk more, you can listen more, and you can recharge less. That adds up to convenience, and a better headset value.


There are several different ways to configure a Jabra Evolve2 65 headset. Based on your needs, and how you'd like to use the Evolve2 65, chances are good that one of these variants will work great for you.

Wearing options Mono single ear, or  duo double ear
Interoperability Microsoft Teams or UC version
USB Adapter options USB-A or USB-C
Charging/docking Optional charging stand or USB-C charging


Compatibility & Certifications

UC-certified means UC-satisfied

If your UC platform of choice is Microsoft Teams, the Teams-certified variant is perfectly adapted and optimized to give you the best experience with the platform. This includes launching a Teams meeting right from the headset, as well as answer calls remotely and mute calls  So if Teams is what you use, make sure to select the Teams variant when placing your order.

If you use a variety of UC programs, like RingCentral, Dialpad, WebEx, Zoom and others, then the UC version would be ideal.


As I mentioned earlier, the Evolve2 65 works with all the leading UC applications such as Team's, Microsoft Teams Open Office requirements, Alcatel-Lucent, Amazon Chime, Cisco, Google Meet, Mitel, Unify, and Zoom. You can use the Evolve2 65 with any of the software applications you use for your voice and video calls.

Tec Specs

Box Contents Headset, desk stand (SKU dependent) Jabra Link 380 BT adapter, 1.2m/3.9ft USB-C to USB-A cable, soft pouch, warranty and warning (safety leaflets)
Headset dimensions Stereo 186x157x60.5mm/7.32x6.18x2.38in Mono 150x157x60.5mm/5.9x6.18x2.38in
Headset weight Stereo 176.4g/6.22oz Mono 99.2g/3.49oz
Warranty 2 years
Battery Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Battery performance
Music time Up to 37hrs
Talk time Up to 35hrs (with busylight off)/Up to 24hrs (with busylight on)
Recharge time Up to 90 minutes
Battery status % after 30 min / 60 min 40% after 30 min and 80% after 60 min
Battery power consumption 5V/500mA
Audio over USB Yes, you can use the headset when recharging the battery. No waiting to use.
Connectivity & wireless range
Connects to desktop / laptops and mobile devices
Connection type USB-A/USB-C Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth
Certifications Certified for Microsoft Teams. Meets Microsoft Teams Open Office requirements.* Certified for Alcatel-Lucent, Amazon Chime, Cisco, Google Meet, Mitel, Unify, Zoom. Works with all other leading UC platforms.
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth version v5.0
Bluetooth profiles HSP v1.2 , HFP v1.7, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, PBAP v1.1, SPP v1.2
Bluetooth pairing list Up to 8 devices
Simultaneous Bluetooth connections 2
Wireless range Up to 30m/Up to 100ft
Microphone 3 digital MEMS
Noise cancelling microphone Yes
Raise microphone boom to mute Yes
Wired or wireless use Yes, Bluetooth & audio over USB
Noise-isolating design Yes, unique earcup design, and sound absorbing materials
Voice Assistant Yes. Quickly access your voice assistant with just the touch of a button
Software Integration Additional features available via Jabra Sound+ app, Jabra Xpress and Jabra Direct
Speakers Powerful 40mm speakers deliver richer sound for a more immersive audio experience
Hearing protection Yes. Jabra SafeTone for hearing safeguards
Use features
Busylight Yes. 360° busylight on both earcups is visible from all angles, acting as a do-not-disturb sign and protecting your focus
Boom arm mute and answer call Answer/reject calls; increase/decrease speaker volume; mute
Optional chargiing stand Easy charging and docking with the optional charging stand
UC and MS variants Choose from UC or Microsoft Teams variants
Wearing styles Available in stereo and mono variants
USB options USB-A or USB-C connectivity choices



Q: Can I use the Jabra Evolve2 65 with my smartphone and tablet?

A: Yes.  The  Evolve2 65 connects to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.  When your phone or tablet is in the search mode, and the headset is in pairing mode, the phone or tablet will recognize the Evolve2 65. Select that from the connection choices, and you're all set.

Q: Does the Jabra Evolve2 65 come with Active Noise Cancellation?

A:  No. This is one of the few features not found on the Evolve2 65. To get this feature, you'll need to look at other models such as the Evolve2 65 Flex, Evolve2 55, 75 and 85 for example.

Q: Does it work with Mac and PC?

A: Yes. The Evolve2 65 is compatible with both

Q: Does the Jabra Evolve2 65 have a noise canceling microphone?

A: Yes. It comes with 3 digital MEMS noise canceling microphones that are designed to make you sound professional on your calls while reducing unwanted background noise.

Q: How much does the Evolve2 65 single, and double ear headsets weigh?

A: The stereo model weighs 6.22 ounces, and the mono model weighs just 3.49 ounces which makes both very lightweight and comfortable.

Q: What's the main difference between the Jabra Evolve2 65, and the 75?

A: One of the biggest differences is the Jabra Evolve2 75 comes with Active Noise Cancellation, where the 65 doesn't offer that. 

Q: Who is the Jabra Evolve2 65 designed for?

A: Hybrid workers among others. Anyone can benefit from using a Jabra Evolve2 65, but in particular, those that actively work in different places, like offices, at home, or on the go.

Q: Does it have a 3.5 mm jack?

A: No. Evolve headsets that include a 3.5mm jack are: Evolve2 85, Evolve 80, Evolve 40 and Evolve 30.

