Yealink WH62 Dual Speaker DECT Wireless Office Headset

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If you're someone who's looking for a comfortable, great sounding versatile headset that's affordable, the Yealink WH62 is a headset you need to know about.

Yealink WH62 wireless headset docked on stand resting on desktop in an office setting

Yealink WH62 Connectivity

So what does the WH62 connect to?

Yealink WH62 wireless headset connected to desk phone and to a computer

The WH62 wireless headset connects to desk phones, and to computers. So if you find yourself switching between phone calls, and video meetings for example, the WH62 should be your go to device for both. 

It connects to a variety of desk phones, and to Windows and Mac computers.

collage of phone manufacturers logos with text saying the WH62 headset is compatible  with them

You won't be able to use the WH62 with your mobile phone, but Yealink has a headset for that too in the Yealink WH66 model.

Today, so much of our conversations are being done through softphones, and computer based video conferencing like Zoom, Teams, RingCentral and others. That makes the Yealink WH62 a great headset to consider given it's seamless connectivity to both phones, and computers.

WH62 Voice sound quality

close up of a woman wearing a Yealink  WH62 wireless headset with text that speaks to professional sound

We all want to sound great on our calls, right? There's no arguing that some headsets leave you wanting something better when it comes to how you sound to your callers. 

Fortunately, the Yealink WH62 stereo headset comes with two impressive sounding microphones to keep you sounding professional on all your voice and video calls.

But having great voice sound quality is only half of the solution. How does the microphone handle all that noise in your background? A professional  headset needs to not only sound good, but it needs to eliminate distracting background noise. The good news is the Yealink WH62 gives you both.

Yealink WH62 Noise reduction

man and woman discussing a document wearing a Yealink  WH62 wireless headset in an open office

Most of us contend with some kind of noise during our workday. If you work from home, that might be the sounds of children, our favorite pet, or yard equipment noise.

Offices can get noisy too. Whether that's noisy coworkers, the sound of office machines whirring in the background, or traffic noise, it's all distracting. And those distractions can can disrupt the natural flow of important calls.

If any of this sounds familiar, and you're looking for a solution to solve it, you've come to the right place. The Yealink WH62 comes with a feature called Acoustic Shield.

image of a man wearing a Yealink WH62 headset with imaginary bubble around him with eyes closed while  on a call.

As the name suggests, the Yealink WH62 gives you an invisible shield to help fight off distracting room noise that would otherwise invade your important calls.

At Headset Advisor, we test hundreds of headsets, and I have to say, Acoustic Shield technology works. But, I don't want you to take my word for it, watch the WH62 review video we recorded, which includes a sound quality, and noise reduction test. Once you listen to how efficiently the WH62 reduces noise, you can't help but be impressed. I know we are. As noise reduction headsets go, this is elite.

So if removing annoying background noise is high on your list of headset priorities, the Yealink WH62 is a noise reducing headset that will outperform any other model you might be considering. Yes, it's that good!

Off the chart wireless range

woman in open office walking while talking on a YealinkWH62 wireless headset

When it comes to wireless range, more is always better. That's because with more wireless range, you have a wider perimeter for you to walk and talk. This wider footprint allows you to keep the conversations going, when other headsets fall short, and can even drop you off the call.

With wireless range in mind, the Yealink WH62 is the longest range wireless headset we've ever tested. And given how many headsets we've tested over the last 30 years, that's saying somethiing.

  • Bluetooth headsets typically give you "up to" 100 feet, with usable wireless range normally around 50-60 feet
  • DECT headsets, like the Yealink WH62 are normally rated "up to" 350 feet, with usable range closer to 150 feet.

The Yealink WH62 DECT wireless headset is rated up to 525 feet, or 160 meters. In our range tests, this headset held close to that range, which was surprising because headsets in general don't typically deliver the range shown in the specifications.

So if having longer wireless range is something you're shopping around for, stop shopping right now and buy a Yealink WH62. I guarantee it will give you longer range than any other headset you might be considering. 

Yealink WH62 Busylight

The Yealink WH62 offers an optional busylight to help minimize interruptions.

split image of a woman sitting at a desk off a call, and on a call showing the busylight green and then red

Interruptions can be a real productivity killer. So it makes sense to avoid as many of them as possible. The busylight lets your coworkers or family members know when you're on a call, and not to be disturbed. Fewer interruptions means greater productivity.

Two ways to mute 

When you need to pause the conversation, to do something on the side, the Yealink WH62 gives you two simple ways to do that. 

