Orosound Tilde Pro Premium Bluetooth Headset with ANC and Excellent Noise Cancelling Microphone

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TILDE® PRO’s unique design brings together elegance and customization. The patented selective noise-cancelling technology offers noise-free communication and a better focus to professionals, no matter how loud the environment is. 

Designed and made in France, the premium headset proposes a unique modular design with interchangeable on-ear or over-ear pads and a detachable boom-microphone.


Orosound Tilde Pro Modular Design for Noise Cancelling Microphone and Ear Cushions


With a detachable boom-microphone and interchangeable on-ear or over-ear pads, TILDE® PRO is the only office headset with a modular design. The four possible configurations allow each user to choose the design that perfectly fits his needs. The replaceable pieces make the product part of a sustainable approach, for a better cost in the long run.


Orosound Tilde Pro Noise Cancelling Headset


Enjoy the most natural noise reduction while you choose how much noise you want to let in. Reduce noise up to -30dB to eliminate distractions and display the “concentration light” on the headphones.


Orosound Tilde Pro Voice First Technology


TILDE® PRO headphones integrates TILDE® VOICE FIRST technology whose unique signal processing algorithm separates voice from noise.

With a simple press, start a face-to-face discussion while ambient noise is turned down. Finally enjoy headphones that lets you connect to your surroundings whenever you need to.



TILDE® PRO has a detachable boom-microphone in option to ensure crystal clears calls, no matter how loud your office is. Ongoing calls are notified by a red “busy light” to avoid being interrupted at work.

The conversation is totally noise-free and confidential for both the user and the conversation partners.



Wired or wireless connections are available on TILDE® office headphones. TILDE® PRO connects to all work equipment with Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C:

  • Computers and laptops: Mac, Windows…
  • Smartphones and tablet computers: iOS, Android…
  • Landline phones*
  • Softphones

Technical Specs

  • Designed & Manufactured in France
  • Battery life: 28 Hours
  • HD Music
  • Microphone type: 6 noise-canceling microphones
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless Range: 60 Feet
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) - 4 microphones for noise reduction to speakers
  • Patented magnetic removable microphone boom
  • 3 Busy lights built-in: 1 on left speaker, 1 on right speaker, 1 on mic boom
  • Modular ear cushions, upgrade, change, or replace ear cushions from on-ear to over-the-ear cushions
  • Use as wired headset with USB-C to USB-A cable


Download Orosound Link Computer Software to Update/Adjust Tilde Pro (Windows)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Natasha Collins (Wilmington, US)
look nice

They are nice looking

Amanda G (Newark, US)
Highly recommended

Easy to use, comfortable, and highly effective at cancelling noise in a very loud environment.

O.C. (Dublin, US)
Bought two... really heavy and small. Tech is great but really uncomfortable

I purchased two. One I have on hand and the other is on its way. I spent a lot of time researching a potential switch for our teams in the office. So I purchased these two for us at home to test. Tech is good, and even better if you combined it with krisp. So built is great, tech is great, everything was pointing to a great headset. Here is the issue, they are really heavy and uncomfortable to wear especially if you have hair, or your head is bigger. I keep finding myself pushing them down to accommodate the headset the right way in my head. :-( If you are not worried about weight and size, they really are well built. I don't think this is a headset you can wear for a long time... either on the C-Plus or S-Plus... and it is unfortunate...

Michelle Keenan (Charlotte, US)
Pro C Plus - game changer for my shared home office invasion

Up until a couple months ago I was using the Plantronics - Voyager Focus UC with Charge Stand (Poly) - Bluetooth Dual-Ear (Stereo) Headset with Boom Mic - USB-A PC/Mac Compatible - Active Noise Canceling before they broke.

After using my Orosound Pro C Plus, Tilde Pro Premium Bluetooth Headset with ANC and Excellent Noise Cancelling Microphone, with Over the Ear Cushions for the past month with my Android phone, desktop, and my Amazon Fire Stick, I can say that this is a high-quality product through and through.

