Yealink A10 Meeting Bar

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Product Features:

  • Auto Framing: Ensures everyone is captured clearly in the frame.
  • Speaker Tracking: Intelligently follows the active speaker.
  • Smart Gallery*: Tracks active speakers for inclusive collaboration.
  • Pro Voice: 8 MEMS beamforming microphones and speakers for worry-free voice experience.
  • Management Over the Air: Remotely monitor, control, and upgrade devices.

Product Description:

Introducing the MeetingBar A10: Always On Track

Experience seamless and engaging video conferences with the MeetingBar A10. Packed with advanced features, this conferencing solution ensures that you and your team stay connected and productive.

Stay in the Frame with Auto Framing: The MeetingBar A10's auto framing feature ensures that everyone is captured clearly in the frame. No more worrying about being cut off or having to adjust the camera during meetings.

Never Miss a Word with Speaker Tracking: With speaker tracking technology, the MeetingBar A10 intelligently follows the active speaker, keeping the focus on the person speaking at any given moment. This creates a dynamic and immersive meeting experience for all participants.

Enhanced Collaboration with Smart Gallery*: The MeetingBar A10's Smart Gallery feature takes remote collaboration to the next level. By automatically tracking active speakers, it ensures that everyone can be seen clearly and feels included in the discussion. Supported by Zoom*, this feature promotes inclusivity and engagement during video conferences.

Crystal-Clear Voice Quality: Say goodbye to audio distractions and enjoy a worry-free, full-duplex voice experience. The built-in 8 MEMS beamforming microphones and speakers in the MeetingBar A10 provide exceptional coverage of small spaces, ensuring that every word is heard clearly.

Background Noise? Not Anymore: Thanks to Yealink's enhanced AI noise cancellation, the MeetingBar A10 eliminates background noises that can hinder communication. Its deep-learning sound database reduces distractions such as keyboard clatter, mouse clicks, footsteps, and other ambient noises, delivering crystal-clear audio quality.

Plug-and-Share Convenience: The MeetingBar A10 makes sharing content effortless. Paired with the WPP30 presentation pod, it creates a plug-and-share experience. Simply connect the WPP30 to your laptop and share content wirelessly without the need for complex configurations. Alternatively, use device mode for quick and hassle-free sharing.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Teams: Whether you use Microsoft Teams or not, the MeetingBar A10 simplifies your meetings. Transitioning from Device Mode to Teams is seamless, ensuring compatibility with the leading video conferencing platform. Choose between Native Mode or Device Mode to meet your specific needs.

Support for Your Preferred Platforms: The Yealink MeetingBar A10 supports diverse video platform experiences. No matter which platform you prefer, you can start your meeting right away without any compatibility issues. Enjoy the flexibility to connect and collaborate effortlessly.

Effortless Device Management: Monitor, control, and upgrade your MeetingBar A10 devices remotely with the YMCS account. With this centralized management solution, you can easily manage a batch of devices at your fingertips, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance.

Experience the power of the MeetingBar A10 and elevate your video conferencing experience. Stay connected, collaborate seamlessly, and make every meeting count.

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