Discover D312U Dual Speaker USB + 3.5mm Wired Headset

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The Discover D312U is a best value wired headset for professionals.

Out of the box the D312U will work with your 3.5mm and USB devices. Simply connect the headset to your cell phone or computers without any additional software required.

The Discover D312U offers seamless connectivity to your softphone apps like Cisco, Avaya, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and many others!

If you use a mix of a softphone application and your cell phone, it's simple to switch between the two. Simply detach the cable from the USB adapter and connect the 3.5mm cord into your cell phone and you're hands free on the go. 

Lightweight for all day comfort, the headband is adjustable with pillow soft ear cushions. You'll be able to wear the D312U headset all day!

Lastly, a noise canceling microphone is going to help reduce unwanted background distractions that callers would otherwise hear.


Discover D312U Data Sheet

Discover D312U Manual



SHOWDOWN Plantronics Blackwire 3220 vs Discover D312U - LIVE MIC & SPEAKER TEST!

SHOWDOWN Jabra Evolve 40 vs Discover D312U Wired USB Headset - LIVE MIC & SPEAKER TEST!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Demetrus Gillum (Memphis, US)
Better Choice

Sound quality is excellent and the feel is really great this was a way better purchase than the Discover D714U Earbud Headset For Business Calls and Music. I believe those headset are more so for listening to music/cell phone usage not for work usage.

Ryan McCarty (Royse City, US)
Wonderful Product! Wonderful Service!

This has been a great product! I ordered it as a test product before ordering more in bulk from y'all. It has far exceeded my expectations and qualifications, which is why I just got done ordering 25 more of them and will be ordering even more still in the future through y'all. Crystal clear sound from the microphone and audio from the speakers. Y'all have been great to work with and are selling a wonderful product here. A big shout out to Cooper Johnson! He has been so absolutely helpful throughout our testing and ordering process! Thank you Cooper and the rest of the Headset Advisor team!

Samatrea Monts (Jacksonville, US)
Nice fitting headset

I entered into the headset rental. I think this was so great, because headsets suffer so much from wear and tear. Also, they are used more constantly today. Many jobs are at home, or require them. I received the headset promptly, it sits comfortably on the head and ears, and it functions well as plug and play. I do like the extension with the control box. Customers do NOT complain about background noise! The only downsides are, I'm a "righty" and the microphone hangs on the left and the customers tell me they can not hear me very well. I don't know if it is the headphones or the work platform. I don't seem to have a problem in the training class. In any case, I'm satisfied with them!

BOB Unick (Kearney, US)
Great headset so far

I use it on my ham radio. Works great, has very good audio. Very comfortable to wear. Would defiantly recommend it.

David Judice (El Dorado Hills, US)
I LOVE this headset! Great sound and comfortable to wear.

I'm really picky about headsets and I was really surprised that I like this one so much. It fits great, it light, and has a long cord so you don't feel like you are on a short leash. The sound quality is really great, the volume is good so you can hear, and every time I've used the microphone people tell me they can hear me crystal clear. I'm VERY impressed and would recommend this to anyone wanting a great over the head headset for a really good price.

Jorge (San Antonio, US)
Outstanding Performance!

Let me tell you something about this headset. At first, I was skeptical about this because I hate headset with cable but after using the D312U on many different platforms such as Microsoft teams, ZOOM Meetings, including regular video calls on my computer I have to admit that this headset is the best cable headset that I’ve ever used. I am an Army Recruiter and the COVID 19 situation pushes everybody to do new things. For us, reaching out to people over virtual meetings has become the new normal. The quality of this equipment is really good. It is very comfortable, even after long hours of use. The sound is crystal clear. The microphone is outstanding. I also, asked people at the end of the meetings if they heard me well during the conversation or if they had any issues with the background noise at my office and nobody expressed any concern about it. I will only say to be careful playing around with the microphone because it could potentially break or get damaged with time due to the usual readjusting on a day-to-day basis.bBut if you normally have everything set up the way that you like it, you won’t have any issues whatsoever.

Also, my son used it to do his online classes and attend a couple of meetings through ZOOM and he was very pleased with the performance of this device.

If you looking for a good headset that doesn’t break the bank and still provides you comfort, quality, and a great performance the Discover D312U Dual Speaker Headset is what you need. Last but not least, you have the option to connect to the USB port or use the 3.5mm Connection- Compatible with Softphone Applications and Cell Phones.

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