Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC Wireless Headset With ANC

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  • Seamless connectivity to mobile phone + computer with the included BT700 USB dongle for improved audio quality, connectivity and wireless range.
  • Crystal clear calls with Acoustic Fence Technology, HD voice and adjustable ANC to hear and be heard on calls without the distracting noise.
  • Extended battery talk time up to 25  hours on a single charge with ANC and online indicator off, and you can use the headset as a corded option in USB mode. Please see tech specs below for all talk times.
  • 2 year limited warranty for peace of mind

In the work from anywhere landscape, sound quality, comfort and noise cancellation is extremely important to do our work better.

The Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 delivers exactly in all three areas. You'll be able to seamlessly connect with your mobile phones and computer apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Cisco, Avaya and many others.

Acoustic Fence Technology and Digital Hybrid ANC allows you to reduce unwanted background noise for you and the caller. For example, if you're working at a coffee shop you may want the ANC at high. When you're working in a quiet environment, you can easily turn ANC off. 

The Voyager Focus UC 2 is considered a smart headset because you get unique features like Dynamic Mute Alert which lets you know if you're speaking while on mute, an online indicator flashes red on the outside of the speaker to let others know not to disturb. Also, you can simply place the microphone towards the top of your head and it will mute the headset for a great user experience.

Lastly, you're covered with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

Technical Specs

  • Bluetooth 5.1 (Class 1)
  • Connectivity PC (BT700 USB Dongle) & Mobile Devices (Bluetooth)
  • Wireless Range - 164ft
  • Use as wired headset (If needed)
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) 3 levels off, mid, high to focus on calls or work
  • Noise cancelling microphone with Acoustic Fence technology so your voice can be heard clearly.
  • Headset weight - 6.1oz lightweight for all-day comfort
  • Talk time:
    - Up to 25 hours (ANC and online
    indicator off)
    - Up to 20 hours (ANC on and online
    indicator off)
    - Up to 18 hours (ANC off and online
    indicator on, default setting)
    - Up to 16 hours (ANC on and online
    indicator on, default setting)
    • Listening Time:
    - Up to 40 hours (ANC off)
    - Up to 24 hours (ANC on)
    • Charge time: 2 hours for a full charge
    • Standby time: up to 30 days
  • Warranty - 2-years


    Poly Voyager Focus 2 Manual

    Download Voyager Focus UC 2 Data Sheet

    Poly Voyager Focus 2 (Voyager Series Comparison)



    NEW Poly Voyager Focus 2 UC In-Depth Review - LIVE MIC + SPEAKER + RANGE TEST!


    • UC - USB-A - No Stand - MPN: 213726-01 UPC: 0017229166721
    • UC - USB-C - No Stand - MPN: 214432-01 UPC: 0017229171855
    • UC - USB-A - Stand - MPN: 213727-01 UPC: 0017229166738
    • UC - USB-C - Stand - MPN: 214433-01 UPC: 0017229171879
    • Teams - USB-A - No Stand - MPN: 213726-02 UPC: 0017229171787
    • Teams - USB-C - No Stand - MPN: 214432-02 UPC: 0017229171862
    • Teams - USB-A - Stand - MPN: 213727-02 UPC: 0017229171794
    • Teams - USB-C - Stand - MPN: 214433-02 UPC: 0017229171886


    • UC - No specific software pre-installed (will work on any software)
    • Teams - Teams software pre-installed so no additional downloads required

    USB Type

    • USB-A - The included BT700 USB dongle will be a USB-A connection
    • USB-C - The included BT700 USB dongle will have a USB-C connection

    Charging Stand

    • Yes - Will include a charging stand giving you a convenient way to charge and store your headset. Connects to a USB outlet or PC (Charges headset only)
    • No - No charging stand included. Will be charged via micro USB cable that is included.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Wu Zheng (Toronto, CA)
    A fabulous headset!

    It is super comfortable to wear the headset for a long time. I use it for all-day meetings. I did not notice any flaws so far. The testing voice recordings in Teams were lucid and clear, especially when I enabled the noises canceling feature in Teams. The microphone does an excellent job. Others could not hear the background noise when I was close to the main street in a busy morning.

    I compared this headset with Bose QC45 for music. I didn't notice a difference.

    The only thing is that the so called “noise canceling” feature is weak. It only isolates about 20% - 30% of the environmental noise. I guess the reason is probably because you cannot hear yourself if it is too powerful.

    Timothy Williams (Philadelphia, US)
    Quality Audio and Battery Life

    I replaced an older Plantronics, wireless over-the-ear headset that did not have noise cancellation with this new Voyager Focus 2.

    After using this headset daily for two-weeks, I have been impressed with sound quality and others have remarked about the quality of the transmitted sound.

    The battery life is terrific. There have been days where I have used the headset for 9 hours of meetings and listening to podcasts and the battery level remains "High."

    Hi Timothy, glad to hear you're liking the new headset! Let us know if we can assist in the future.

    David Aragon (Elk Grove, US)
    Glad to purchase from a local business.

    Happy to purchase from a local business. Even if it was drop shipped. Thanks from Elk Grove and will recommend others!

    Hi David, thank you for supporting local business and let us know if we can ever help in the future.

    A.M. (Portland, US)
    Just what I was looking for

    Initially purchased a different brand that had technical issues with the noise cancelling mic. Spoke to one of Headset Advisors customer service agents who was very helpful and ultimately facilitated an exchange for the Poly Voyager 2 UC. This headset is not only free of the technical problems I was experiencing, but it is much more comfortable to wear with my glasses. Background noise cancellation with the mic works well. Very happy with the purchase.

    zylstra (Hermosa Beach, US)
    Great device switching, but microphone noise cancellation isn't as great as I expected.

    The bluetooth switches between two devices flawlessly, but the microphone noise cancellation quality isn't as great as I expected.

    A K (Berkeley, US)
    Excellent Work Headset!

    I work in an open office environment where I can hear every noise. We have loud fans, HEPA filters, background conversations, street noise, and occasionally the person next to me talking in meetings. I was using the Logitech H390 for about a year before, which is a wired headset with no noise cancelling. I consider myself to be pretty comfortable with tech but not the type that will go out and get the latest gadgets all the time.

    Overall I was very pleased with the Poly Voyager Focus 2. It arrived in a very simple cardboard box, plastic free (which I really appreciate). It worked straight out of the box having some charge in it already. The BT dongle worked flawlessly and I have not had any issues with audio connecting to both my HP laptop and my desktop at work. Connecting to my Pixel 3XL was also easy.

    The headset fits comfortably on my head, I can wear it for hours, and the wireless gives me way more freedom to move around (something I didn't know I needed!). Audio comes in clear, the auto-off and on feature when you remove then put on the headset is great. Noise cancelling general noise worked great, but not as good as an over-the-ear type. As for the cons, the weight of the headset makes it so if you need to hunch over your desk it will slide forward if not completely off. Like ALL noise cancelling headsets, it won't completely block out loud conversations and the occasional fire truck, especially since it's not fully over-ear. There is also a humming noise from the noise cancelling which, which goes away once you squish the headset closer to the ear. When I'm on Google Meet on my phone and receive a call, I will lose audio in Meet and then have to reset my settings.

    Customer service was great! I purchased this headset after discussing options with Joshua via email. I know it's cheaper on Amazon but having a real person to work with was so much more reliable. I had a bad experience with Amazon earlier trying to get a different Poly headset, which was not fun.

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