Jabra Engage 55 Convertible: Flexible Style, Crystal-Clear Calls

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  • CONFERENCE FEATURE. If you have a need to shadow, or monitor employees, or you need to do some training, the Jabra Engage 55 has a feature that can help. It comes with the ability to pair up to 3 headsets to the USB Adapter for monitoring or training. Stay connected, but stay mobile.
  • GREATER SECURITY. The Jabra Engage 55 extends voice security to higher than standard levels. In fact, this headset meets the highest military grade security so you can rest assured your calls are secure. The Engage 55 works well in organizations that deal with sensitive, personal information.
  • 3 WEARING STYLES INCLUDED. On-ear, over the head (covering one ear), or behind the neck wearing style. One size doesn't fit all, so with the Engage 55 you have a choice to select the headset that's right for you. And deploying Engage 55 to a team is easy; they choose their preferred style.
  • INTEGRATED BUSY LIGHT. Interruptions can put a drag on productivity. The Engage 55 has an integrated busy light to let others know when you’re on a call, and not to be disturbed. You get more done, and callers aren’t on hold while you deal with the interruption. Better service, greater productivity.
  • NOISE CANCELING MICROPHONE. A professional image begins with professional sound. The Engage 55 has a microphone that sounds great, and it removes unwanted background noise. Your callers will hear you, and not the noise going on around you.


The term one trick pony is many times used to describe something that's limited to only doing one thing. That's one term that can't be applied to the Jabra Engage 55, because there's more to this headset than just one thing.

Woman in home office wearing a Jabra Engage 55 earpiece while on a call

Watch Or Read

There are a number of things that make the Engage 55 Convertible an attractive headset to consider. To learn more, you can view the video below, which also includes sound quality, and noise canceling microphone tests, or you can scroll down and read, or ready by topics because the content is broken down by topic.


The Engage 55 connects to computers via a flexible DECT USB adapter and it gives you several advantages not available by Bluetooth headsets. Most notably, longer wireless range which will be covered shortly.

The Engage 55 Convertible headset comes with the Link 400 DECT USB Adapter which comes pre-paired to the headset, so all you need to do is plug it in, and you’re ready to go. No software to download, and not complicated setup instructions.

Computers only. The Jabra Engage 55 is designed for use with computers, and not mobile devices. This is due to it being a DECT, not Bluetooth headset. Plug the Link 400 into your desktop or laptop computer for a handsfree, wirefree communication experience.

Wireless Range That Goes The Distance 

Bluetooth headsets are generally designed to provide up to 100 feet of wireless range. And when you factor in obstructions, you'll probably get closer to 50-60 feet of usable range.

The Jabra Engage 55 is a DECT headset and rated up to an amazing 490 feet of wireless talk  range. If you cut that range in half, that’s still 245 feet, which is more wireless range than offered by other headsets.

More range means more freedom. So if you want to grab that cup of coffee, walk across the office to speak with a colleague, or go outside at home, you can do it all with the Engage 55 because you’ve got range to spare.

Wearing options

The Jabra Engage 55 Convertible wireless headset comes with 3 different wearing configurations:

Jabra Engage 55 Convertible headset wearing styles

Choose your wearing style. You're able to choose from these three uniquely different wearing options. For those who don't like wearing headbands, you can choose from the earpiece, or neckband wearing style. Otherwise, you can choose to wear it in the over-the-head, mono configuration.

Higher Level Call Security

Jabra Engage 55 duo headset with text bullet points stating security specificatioins

Call security at the highest level. We all want our calls to be secure, and we don't want the content of our calls to get compromised. 

The good news is the Jabra Engage 55 is a DECT headset that gives you greater call security beyond what you can get from Bluetooth headsets. Utilizing the Link 400 USB adapter, the Engage 55 delivers FIPS military grade 256 bit encryption algorithms to prevent eavesdropping and keep your conversations secure. This level of security elevates it to exceed normal DECT Step C security. 

Flexible Worry Free USB Adapter

Less chance of breakage. Unlike standard USB adapters, the Jabra Link 400 USB adapter is flexible. This means you won't be worried about breaking it, especially when transporting your laptop because adapters are normally left plugged in when moving computers. And because USB adapters tend to stick out, they can easily get broken.

Here's a quick animation of how the Link 400 looks, and flexes.

Sound Quality

man wearing engage 55 stereo headset while looking at a computer screen

You need to sound good. Sounding professional while on your voice calls and video meetings is highly important. You want your callers to hear you loud and clear, and you don't want them to hear whatever sound you have in your background. Distractions, like background noise, can derail your message, and cause productivity to suffer.

The Engage 55 Convertible has you covered. 

You get a professional grade noise canceling ECM Uni-Directional Microphone that guarantees you'll sound great on your calls.  And because this microphone is noise canceling, you won't have to worry about the noise around you because it’s designed to remove it. The distracting  sounds of coworkers, kids, dogs or cafe sounds are all silenced giving you a better quality call.

Have a look at this very short, amusing video that helps to illustrate the noise canceling feature on the Jabra Engage 55.

