Poly CS540: Crystal-Clear Calls & All-Day Comfort Wireless Headset

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About this item

  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND QUALITY. The Poly CS540 comes with a professional, noise canceling microphone for exceptional sound quality. If there’s noise in the background, the microphone will work to remove it, giving you consistent sound no matter where you’re working.
  • 3 DIFFERENT WEARING STYLES. The Poly CS540 comes with different sizes of ear loops, and ear tips so you can find the size that’s right for you. It also comes with a single ear headband giving you another wearing option. And, there’s an optional behind the neck band available as well, a 3rd choice.
  • ALL-DAY BATTERY. The CS540 comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 hours of continuous use. This is enough battery power to have you talking all day, even on the busiest of days. Drop the earpiece into the charge cradle, and when recharged, you’re ready to go. Simple, easy and quick.
  • UP TO 350 FEET OF RANGE. Unlike Bluetooth headsets that only give you about 50-100 feet of wireless range, the Poly CS540 increases that to as much as 350 feet. More wireless range means you have more things you can do, and get more done with the CS540 DECT wireless headset.
  • CONFERENCE 4 HEADSETS. Like a more convenient way to collaborate on calls, or a better way to coach, counsel and train? Then consider the conference feature found on the Poly CS540 wireless headset. A simple pairing process connects up to 4 headsets for greater flexibility, and productivity.


If you're looking for a headset that's lightweight, comfortable, sounds very professional, works with just about every desk phone, and gives you wearing style choices, then you've come to the right place.

In this listing, you’ll find out what has made the Poly CS540 wireless headset so popular, and why remains popular after first being introduced in 2011. Staying power personified.

Watch Or Read

You can read through our product listing, or learn more about the Plantronics CS540 wireless headset by watching our review video that includes a microphone sound quality test. Either way, you'll find the CS540 to be a headset well worth your time to consider.

Here’s why people keep ordering the Poly CS540 DECT wireless headset:

Lightweight Design

Plantronics CS540 office wireless headset

The Poly CS540, also known as the C054, The headset weighs only 0.64 ounces (0.04 pounds). Putting this into perspective, that’s the same approximate weight as:

  • A tea bag filled with loose leaf tea
  • A slice of bread
  • Three sheets of paper

The CS540 is light, which means it’s a headset you can wear for long periods of time without feeling the discomfort of a heavy headset.

Wearing options

Poly CS540 wireless headset wearing options

Choice is yours. We all like choices, and the Poly CS540 gives you three of them. Rather than being stuck to one wearing style you have the choice between:

    1. Over the ear- ear loops and ear tips - included
    2. Over the head headband covering one ear - included
    3. Lightweight behind the neck band - optional

Prefer an earpiece? When you order the Poly CS540 you get ear loops, and ear gels for a snug, secure on-ear wearing experience allowing you to find the loop and ear tips size that’s right for you. This is perfect for those looking for a lightweight, discreet, on-ear headset wearing style.

Over the head more your style? The CS540 also comes with the monaural, single ear headband. When matched with the lightweight CS540 headset top, it gives you a lightweight headband wearing option.

Neckband. If you’d like a uniquely different and comfortable wearing style, you can consider the optional behind the neck band. Nothing to go over the ear or over the head because the band wraps around the neck for a lightweight alternative wearing style.

Easier Headset Deployments. Having these choices help to make deploying headsets easier. Distribute the headsets, and have the staff decide which wearing style suits them best. And there’s always the option of the neck band too. Choices are nice!


Poly CS540 wireless headset for office professionals

The Poly CS540 DECT wireless headset is designed for use with desk phones, and it connects to 98% of them. So whether you’re using a Poly, Cisco, Avaya or any other brand of phone, chances are high that the CS540 will work flawlessly, just like it’s done since 2011.

The CS540 comes with a Telephone Interface Cable that plugs into the CS540 headset base, and into the desk phone. This cable, along with the AC Power adapter, and a charged headset battery is all that’s needed to get up and running. Simple to connect, simple to use and a simple, sensible choice.

Answering Calls Remotely. If you want the ability to answer and end calls when away from the desk, then you’ll need one of two devices for use with the CS540:

1. Handset Lifter (model HL10 - optional). The HL10 is a popular choice for those looking to answer and end calls when not at the desk. This is an adaptable device that provides remote call control.