When I opened my headset, I was impressed right out of the bag! The attention to details sets them apart from other headset aesthetics. There is a denim like material on the headband, and on the outside of the over the ear cushions, and the over the ear cushions have a rectangular shape that is also unique.

Compared to my Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Headset, the construction of the Orosound Pro C Plus is much more solid, simplistic, and versatile. There are no exposed wires, the headband is a solid, soft material that is comfortable to wear for hours. I chose the over the ear cushions and they, too, are very comfortable on my ears. I wear glasses and have multiple ear piercings with no discomfort. Plus, the ear cushions are easily removed if they need replacing, or if you just want to switch the ear cushion style. Last, the microphone boom is easily removed, and reattached, once the Orosound branded plug protecting the magnetic prongs, has been removed. I did find removing that plug a challenge, but I have very limited hand function.

Performance wise, the Orosound Pro C Plus has enhanced my home office experience significantly. Before the pandemic, I was home alone with the office to myself. For the past 18 months I have been sharing that space with my fiancé, and it has been a challenge to work around each other’s schedule so as not to disturb our perspective client calls, webinars, meetings, and all other aspects of daily living that makes background noise. That problem has been solved!

The ANC on this headset is stellar and does not affect the quality of sound that my clients hear. This was a problem with my Voyager Focus UC headset, for what little ANC it offered, it couldn’t be used on client calls. I am also happy to report that it significantly reduces the booming voice of my fiancé and his father when they’re speaking on the phone! That is no easy feat, and yet I can put my headset on and not have to be involved in their conversation. I would liken the sound level to the blender test. It is as good as it performed in all the Headset Advisor reviews and demos on their YouTube channel.

The removable, magnetic Noise Cancelling Microphone performs just as flawless. I tend to speak softly, and the microphone has no trouble picking it up and broadcasting it clearly, without any “static” noises that can happen when you move around or touch the mic.

My only criticism of the Orosound Tilde Pro Premium is with the function buttons because they are all so small. As I stated above, I have very limited hand movement so to turn the volume up, or down I must take the headset off. Likewise, I find all the short and long taps to be difficult when they need to be performed, particularly when trying to find out the battery charge. This a problem for a limited group of people – not a deal breaker – but a consideration for the next generation of the headsets. Bigger buttons.

Hi Michelle, thanks for the awesome review and you're looking sharp with your new Tilde Pro on!!

Chun Kit Wong (Central, HK)
Good overall but not definitely not perfect

Have used for 1+ week to listen music and taking calls. My comments:

- Good voice quality, both yourself and your audiences can hear very clearly
- Good noise cancellation, even without ANC, the passive noise cancellation is good in compare with many other headsets
- Detachable boom mic

- I found problem in Mac when using with Teams, can't put the headphone on mute with the button, guess it may be fixed in future with firmware upgrade or Mac specific driver.
- No Mac utility nor iOS/Android apps for configuration, i.e. you need Windows machine for firmware upgrade.
- A bit too tight so it is not very comfortable to wear for too long.
- Music quality still can't match those wireless headphones with best audio quality (such as Sony). So, if you plan to buy one headphone which can have best audio performance as well as call quality, then you may be upset.

At this price, i do expect more.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! This will only help the Tilde Pro to be even better in the future.

AJN (Hedgesville, US)
Tilde Pro - Pretty Darn Good

Having used several headsets, from various makers, over my 10 years of progressive online meeting and teaching work, the TildePro is the best I've used yet. In fact, whilst not quite as ear-comfortable and lightweight as comparable Bose products, the noise cancelling is superior with Tilde Pro.

The versatility for "corded" or "cordless" - "top" or "over ear" audio is a big plus for me.

One current snag: Garage Band is not acknowledging my headset as an input - TildePro shows up in the menu as present in the Garage Band input monitor...but when I try to record suddenly the program registers "no input." Other than that (which I hope I can solve somehow) Orosound Tilde Pro is terrific.

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