Yealink UH38 Wired USB Dual Speaker Headset With Bluetooth

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  • DUAL CONNECTIVITY. The Yealink UH38 has something you don’t typically find on a wired USB headset. It comes with the ability to be used with a computer through a USB connection, but it can also be used wirelessly with your mobile phone. This is a feature that’s uncommon in a wired USB headset.
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND. The Yealink UH38 gives you the professional sound you need for your important business calls. It also removes background noise far better than other brands, so your calls will be crisp, clear and noise free. And, it comes with auto switching between music mode, and calling modes.
  • EXTREME COMFORT. If you wear a headset all day, you need comfort. The UH38 comes with ear shape conforming memory foam earpads wrapped in skin friendly protein leather that’s perforated. The headset is lightweight, with rotating ear speakers, and an adjustable headband for a personalized fit.
  • BUILT-IN BUSYLIGHT. The UH38 comes with busylights built into the earpiece. It’s visible from all angles, which will alert those around you that you’re on a call. The Yealink UH38 busylight helps to minimize interruptions which allows you to stay focused, and be more productive during your day.
  • 2 WAYS TO MUTE. An essential feature of any headset is the ability to mute the microphone when needed. The Yealink UH38 gives you two convenient ways to do this. Getting on a call, or manually turning it on through the buttons on the inline controller. When silence is needed, you’re covered.


One headset, USB and Bluetooth connectivity

darkened image of Yealink UH38 wired usb headset

Want to learn more? Watch our UH38 review video

What's in the box?

Most people have a curiosity to know what comes in the box when they order something. Knowing what you get helps you to set the expectation, so  when it arrives, you're not surprised, or disappointed.

So when you order a Yealink  UH38 wired USB headset, what do you get?

Yealink UH38 graphic that shows what comes in the box when you order this headset

If you ordered the mono headset rather than the stereo model shown above, you'd naturally receive a single ear headset iin the package. Otherwise, this is what you can expect to receive.

Wearing styles

You can choose from a single ear UH38 wired USB headset, or a stereo, double ear model. 

image of a mono and duo yealink UH38 wired usb headset

Some people prefer a double ear headset to help filter, or dampen room noise so they aren't distracted. Others prefer a single ear model so they can hear their surroundings. Either way, you have the choice.

What the Yealink UH38 connects to 

This is one of the most unique aspects of the Yealink UH38 wired USB headset. Typically when you buy a wired USB headset, it plugs into a USB port on a computer. The UH38 does that too, but it also connects wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth.

Woman wearing a yealink  UH38 headset working at an office desk

If you need a headset for your softphone voice calls, the Yealink UH38 has you covered. If you have a video call scheduled, and you want to sound great on the call, the UH38 has you covered there too.  And if you want the versatility to switch between computer use, and mobile, the Yealink UH38 keeps you connected across multiple devices.

darkened image of a woman wearing a yealink UH38 wired USB headset with text that talks about connectivity flexibility

A quick look at the headset features

Here's a quick snapshot of the features you'll find on the Yealink UH38 wired USB headset.

a highlight of the yealink UH38 features, and two embedded lifestyle pictures of a man and a woman wearing the headset

As you can see, the Yealink UH38 wired USB headset has an impressive group of features with the most notable being the integrated Bluetooth. It's rare to have a wired USB headset that offers wireless connectivity to mobile devices, but that's what the UH38 offers. 

Sound quality

If you're considering the Yealiink UH38 for use on your business calls, you want it to sound good because sounding professiional is a must.

If you watch our review video above, you'll see that we did a sound test of the UH38, and it performed well. In particular, it did a great job at removing distracting background  noises, which is important to know if you work from home, or in an office with noisy coworkers. 

The Yealink UH38 wired USB headset comes with a pair of noise canceling microphones, and the patented Acousic Shield noise cancelling technology. Together they give you the professional sound you need.

man sitting at a desk in an open office area with coworkers, wearing a yealink  uh38 wired usb headset

2 ways to mute your calls

We all need to pause our conversations now and then. Maybe it's to take a quick bathroom break, grab a cup of cofee, or have a quick side conversation.  Whatever takes you momentarily away from your call requires you to mute the headset microphone.

The Yealink UH38 wired USB headset gives you two convenient ways to do that.

First, you can access the mute button on the inline controller as shown below.

Yealink UH38 inline controller that shows where to mute the microphone

The second, very convenient way to turn off your microphone is to raise the mic boom arm.

image of a yealink UH38 wired USB headset showing the microphone boom arm being raised to mute the microphone

Either way, you'll find muting the microphone to be quick, and easy.

Eliminate interruptions, and get more done 

image of yealink uh38 wired usb headset that talks about the busylight feature to help reduce interruptions

Interruptions are common for those who wear a headset. It's hard to know if someone is on a call or not. Even if they're not talking, that doesn't mean they're free, and not on a live call as they could be listening to the caller. Interruptions can cause you to be less efficient which can slow you down, and result in lower quality work.

One feature that's found on the Yealink UH38 that helps to cut down on interruptions is the integrated busylights. These lights are positioned so they can be seen from all angles. Fewer interruptions means you'll stay focused, and get more done.

