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  • Ai NOISE CANCELING MICROPHONE. The EPOS Impact 760 features an Ai based microphone to eliminate unwanted background noise, while helping you to sound your best. It enhances your voice audio by smoothing out the audio stream so you always sound your best.
  • INLINE CONTROLLER. No need to put to memory the location of control buttons on the headset top. That’s because the buttons are always close by on the inline controller. So when you need to adjust the volume, take a call, or mute the microphone, there’s no hunting involved.
  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT - EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE. Most headsets of a similar configuration will weigh twice as much, or more, than the EPOS Impact 730. With this headset, you’re assured of a lightweight, comfortable, all-day wearing experience. It weighs 4.0 ozs (115 grams), which is
  • SMART FEATURES INCLUDED. The Impact 760 includes some premium features such as boom arm muting (raise boom to mute/unmute), and auto answer/end simply by placing or removing the headset. These are convenience features commonly found on high-end headsets, and standard on the 760.
  • LONGER WARRANTY - LONGER PEACE OF MIND. Other headset warranties drop off after a year or two. The EPOS Impact 760 keeps going up to 3 full years, and because it does, it also keeps your peace of mind going for longer than the other guys. Longer warranties are always better.


EPOS, with its Nordic roots, has introduced a new headset well worth your time to consider if you're in the market, and looking at new headsets.

If you’re someone who needs a headset that can be worn all-day, one that sounds great, and won’t break the bank, the EPOS Impact 760 is one you should seriously consider.

EPOS Impact 700 duo image

When you do, you’ll find the Impact 760 has impressive features, a longer warranty and an attractive price. Here's what you need to know about this new headset:

What’s in the box

EPOS Impact 700 box contents

We all want to know what you get when you order something, so here’s what you can expect to receive when you order an EPOS Impact 760:

  • Headset
  • Travel bag
  • USB-C adapter with USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • Safety guide
  • Quick start guide
  • Compliance sheet
  • Inline controller


overhead view of EPOS Impact 700 mono and duo headsets on desk top

The EPOS Impact 760 gives you the option to select a Microsoft Teams or UC version. You also have the choice between a single or double ear model. You can find out more about the Impact 730 mono version here on our website.

So if Microsoft Teams is your primary communication platform, you’ll want to select the Teams variant. But if you use different communications applications such as RingCentral, Zoom and others, then you’ll want to choose the UC version.


cluster of UC company logos

The Impact 760 connects to all the leading UC applications such as Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Zoom, and others. The headsets come with a USB-C connector so you can plug in to your desktop or laptop computers. But if your computer uses USB-A ports, no worries because the Impact 760 comes with a USB-C to USB-A adapter. Either way, you’re connected, and ready for your next call.

Microsoft Open Office Certified

The EPOS 760 is Microsoft open office certified. This means that this headset has undergone rigorous testing to assure it can withstand the performance criteria in a noisy open office environment. 

So if you use Microsoft Teams, and you find your workplace can become noisy, or even distracting, then consider the EPOS Impact 760 to help keep you focused, and productive.

EPOS Ai Microphone

EPOS Impact 700 microphone

There are an increasing number of ways Ai is aiding us in our work and play. The EPOS Impact 760 uses EPOS Ai to help filter out distracting noise, while enhancing your voice audio to give you a more natural sound. 

We all want to sound good on our voice and video calls, and we all don’t want our caller’s hearing the noise going on in our background. To help get your message across and maintain your professionalism, the three beamforming, Ai based microphones found on the EPOS Impact 760 flat out, gets the job done.

There’s no arguing that sound quality, and noise reduction varies a lot between headset models, and brands. Rest assured that the sound you get from the EPOS Impact 760 will leave you satisfied, impressed and sounding crisp, clear and professional.

Mute Alert

When you want to mute the microphone, you can raise the mic boom upwards to mute, and lower it to unmute. You can also mute the microphone from the inline controller. And, when you’re muted you’ll be notified via the LED and you’ll hear an audible to remind you of your mute status if you begin speaking while muted. The LED at the end of the microphone boom will flash if you begin talking while muted. This is to remind you that your microphone is off.

Call Volume Normalizer - Speech Clarity

This is a feature you seldom find on headsets at any price point. If your caller has low speaking volume, the EPOS Impact 760 will adjust the volume up to a more normal level. This avoids struggling to hear your callers, or the need to ask them to repeat themselves. 

And if your incoming caller has a muffled sound, the Impact 760 will elevate the high frequencies in the incoming voice signal to smooth out the audio making the sound of your callers easier to understand. And when you're wanting to accomplish goals on your calls, clear, intelligible communication is highly important.

Inline Controller

EPOS Impact inline controller

Anyone who wears a headset knows you need to make adjustments from time to time. This can be to mute the microphone or change the hearing volume for example. When adjustments are located on the side of the headset, they’re out of sight, which means you need to rely on memory, or feel.