Q: What are the benefits of Evolve2 models that are certified for Microsoft Teams?

A: There are a host of benefits in using an Evolve2 65 that's designed for use with Microsoft Teams. Among them include being able to answer calls away from the desk, launching a teams call, muting the call, as well as functions relating to voicemail, missed calls, and pre-join, join calls and more.

Q: Does the Evolve2 65 have a professional sounding microphone?

A: Absolutely. Watch the Headset Advisor review video that includes a sound test, and you'll appreciate how good it sounds. Jabra designed the Evolve2 65 to give you professional sound quality, and it delivers on that.

Q: Does the headset come with a charging stand?

A: No. A stand that allows you to dock, and charge the headset is available, but it's  an option. Without the stand, you'd recharge the headset battery via the included USB-C charge cable. As a footnote, you can use the headset when plugged in for a recharge, which many other headsets cannot. No waiting for the battery to recharge.

Q: How do I charge the headset?

A: That depends which version you ordered. If you ordered your headset with the optional charging stand, simply dock the headset into the stand, and the battery will be recharged. If you didn't order the stand, you'd recharge the battery through the USB-C charging cable which is included. 

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: That depends on a few things such as whether you're listening to music, or talking on a call. It also depends on whether the busy light is illuminated or not. But assuming the busylight is off, you can expect to receive up to 37 hours of listening time, and up to 35 hours of talk time, with a recharge time of 90 minutes.

Q: What is the wireless range from my computer/mobile device?

A: Every environment is different because each has different obstacles. Some have more walls, some less. Some walls are made from brick, or concrete, while others are made of  glass, or sheetrock. So depending on your specific environment, you should expect to receive "up to" 100 feet | 30 meters. To be safe, you may want  to reduce this by half.

Q: Does the headset come with the Bluetooth adapter?

A: Yes. It comes with the Jabra Link 380 Bluetooth Adapter, or dongle as some call it. USB adapters give you many advantages over connecting via Bluetooth. Longer wireless range, a more steady, stable signal, better audio quality.

Q: Does it work with Microsoft Teams and Zoom?

A: Yes. You can get the Evolve2 65 in two versions;  UC,  which is Zoom certified, and Teams which is certified for use with Microsoft Teams. Besides these UC applications, you can use the Evolve2 65 with all  the voice and video applications in use today.

Q: Can I connect my headset using both USB-A and USB-C?

A: Yes. You have the choice when ordering between a USB-A, and USB-C adapter. So, depending on the type of adapter used with your computer, you'd order that version.



Jabra Evolve2 65 Mono Datasheet 

Jabra Evolve2 65 Mono Setup

Jabra Evolve2 65 Mono Manual


Jabra Evolve2 65 VS Jabra Evolve 65 In Depth Review + Mic Test

Jabra Evolve2 65 -In-Depth Review With Mic & Wireless Range Test!

How to Adjust Advanced Settings on The New Jabra Evolve2 65 Wireless Headset With Jabra Direct



 Jabra Evolve2 65 Charging Stand USB-C - Black | 14207-63

Jabra Evolve2 USB Cable USB-A to USB-C - Black | 14208-31

Jabra Evolve2 USB Cable USB-C to USB-C - Black | 14208-32

Jabra Evolve2 65 Pouch | 14301-48

Jabra Evolve2 40/65 Ear Cushions - Black | 14101-77

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christina Owens (Willmar, US)
Pretty Comfortable

So far so good! Comfortable on the ears, easy to use, easy to connect. I'm not used to wearing a headset, so I have nothing to compare it to. I have long hair, so it can be a pain if I have to throw the headset on or off in a hurry, but that's a me problem, not a headset problem. I often times have to give divided attention to an in person client and someone on the phone, so the one ear open is perfect, as is the ability to mute myself by simply putting the microphone up.

Hi Christina, we're glad to hear you're enjoying the benefits of your new headset! Let us know if we can ever assist in the future.

Marney Milsten (Saint Paul, US)
Perfect fit for what I was looking for

I've been using it for about a month. It's meeting my needs and expectations.

I'm in webex meetings for my job most of my day. I wanted something comfortable that I could use for work, but that also satisfied my desire for a headset for personal life. I needed something over ear and I really prefer to keep one ear open to the world around me.

Sound quality is good. Mic is good. I get a little ear strain from wearing he headset all day, but frankly I expected that. I got the webex enhanced and I like that it interfaces so nicely with the controls in webex reflecting when I'm muted or not in the meeting. I find it delightful that I can control whatever phone music app is open on my phone from the headset. Plus I can answer the phone by touching a button or putting the mic down. Delightful.

I like that the bluetooth is active for two devices which makes switching from work to play easy. I haven't had to switch back and forth between the two and the couple of times I did I kind a flubbed it, but I haven't explored much to see if it's user error or complicated interface.

The range in my apartment is acceptable. I can be about two rooms away from it. My apartment is long and thin and has a lot of brick. It does get pretty crabby if I get too far away from the computer. That's not a deal breaker for me though.

All in all I love it, and for how much I use the thing, and how desperate I am to have my hands free and be able to walk about it's great. I love it!

hien truong (Fort Sill, US)

Jabra Evolve2 65 Mono Wireless Bluetooth Headset - Black

Mark Owens (Las Vegas, US)
Quality headset

I am very happy with my Jabra Evolve2 65 headset. call quality is great, comfortable to wear, the battery life is good and the noise canceling is great. Definitely would recommend these, especially for those on the go for work. They work seamlessly with Zoom.

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