Sennheiser MB Pro 2 Dual Speaker Bluetooth Headset For Mobile Calls

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Experience crystal clear audio with the lightweight Sennheiser MB Pro 2's dual speakers. This premium wireless headset is built sturdily enough to handle everyday use while the technology itself incorporates some of the latest features for headphones. The soft leatherette ear cushions help to reduce background noise while sitting comfortably against the ears so users can clearly hear callers on the other end. 

Whether you're in the office or on the go, the Sennheiser MB Pro 2 connects with your Bluetooth devices and keeps one ear free to hear others around you and not break any laws while driving! 

Mobile work is more pleasant with the Sennheiser MB Pro 2's  noise cancelling microphone so users and customers on the other end can carry on a pleasant conversation without excess background noise. The headset also has an adjustable headband and bendable microphone so it can suit exactly the position it needs to in order to be worn comfortably.

Finally, you’re covered with a two-year advanced replacement warranty for peace of mind. That means two years of our support: if our team determines that your Sennheiser MB Pro 2 is defective, we’ll ship a replacement that same day and cover the shipment cost to do so.

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