The EPOS Impact 760 headset makes these tasks easier thanks to the conveniently located inline controller. The controller is within easy reach, and allows you to take a call, end a call, mute and unmute the microphone, and regulate the ear speaker volume. So you can forget what you might otherwise need to remember, which is the location of the buttons on your old headset. The EPOS Impact 760 inline controller brings ease and convenience to your fingertips.

All-Day Comfort

EPOS Impact 700 wearer

The EPOS Impact 760 was not only designed to have excellent sound quality, but it was designed to be comfortable. And comfort starts with the weight of the headset. Here’s how much the EPOS Impact 760 weighs:

  • Impact 760 Duo    - 115 grams / 4.05 ounces

Most duo style headsets will weigh 6 ounces and can exceed 10 ounces. So when you take that into consideration, it’s easy to see that this headset was made to be lighter than competing headsets making the 760 lightweight and comfortable for all day use.

But being lightweight isn’t the entire comfort picture because padding is another element that plays a role in keeping you comfortable Thankfully EPOS chose to incorporate a generous amount of memory foam padding into the ear cushions. Memory foam conforms to the exact shape of your ear so you get a custom feel without the need to be custom fitted.

So If you work in a Contact Center, or somewhere that requires you to wear a headset for long periods of time, comfort, as you know, is important. And this is one headset that should be on your short list if comfort is high on your priority list.

Smart Features

graphic image of arrow pointing at the word features

The Impact 760 includes some features only found on high-end, premium headsets such as intuitive controls like:

Boom arm muting - raise the microphone boom arm up to mute your call, and lower it to unmute it. This feature is popular among headset wearers because it eliminates the need to search for, and locate a microphone mute button. The Impact 760 still gives you that option, but you can also access this feature by simply raising the boom.

Auto answer/end - The Impact 760 headset includes smart sensors that detect when you have the headset on, and off. And if you put it on when you have an incoming call for example, the headset will automatically answer the incoming call. 

Some might say that these are minor features, but in daily usage, they amount to much more than that. And when you take into consideration all the different features that have gone into the making this headset, you’ll quickly see that this is a headset to seriously consider.

High Vis Busy Alert

To help eliminate the potential for unwanted interruptions while on calls, the EPOS Impact 760 comes with integrated high visibility busy lights. These bright LED's can be seen from any angle which helps to prevent unexpected intrusions.

You get more done when you're not interrupted, and the integrated busy lights on the Impact 706 keep you focused and not distracted.

Software For Your Hardware

woman facing computer monitor concentrating on computer content

Headsets, like other kinds of technology equipment, benefit from software integration. The EPOS Impact 760 headset interoperate with different EPOS software offerings for a more personalized device, better management of devices across the enterprise, and an App that keeps you connected no matter where life takes you.

EPOS Connect


Update with the latest firmware and personalize your audio device settings to ensure flawless operation and maximum productivity.

EPOS Manager

EPOS Manager - Tablet with EPOS Manager open.png

Stay in control of all your audio devices across locations. Analyze the use of your equipment and get insights into how you can work smarter.

With EPOS Manager you get a free management tool that enables you to update on your terms, outside of working hours, to ensure maximum productivity.

EPOS Connect APP 


Take control of your sound environment wherever you work with the free EPOS Connect App – made to optimize your audio experience and boost focus

Longer Peace of Mind

                               3 year warranty banner

If you’ve been shopping around for headsets, you may have discovered that the length of warranty between headset makes and models vary. Some offer a 1-year warranty, and others will give you one a bit longer at 2-years. The EPOS Impact 760 headset goes beyond that and comes with an impressive 3-year warranty. And what's not to like in a longer warranty?

And though the length of a warranty isn't the centerpiece for making a buying decision, it is something to take into consideration. This longer warranty means you'll have longer peace of mind, and gives you the assurance that you won’t be facing any unexpected headset related expenses for a full three years. This longer warranty is another reason to consider the EPOS Impact 700.

Solid Headset - Solid Choice

EPOS Impact 700 product features image

When you consider the different features included with the EPOS Impact 700, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a good headset choice to consider. Shop features, shop warranties and shop price and when you do, the Impact 700 should be right at the top of your list.

Not Sure This Is The Right Headset For You?

We've got your back. No need to wonder because your answers are just a phone call, or mouse click away. 

Why not try a new Impact 700 in your office today, free of charge? There's no better way to find out if a headset meets your needs than using it in your exact working environment. Contact us today to request your free demo.

Have Questions Or Need Some Help?

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Headset Advisor has been assisting customers with their communication needs since 1994. So don't feel you're alone on an island with nowhere to turn for answers. We're here, and we have the answers you're looking for, so don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be glad to help.


EPOS Impact 760 UC - MPN -  1001213 UPC - 840064410182
EPOS Impact 760T Teams - MPN - 1001214 UPC - 840064410199

EPOS Impact 700 User Guide

EPOS Impact 700 fact sheet

EPOS Impact 700 Quick Start

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