2 ways to light up the lights

When using the Yealink UH38 wired USB headset, you have two ways to activate the busylights.

By going live on a call

image of the yearlink uh38 wired usb headset and text that talks about activating the busylight by getting on a live call

So when you get on a  live call, the busylights illuminate to let those around you know you're on a call, and not to interrupt.

Here's another way to turn on the busylight.

Manually through the inline controller

picture of the yealink uh38 wired usb headset with text that talks about activating the busylight through the buttons on the inline controller

Everybody needs comfort

When you wear a headset all day long, the last thing you need is discomfort during the day. Most jobs are challenging enough without adding headset pain to the list.

Wearing a Yealink UH38 gives you the kind of comfort you look for in a business headset.

woman wearing a yealink uh 38 headset with text that reads comfort you can feel

Ear cushions you'll appreciate

The ear cushions are soft against the ear with memory foam padding to conform to the shape of your ears. Memory foam also helps to absorb sound so as a bonus, you get passive noise reduction.

The foam is wrapped in a protein leather material that's perforated so you can hear better.

yealink uh 38 wired usb headset ear cushion close up view
exploded view of the yealink uh 38 ear cushion showing the foam, and leather cover

Adjustable headband for a perfect fit

The headband is nicely padded and wrapped in a skin friendly material.  And the headband is adjustable so you can find the fit that's right for you. When you adjust the headband, it isn't like what you find on cheap headsets that have a click sounding, plastic ratcheting adjustment. The UH38 has a high-end looking metal assembly that has a quality feel when adjusting it.

picture of  the yealink UH38 wired usb headset with text that says finally a headband that fits

So if comfort is high on your list of must haves, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Yealink UH38 wired USB dual connection headset. You may be surprised how comfortable this headset really is.

image of the yealink UH38 with text that says comfort that will exceed your expectations

What the buttons on the inline controller do

It's always good to know where the buttons on a headset are located, and what each of them do. 

The image below helps to identify each button on the UH38, and unlike the Yealink UH37, which has buttons on the earpiece, UH38 buttons are only located on the inline controller. Have a look, and contact us at Headset Advisor if you have any questions.

image of the yealink uh38 inlinie controller with a legend of what each button does

Software makes the hardware

When using a device, it's nice when it can do more than what it does right out of  the box. 

Yealink offers a free software download called Yealink USB Connect. This software helps you to get more performance out of your Yealink devices. Whether that's  updating to the latest firmware release, adjusting audio preferences, ringtones, mute alerts and more, you simply get more access to more features when you use Yealiink's USB Connect

image of a laptop with text that promotes yealink USB connect software download

Expect more, pay less

When you buy Yealink products, you get a great value for the money. Yealink is known to provide professional grade, feature rich products, and highly competitive prices. The Yealink UH38 adheres to this same value offering.
Man sitting at a computer in an open office area wearing a yealink UH38 headset, with text that summarizes benefits of the headset

Buy your UH38 from a company that gives you more

Anyone can sell you a product, but not everyone can back it up with high level support. Headset Advisor was founded on the principle of providing the best customer service experience, and that's what we've been delivering for the past 30 years.

Don't settle for second rate service when a better option is available to you. Let our Advisors, and support team give you the service you deserve.

man wearing a headset promoting Headset Advisor service supportYealink UH 38 Technical Specifications

Headset cable length: 0.8 m (from headset to call control unit)
USB cable length: 1.2 m (from call control unit to USB plug)
Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows® 8/8.1/10, Apple Mac OS
Color:  Black
Weight (headset): UH38 Mono: 110 g /3.8 ounces - UH38 Dual: 180 g/6/3 ounces
Weight (headset and wire-control): UH38 Mono: 133.5 g /4.7 ounces -  UH38 Dual: 210 g/7.4 ounces
Main features
USB connectivity to Yealink IP phones
HD Voice/Wideband speaker performance
Noise-canceling microphone and passive noise cancellation
ActiveProtection technology safeguards users from acoustic injury
Integrated LED indicator and warning tone
320° bendable boom arm for easy adjustment without breaking
Optional connections for UH38: USB 2.0, Bluetooth 5.1
Talk time: up to 7 hours (9 hours with busylight off)
Music time: 14 hoursBattery capacity: 200 mAh
Microphone type: Uni-Directional ECM
Microphone frequency response range: 100 Hz-14 kHz
Microphone bandwidth: Wideband
Microphone Sensitivity: -44.0 dB re. 1 V/Pa
Speaker size: 35.0 mm
Speaker sensitivity: 115±3 dB SPL @ 1 kHz
Speaker frequency response range: 20 Hz-20 kHz
Speaker impedance: 32 Ω, @ 1.0 kHz
Speaker input power: max 10 mW
Speaker bandwidth: Wideband
Call Management Buttons
Answer/End/Reject/Hold a call
Volume up/down
Microphone mute
Redial last outgoing call

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Singer (Winter Garden, US)
UH38 Wired USB Headset

I ordered for a user to try. Headset is working very well. Passive noise cancelling blocks unwanted background noise and the noise cancelling MIC works great. Using the headset via bluetooth with laptop and mobile and using the USB wire for charging.

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