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The Poly HW520V is a quality product that's comfortable, sounds great, value priced and built better than headsets that cost more.

Not everyone likes a headset that has a bulky microphone. In the case of the HW520V, the look is contemporary, and the microphone is slim, clear and discreet. Being made using the finest materials such as airplane grade aluminum, the HW520V is a headset that you'll be pleased to own.

Comfort comes standard as does the HD sound quality. If you're using an HD / Wideband phone, the HW520V continues the rich sound right through the headset. Not all headsets support HD sound, but you don't pay more for this with the HW520V. If you work in an office that has distracting background noise, the HW520V can help you to focus better because both ears are covered.

Background conversations or other noises can interrupt your concentration. With speakers for both ears and cushions to help seal out room noise, the HW520V can help make talking on the phone a more pleasant and even profitable experience. If your work environment has a lot of noise, have a look at the HW520 model because it has a noise canceling microphone which removes unwanted background noise. The HW520V has a Voice Tube which doesn't eliminate this noise.

We offer you choices for your specific type of work environment. Both are guaranteed to perform flawlessly when matched to the right office condition. Don't worry about compatibility either. The HW520V can connect to a lower cord for direct connection to your headset ready phone.

Even if your phone doesn't have a dedicated headset port, the HW520V can easily plug into a headset adapter for connection to your phone. What about using the HW520V with a Softphone? Piece of cake. Simply plug the HW520V connector to a QD to USB adapter and you're off and running.

So, if you're looking for a reasonably priced, high quality, comfortable, great sounding double ear wired headset, look no further than the Poly EncorePro HW520V. This headset is backed by a full 2-year Headset Advisor advance replacement warranty.

1-year on our popular refurbished model. Both include free lifetime product support. Look to Headset Advisor for all your office headset needs. We're here to help!

Technical Specs

  • Connects to - PC or desk phone with Poly audio processors or cables
  • Ideal for - Telephone-intensive users, including formal customer care centers, and customer service organizations
  • Audio Performance - Wideband audio (up to 6,800 Hz), noise canceling microphone
  • Hearing Protection - SoundGuard technology, acoustic limiting for protection against sounds above 118 dBA
  • MPN - 89436-01
  • UPC - 017229144767


Plantronics EncorePro HW520VT Datasheet

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