Shokz Opencomm UC Bone Conduction Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headset

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Product Description

  • Opencomm (mobile phone only connection) Opencomm UC (mobile phone + computer connection)
  • Bone Conduction technology keeps both ears free while still allowing you to hear your calls, meetings and music.
  • Noise canceling microphone helps reduce unwanted noise callers would otherwise hear. Noises like dogs barking, kids crying and co-workers talking around you will be reduced for better conversations in noisy environments.
  • 16 hours of battery talk time on a single charge gives you peace of mind to know your headset will last all day.
  • Multi function button and call controls allow you to adjust volume, mute/unmute, play, pause, activate voice assistant and answer incoming calls.

OpenComm UC is the first Shokz Bluetooth headset designed specifically for communication. Engineered with patented 7th generation bone conduction technology and featuring their signature open-ear design, OpenComm UC enables clear communication through the DSP noise-canceling boom microphone and helps you stay connected to your surroundings while you’re on the road, on a jobsite, or at your desk.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Joseph Maldonado (New Orleans, US)
Exceptional - clear sound and light for all day use

Absolutely love the Opencomm UC headset. Clear sound for calls. Professional look. My wife got these for my Birthday and they are just about perfect for my home office needs. I've got a 6-month-old puppy that is in my home office most days, and the noise-canceling mic has helped tremendously with the barking while on zoom calls. I love the ergonomic shape and how light it feels. The only downside is this is not a headset for hearing the entire sound spectrum vibrantly while listening to music; if you're looking for that and loud sound for songs, there are probably better options. But if you are wanting a light wireless headset you can wear all day with long battery life and crisp calls that cut out background noise, this will be your jam!

Zachary (Chicago, US)
Best video call

I bought the UC edition. This is the best headset I have ever seen for video calls. Great microphone, reliable connection, fairly simple setup (just have to plug and play), and it is very comfortable for extended periods of time.

Only downside is music audio quality is poor through the USB adapter. The USB adapter really does a good job at making sure the video call has a reliable audio connection.bThough if you connect over Bluetooth the music audio is great.

H.N. (Cypress, US)
Not so great

My first UC sent to me did not work correctly. Only sound was coming but the mic did not work. I did trouble shooting with customer service and a replacement was sent to me. The second one was flipped and the Mic worked only. I called customer service and while I was on the call it all worked. The next morning I turned on my computer for work and I was getting the same issue that required me to restart my computer. It’s been 4 days and every morning I have to unplug the dongle, plug back in, restart computer etc. I just do everything and it randomly connects. It makes me nervous to even turn it off, in fear it might now work. Very disappointed.

BOB (Hesperia, US)
Noisy and extremely dusty environment review

I haul Powdered Bulk Cement to various concrete plants. Dusty, noisy environments which requires earplugs to be worn on-site. I was constantly checking my phone for missed calls from my employer on my work phone, and personal phone calls on my phone. I finally got to use them while unloading. With earplugs in, I answered a call. I thought for sure I wouldn't hear them or they couldn't hear me over the roar of the engine powering the Blower. Not the case. I could hear them, and they could hear me. The noise canceling did an awesome job filtering out the background noise.

Hi Bob, thanks for taking the time to share your use case and feedback. This is a unique application that a lot of people in your same type of job could benefit from!

Mark (Melbourne, AU)
Great headphones!

At first I was a little sceptical of the bone conduction but needed a lightweight headset that wasn't an on-ear or in-ear offering.
I am so glad I took the plunge and gave them a try. Shokz Opencomm UC is the perfect answer to suit my 8-hour-a-day headset-wearing job.
Sound clarity is great for both sides and the noise cancelling is very effective. My ears are also thanking me as I now have no more ear pain from heavy head-squashing on-ear headphones.
My partner now wants a pair too. Highly recommended for anyone who needs an alternative to the standard headphone offerings. Give Shokz a go, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Todd Miles (Ooltewah, US)

I drive OTR and absolutely love my headset very comfortable and crystal clear

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