All day wearing comfort

Most double ear wireless headsets weigh between 6-10 ounces.  The Yealink WHH62 duo weighs just 4.4 ounces. And as far as comfort goes, that's just the beginning.

Image of Yealink WH62 duo headset showing ear cushions, and some bullet points  on comfort

When you taking into account how light this headset is, combined with the soft ear cushions, you have the ingredients for a comfortable, all day headset.

Conference up to 4 headsets

The Yealink WH62 let's you set up quick and easy decentralized conference calls. You can add up to 3 additional Yealink headsets to your call, allowing others to join in from their workspace rather than from a conference room. 

Each attendee can be at their normal workstation so they'll have easy access to their records which makes it convenient.  No need to lug computers and devices to a meeting location when you're able to collaborate from the comfort of your normal workspace.

Box contents

Here's what comes in the box

Line drawing of the Yealink WH62 mono/duo box contents


Get more for less

The Yealink WH62 brings a new generation of wireless headset for the home or office worker who needs long range, comfort, and excellent noise reduction in an affordable price range for phone and computer.

close up view of a Yealink WH62 duo headset on desktop, with text that promotes its features

Prefer a single ear speaker instead?

Some people simply don't like both of their ears covered. That can make them feel too isolated, while others just want to hear their surroundings. If that's you, then the Yealink WH62 mono is the perfect choice.

Order from Headset Advisor for a better experience

Anyone can sell you a product, but not everyone can back it up with high level support. Headset Advisor was founded on the principle of providing the best customer service experience, and that's what we've been delivering for the past 30 years.

Don't settle for second rate service when a better option is available to you. Let our Advisors, and support team give you the service you deserve.

Yealink WH62 Technical Specifications

Buttons 5 feature buttons
Busylight Yes. Optional
Connectivity USB to computer and iP phone
Charging stand Yes. Supports and charges headset
Ports 2.  Micro 2.0 USB
Headset weight Duo 4.4 ounces (127 grams)   Mono 2.8 ounces (80 grams)
Headset base 7.33 ounces (208 grams)
Talk Time 13 hours Mono - 14 hours Duo
Standby Time 90 hours (Mono), 125 hours (Duo)
Battery recharge time 2.5 hours
DECT wireless 
Wireles range  Up to 525 feet (160 meters)
Audio (headset)
Microphone Dual
Noise canceling Yes - Sound Shield Technology
Microphone sensitivity -44.0+/-3 dBV
Microphone frequency range 100 Hz-10 kHz
Speaker size Ф 28
Speaker sensitivity 92.5+/-3 dB, 0.179 V
Speaker Impedance 32+/-4.8 Ω
Speaker max output power 10 mW
Speaker frequency ranger 20 Hz-20 kHz
Talk mode wideband 100Hz~8kHz, 16kHz sample rate
Music mode full band 20Hz~20kHz, 48kHz sample rate, Stereo (Stereo only supported by Dual headset)
Hearing protection Yes. Peak Block Protection (EN50332)
Daily Noise Exposure Protection Yes
Audio (Base)
Ringer size Ф 20
Ringer sensitivity 87+/-3 dB, 0.1 W, 0.1 M
Ringer impedance : 8+/-1.2 Ω
Ringer max input power 1.5 W
Ringer frequency range 100 Hz-10 kHz
Buttons and controls
Answer/End/Reject call Yes
Volume up - Volume down Yes
Microphone mute Yes
Microphone mute raising boom arm Yes - mute/unmute
WH62 Mono Teams 1308000
WH62 Mono UC 1308005
WH62 Dual Teams 1308001
WH62 Dual UC 1308006
EHS60 1308019
Foamy Ear Cushion for WH62/WH66/UH36/YHS36 (1 PCS) 330100010025
eather Ear Cushion for WH62/WH66/UH36/YHS36 (1 PCS) 330100010014
Foamy Ear Cushion for WH62/WH66/UH36/YHS36 (12 PCS) 330100010026
Leather Ear Cushion for WH62/WH66/UH36/YHS36 (12 PCS) 330100010015


Yealink WH62 FAQ's

Q: What is the talk time of my WH62 wireless headsets with mic?

A: The talk time on the Yealink WH62 mono is 13 hours, and the duo is 14 hours

Q: What is the wireless range of the Yealink WH62 wireless headset with mic?

A: The range on the WH62 mono and duo is up to 525 feet, or 160 meters. Your actual range will vary on your environment. Obstructions weaken the wireless signal, so the more barriers you have, and the denser they are will result in compromised wireless range. But in an ideal setting, you may get up to the stated range.

Q: How long does it take to charge my WH62 business headset?