Poly HL10 handset lifter for Poly CS540 wireless headset

2. Electronic Hookswitch Cable, a.k.a., EHS Cable (phone make/model specific - optional) This is an alternative to the HL10 handset lifter, and represents the next generation of remote answering devices. Simple to install, and highly efficient.

The APP-51 shown below is for use with certain Poly desk phones. Other phone makes/models would require a different cable because these cables are phone make/model specific.

Poly APP-51 electronic hookswitch cable

How they work. A Handset Lifter, and EHS Cable will provide you with a quiet beep tone in the headset earpiece when receiving an incoming call. Once notified, simply press the call control button on the side of the earpiece to accept the call, and press it a second time to end it. This can be done up to the available wireless range. More on wireless range below.

How they connect. The HL10 fastens to the surface of your phone via double sided tape, just beneath the handset receiver. It’s called a handset lifter appropriately because it physically lifts the handset to allow taking an incoming call.  By contrast, the EHS Cable doesn’t require a physical device like the lifter. Instead, it plugs into the phone and headset base and provides hookswitch control electronically, rather than electro mechanically. Both work well, but the EHS cable tends to be more reliable long term, and there’s no real price difference.

Need Computer Connectivity?

Switching to Softphones? If you’re planning to switch over to Softphones, and away from using desk phones, you may be concerned about the CS540 being a desk phone only headset. If so, then here’s some information you’ll want to know about.

The Poly CS540 has the ability to be used with a computer with an affordable, optional computer connection cable. Using this cable allows you to continue using the CS540 if your company does end up migrating to Softphones, and you avoid the added expense and inconvenience of buying new headsets? Here’s all you need:

Discover D315 wireless headset USB adapter

Rather than plugging the CS540 into the desk phone, plug it into the D315 instead, and you’ll be able to use the CS540 with your desktop or laptop computer. The cost of headsets can add up quickly, especially if you’re outfitting a team. The Discover D315 allows you to extend the use of your headsets, and helps you to avoid the cost of new headsets. 

Sound Quality

The Poly CS540 comes with a professional grade, noise canceling microphone. Its sound quality has stood the test of time, and remains one of its most popular features.

So if you’re looking for a headset that keeps you sounding professional, and one that helps to dampen down the noise going on around you, then the  CS540 is a worthwhile headset to consider.

Conference Feature

Collaboration is the name of the game, and the CS540 keeps you in contact. One of the features of this highly popular headset is the conference feature.

You can connect up to 4 CS540 headsets together for a conference call that allows each person to be free to move about while on the call.  Unlike being stuck in a conference room on a call, the CS540 gives you the freedom to stay engaged, and the flexibility to multi-task in the process.

So if you're looking for that second cup of coffee, or need to find a coworker to ask a question, you can do this and more while not missing anything on your call.

The conference feature is a great tool for coaching and training too. To learn more about the conference feature including the details on how to connect, make sure to watch our informational video below.

Wireless Range - To 350 Feet

Poly CS540 wireless headset with noise canceling microphone wireless range

The CS540 wireless headset operates off of DECT technology rather than Bluetooth. One of the key differences between these two technologies is the wireless range. Bluetooth headsets typically provide up to 100 feet of wireless range, where DECT headsets give you wireless range up to 350 feet and more. The Poly CS540 is rated up to 350 feet.

Range varies. Even though a headset may make a claim on wireless range, actual range will vary depending on the number of obstructions, and the type of obstructions that stand in between the headset base, and where you’re walking. For example, if there are several walls in between point A (where the base is located), and point B (where you happen to be while wearing the headset), the signal must penetrate those walls in order to maintain the connection. And if those walls are concrete and steel as compared to sheetrock, then the wireless range you’ll get will vary.

What we suggest. We typically recommend that you take the stated range, and cut it in half in order to arrive at an estimated, real world, usable range. The method used to establish wireless range is normally “open field” or “line of sight”. In both cases, there are no obstructions, which for most of us, that’s not realistic.

Want to know more about DECT & Bluetooth? If you’re unfamiliar with DECT and Bluetooth wireless technologies, and you’d like to know more about them, then make sure to check out the video below that discusses the differences.

