Yealink WH63 Portable: Wireless Freedom for Busy Professionals

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About this item

  • 4 DIFFERENT WEARING STYLES. The Yealink WH63 Portable comes with an earpiece and eartips that give you two ways to wear it. But for those wanting a different style, you can also get an optional headband, or behind the neck band, and switch between them all whenever you like.
  • NOISE CANCELING MICS. The Yealink WH63 Portable is equipped with two noise canceling microphones, and Acoustic Shield noise canceling technology. That means you’ll sound loud, clear and professional on all your voice and video meetings, even when there’s noise going on around you.
  • DECT TECHNOLOGY. DECT is known to provide longer range, and a more stable connection compared to Bluetooth. The Yealink WH63 Portable offers the benefits of DECT including up to 492 feet of wireless range. Better connection, longer range means a more satisfying experience.
  • ALL DAY BATTERY. No need to worry about having enough battery strength to get you through the day. The Yealink WH63 Portable delivers up to 8 hours of talk time. That’s enough to get anyone through the busiest of days. A recharge takes 2.5 hours, and you get up to 54 hours of standby time.
  • YEALINK USB CONNECT. Whenever you need to update the WH63 Portable’s firmware, there’s Yealink USB Connect software available to make the task easy. You can also make customized adjustments to help make the headset tailored to your individual preferences. Free download available.


The Yealink WH63 Portable, is a wireless DECT headset designed for flexibility, comfort, professional sound quality, and seamless connectivity, all without the need for a charging base or desk phone cables thanks to the included USB-A adapter.

Whether you work in an office, at home, or on the go, the Yealink WH63 Portable is a headset that will keep you in touch with colleagues and customers.

Key Features:

  • Mobile Flexibility: Move freely around your office or workspace without worrying about being tethered to a desk phone or charging base. Even if your workspace is off the beaten path.

collage of images showing different work environments showcasing WH63 Portable headset flexibility
  • Crystal Clear Calls: Enjoy industry-leading audio quality with advanced noise cancellation technology that ensures your voice is always heard. Two noise canceling microphones, and Acoustic Shield noise reduction technology keeps you sounding crisp, clear and professional, even when there’s distracting noise going on around you.

profile of woman wearing Yealink WH63 Portable headset with text about microphone and noise reduction
  • DECT Wireless Technology: Experience extended wireless range and a reliable connection, even in large or complex office environments. Unlike Bluetooth headsets, the WH63 takes advantage of the longer wireless range provided by DECT technology. DECT can provide up to 4 times the wireless range of Bluetooth. The WH63 Portable is rated up to 492 feet where most Bluetooth headsets offer up to 100 feet.

  • All-Day Comfort: The Yealink WH63 Portable comes with an earhook, and earbuds for a lightweight, on/in-ear wearing experience. In fact, it only weighs .67 ounces / 19 grams. And for those who prefer a lightweight wearing alternative to the earpieces, there’s an optional headband, and even lighter weight neckband available. So no matter which style you choose, you’re guaranteed a day without discomfort.

    business woman smiling while wearing a Yealink WH63 Portable earpiece
  • Long Battery Life:  The WH63 Portable gives you plenty of battery life to take care of business. You get up to 8 hours of talk time, and up to 54 hours of standby time. A recharge takes 2.5 hours. 

  • Plug and Play Simplicity: Effortlessly connect the WH63 Portable to your existing devices with minimal setup required. The USB Adapter is pre-paired to the headset, so you just need to plug it in to your computer USB port, and charge the headset battery. After that, it’s plug and play

Yealink WH63 portable compatibility

The Yealink WH63 Portable is Ideal for:

  • Remote workers

  • Busy professionals on the go

  • Call Center Agents

  • Anyone who needs a reliable and comfortable headset for mobile communication, even those who work all day in an office. The WH63 Portable is a great solution for them.

What's Included:

  • Yealink WH63 Portable DECT Headset

  • USB-A Dongle

  • Earhook & Eartips

  • USB Charging Cable

  • Carrying Case

  • Quick Start Guide


Yealink WH63 Portable package contents

Note: Charging base and cables for desk phone connectivity are not included with the Yealink WH63 Portable.

Headband, and neckband accessories are optional. WH63 Portable comes with eartips, and earhook for on-ear wearing.


Yealink WH63 Portable datasheet

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