Sennheiser D10 Wireless Office Headset For Desk Phone


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Experience crystal clear audio with the lightweight Sennheiser D10 Phone convertible wearing style for a customized fit. Includes your choice of a headband and ear hook to switch between. This wireless headset is built sturdily enough to handle everyday use while the technology itself incorporates some of the latest features for headsets. 

Out of the box you'll be able to connect with 98% of corded desk phones for hands free wireless freedom up to 350 feet away from your desk.

Up to 12 hours of battery on a single charge will last most of your work day. Place the headset in the charging base at lunch or on break and you'll have easily over a full day of charge. 

Office work is more pleasant with the Sennheiser D10's noise cancelling microphone so users and customers on the other end can carry on a pleasant conversation without excess background noise. 

Finally, you're covered with a two-year advanced replacement warranty for peace of mind. That means two years of our support: if our team determines that your Sennheiser D10 is defective, we'll ship a replacement that same day and cover the shipment cost to do so.

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Great Company
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! This information will help us to improve in the future. Any wireless headset you order for a desk phone will require what's called a Handset Lifter or EHS cable in order to have the ability to answer/end calls away from the phone. Also, If you're needing long battery talk time, I'd highly recommend looking into the Discover D904, which gives you unlimited battery. It sounds like you use the headset a lot so most headsets won't be able to keep up. Please contact us and we'd be happy to find a different model that works better for you.

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