Battery Life

Poly CS540 wireless headset battery

The Poly CS540 DECT headset is a wireless headset which requires the use of a rechargeable battery. To recharge the battery, simply dock the headset into the charging base, which not only charges the battery, but gives you a place to store the headset when not in use.

Enough Juice? Some might argue that 7 hours isn’t enough to power through a full day of use. The truth is, most office workers aren’t on the phone a full 8 hours a day. There’s breaktime, lunchtime, and downtime in between calls. And when you add up all that off-call time, it normally means you’ll be on the phone a lot less than 8 hours.

Suggestion. If 7 hours of battery life is the least bit concerning, you can always do what many customers do, which is to drop the earpiece into the charging base whenever you take a break, go to lunch, or aren't on a call. This simple process will help to refresh the battery guaranteeing more than enough power for a full day, and even beyond.


The  CS540 comes with a 1-year warranty. 

Product Variants

CS540 - Wireless headset with no lifter - 84693-01
CS540 + Lifter - Wireless headset and lifter bundle - 84693-11

Have Questions Or Need Some Help?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions, or need some friendly assistance. We've been helping customers with their communication needs since 1994. It's not always easy to know which headset best meets your needs, which is why we're a great resource to help guide you through all the different choices available. Our trained, knowledgeable Advisors are available to answer your questions, and tailor a personalized, compatible solution that's perfect for your exact needs.


Plantronics CS540 Manual
Plantronics CS540 Datasheet


    Plantronics CS540 In-Depth Review and Mic Test

    Plantronics CS540 Pairing Guide 

    Plantronics CS540 Troubleshooting 

    4 Killer Features of the Plantronics CS540 You Probably Don't Know!

    Plantronics CS540 (C054) Wireless Headset Setup Guide- WITH Headset Port

    Best alternative model

    Discover D904 - Convertible wireless headset with UNLIMITED talk-time and connects to desk phone and computer

    Compatible Accessories for Plantronics CS540

    81423-01 - Replacement AC power supply for charging base.
    86540-01 - Replacement ear loops, and earbuds.
    84605-01 - Replacement headband for Plantronics CS540
    86007-01 - Replacement Telephone interface cable
    86179-01 - Replacement headset for Plantronics CS540 (Headset only no base)
    86180-01 - Replacement battery for Plantronics CS540
    65116-02 - Busy light for Plantronics CS540 Purple
    80287-01 - Busy light for Plantronics CS540 Blue
    84606-01 - Neckband for Plantronics CS540

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Mmaette Ojo (Greenville, US)
    Battery life

    I was so excited when I got this set , it was going to be the answer to all my worries about working and being mobile. That however change shortly. The battery dies out so fast it defeats its purpose, it runs out like every 3 hours , you’ll be in a lot of trouble if you work in a call center. The battery life is not designed for working use period!

    PAUL CARONNA (Keller, US)
    replacement headset

    This headset is not as good as the previous company provided headset I had but it is doing the job.
    - getting a lot of feedback of 'my voice' when I talk
    - it is working which is the goal

    Hi Paul, thank you for your review. Feedback of your own voice can be resolved with troubleshooting. One of our Advisors will contact you to assist, otherwise you can reach us here https://headsetadvisor.com/pages/contact-us

    Pat Johnson (Arlington, US)
    Plantronics CS540 (C054) Convertible

    I receive a lot of feedback when I do a conference call, but other than that I am pleased with the headset.

    Hi Pat, issues like this can typically be resolved within 5 minutes from our Tech Advisors in California. Please give us a call at 1-800-683-5715

    Kim (Newton, US)
    Love it except the battery time

    I put my headset on at 8AM and finish at 3:30 but it usually dies around 2. I was told that I should let it charge during my lunch break, but I don't take a lunch break so it's a little frustrating. Other than that, I love the headset.

    Jesslyn Dulinsky (Ennis, US)
    Great Product!

    This headset is going to save my neck and shoulder! Thank you for the great customer service from picking out the device to setting it up!

    Tammy C (Chattanooga, US)

    Wonderful headsets and thank you for the videos. Helped us to make a good decision.

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