A:  To recharge the battery fully, it takes up to 2.5 hours.

Q: Does the Yealink WH62 wireless headset with mic cancel out background noise?

A: Yes. The WH62 comes with Sound Shield Technology that's designed to remove annoying background  sounds. This is very effective techology that removes more noise than most headsets. As noise removal goes, the WH62 is an elite performer.

Q: How do you mute the microphone on the Yealink WH62 wireless headset?

A: Two ways; 1. you can press the mute button on the headset, or 2. you can raise the microphone boom arm upwards

Q: Can I use the Yealink WH62 wireless headset with mic with a Windows or Mac machine?

A: Yes. It is compatible with both

Q: How will someone know if I'm on a call when using the Yealink WH62 headset?

A: If you purchase the optional busylight, it can be placed in clear view so everyone will know when you're on a call because it turns red when you get on a call. 

Q: Does the Yealink WH62 wireless headset with mic come with Active Noise Cancellation?

A: No, that is not one of the features found on the WH62

Q: Does the Yealink WH62 wireless headset protect your hearing?

A: Yes, that's a standard feature on all models of WH62

Q: Can the Yealink WH62 connect to a desk phone, and to a computer?

A: Yes, the WH62 is a dual connectivity headset

Q: Can you connect the Yealink WH62 to a Bluetooth device?

A: No. The Yealink WH62 is a DECT headset that doesn't come with Bluetooth connectivity capabilities.

Q: How much does the Yealink WH62 mono and duo weigh?

A: The duo model weighs 127 grams or 4.4 ounces. The mono model weighs just 80 grams, or 2.8 ounces which makes both headsets among the lightest single, and double ear headsets on the market.

Q: What brands of desk phones can I use the Yealink WH62 wireless headset with?

A: Yealink, Grandstream, Avaya, Fanvil, Cisco, Poly, Unify and Mitel. Bundle the Yealink WH62 with an EHS60/EHS61 accessory to get features like answer/end/reject/adjust the volume from the headset are all supported with hands-free operation, boosting your daily productivity.

   EHS 60                        EHS 61


Q: What do the different buttons do on the Yealink WH62 wireless headset mono & duo?

A:  Here's a graphic that helps to provide details on button functionality

Q:  Does the Yealink WH62 wireless headset with mic come in a Microsoft Teams version?

A: Yes. You have the choice of selecting a UC or Teams headset variant.  If Teams is your sole communications platform, then a MS Teams version is best. If you use Teams, but you also use Zoom, RingCentral or others, then the UC model would be what you need.

Q: Is there a busylight option available?

A:  Yes, it's the BLT60, which can be found here

Yealink WH62 Wireless Headset Downloads

Yealink WH62 datasheet

Yealink WH62 flyer

Yealink WH62 Wireless Headset Videos

Yealink WH62 unboxing, and setup video

Yealink WH63/63 how to manage calls video

Yealink WH62 and WH66 how to replace the ear cushions video


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Luke Snedaker (Morehead City, US)
great headset

Works fantastic. No problems connecting it or starting to use it. It was plug and play.


Not working. Purchased refurbished. No response from Headset Advisor. Purchased for work not personal use. Trying to return to no avail.

Thank you for your feedback, we'll use this to improve in any way we can. We attempted to contact you multiple times but weren't able to reach you. We have since emailed you a prepaid return label to return the headset for a full refund.

Anthony Flaviani (Spring, US)
Best Headset

I am totally impressed with this headset quality and range. I have an Acre and I have tested that it works everywhere. I have had it two weeks now and it continues to impress.

Tom Stoneberg (Buffalo Grove, US)
Does what it says

Only had it for two weeks but it has been performing as advertised. Comfortable and lightweight, high quality sound (input and output), excellent ambient noise reduction. Absolutely no issues.

Hi Tom, thanks for your feedback and happy to know you made a good choice. Let us know if we can help in the future.

Mark Guzman (Katy, US)
Excellent audio quality

The headphones are comfy enough to wear all day. They are lightweight and easy to use. The sound quality for both caller and receiver are perfect. We have tested this on several phones and platforms. I highly recommend!

Hi Mark, Sorry to hear what you're experiencing! We have many customers using this headset and this isn't common so we should be able help with quick troubleshooting to have this fixed. Please contact us at 1-800-683-5715 to have this resolved.

Barbara ODonnel (Georgetown, US)
Enjoying going wireless

just got these and have really enjoyed having wireless. Headset is comfortable and blocks out some room noise which is a plus. I walked down the road about 70 yards and sound was still great (can't imagine needing to go further).

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