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Discover DHL110 Handset Lifter For Discover Wireless Headsets


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Compatible with 98 percent of office desk phones

3 position height adjustment for getting the optimum performance

Double sided adhesive for adhering to host phone

Includes remote ring detector for phones that don't have a speaker below the handset

Product Description

If you'd like to answer calls when away from your desk and you use a Discover Wireless Headset, then you'll want the Discover DHL110 Handset Lifter accessory. Works with 98 percent of all office desk phones and provides an audible tone when an incoming call is detected. Once notified, the headset wearer simply presses the call control button on the side of the Discover wireless headset to activate the lifter arm. Once activated, the call is routed to the wireless headset. To end the call, simply press the call control button a second time. Easy to use and the DHL110 helps to increase worker productivity. No more time spent listening to voice messages and returning calls. Take the calls on the fly and watch productivity soar.

Technical Details
Accessory CategoryRemote answering

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