In our review video, we compared the sound quality of the Jabra Engage 55 convertible headset against its closest competitors;

Jabra Engage 55 convertible wireless DECT headset and Yealink WH63, and Poly Savi 8240 UC headsets

Our findings were all three headsets did a solid job of removing background noise, but the Jabra Engage 55 performed best among them in terms of voice sound quality, followed by the Yealink WH63, with the Poly Savi 8240 UC coming in third, which struggled with clear voice audio quality in our tests. Watch our review video above and the sound tests and see if you don't agree.

Integrated Busy Light

Interruptions can be disruptive, not to mention frustrating. When you're interrupted while on an important call, you can easily lose your focus and concentration. Fortunately, there’s an integrated busy light in clear view housed within the Engage 55 convertible earpiece. This helps to let others around you know when you're on a call, and not to be disturbed.

With a busy light you'll have less interruptions which means less frustration and better productivity.

Lightweight All Day Comfort

Woman sitting at an office desk wearing a Jabra Engage 55 earpiece while smiling

Yes, we all want a great sounding headset, but we want one that's comfortable. Comfort, with the Engage 55 convertible starts with how light it is. Here's how much this wireless headset weighs:

0.63 ounces (17.8 grams)

Putting this into more relatable terms, that’s about the same weight as

  •  A tea bag
  • Or a small packet of sweetener

Light! And that's good news especially if you're someone who needs to wear a headset all day.

And because the Engage 55 convertible offers three different wearing options, you can switch between them to find the configuration that’s most comfortable for you. Either way, you'll have a lightweight, comfortable headset.


The Jabra Engage 55 convertible is a wireless headset that uses a rechargeable battery. Below you'll find the details of the battery in the Engage 55 convertible.

graphic image of Engage 55 earpiece resting in charging station

    Non-replaceable battery. Unlike the Engage 55 mono, and stereo models, the Engage 55 convertible battery is not replaceable. When the battery no longer holds a charge, a new earpiece will need to be purchased. Though wireless headset batteries are known to last for several years before needing to be replaced.

    Optional charging stand

    USB-A, and USB-C Engage 55 charging stands

    For added convenience, the Jabra Engage 55 has an optional charge stand available. This gives you a place to dock your headset when not in use, and it charges the headset at the same time. Without the charging stand you'd recharge the battery using the included charge cable as mentioned earlier.

    Sidetone Adjustment

    woman wearing a jabra Engage 55 earpiece and smiling

    Sidetone is one of those headset features that seldom gets talked about, but it plays an important role, and something that a lot of people have interest in.

    Being able to hear your voice in the headset speaker allows you to regulate your voice volume. The Jabra Engage 55 convertible headset provides sidetone adjustment through the free Jabra Direct software. So whether the amount of sidetone out of the box is perfect for you or not, you have the ability to fine tune it so it's right for you.

    Ordering Options

    • With or without charging stand. If ordered without the stand, the battery recharges via the included charging cable.
    • UC or Teams variant. You can also select a headset version that's UC, or Teams specific. If you use Microsoft Teams as your exclusive commmunications platform, then the Teams version would be ideal. Otherwise, if you use different applications, you'll want to select the UC model.
    • USB Adapter choice. And, as mentioned earlier, you can choose from a USB adapter that's USB-A, or USB-C to match the type of ports on your computer.

    Connectivity to UC Apps

    Jabra Engage 55 convertible DECT wireless headset UC compatibilityThe Engage 55 is certified for use with Google Meet, Chromebook, Zoom and all the leading UC platforms with the Teams model being certified for use with Microsoft Teams. 

      Jabra Direct Software 

      image of multiple computer monitors displaying jabra software

      Jabra offers free software downloads that you'll want to consider if the Engage 55 convertible is of interest. You'll be amazed at all the features and functionality that's available at your fingertips to help personalize, or for getting the most out of your Jabra headset.

      Jabra Xpress,

      Jabra Xpress software

      And Jabra Direct 

      Jabra direct software

      These software downloads help to keep your Engage 55 operating at its best. This software gives you instant access to firmware updates, feature controls, Sidetone and audio control and a lot more. You'll even have visibility, control and user data across your entire Jabra products population. All done from the convenience of your desktop.


      You never know when you'll need additional accessories. There are a number of accessories available for the Jabra Engage 55 convertible.

      a grid with images of the different Jabra Engage 55 accessories. There's a yellow background

      Tech Specs

      Misc Info
      What's in the box - Mono & Duo Headset, USB adapter, USB cable, travel pouch, safety information and warranty
      What's in the box - Convertible Headset with ear hook, USB adapter, USB cable, travel pouch, safety information and warranty, headband, neckband, and eargels
      Form factor - Duo & Mono on-ear headband
      Form factor - Convertible Convertible – earhook, headband or neckband
      Variants Microsoft Teams or UC
      Headset Weight - Duo 83g | 2.93oz
      Headset Weight - Mono 57g | 2.01oz
      Headset Weight - Convertible 21g | 0.63oz
      Integrated busylights Yes. Busylight acts as a do-not-disturb sign to prevent interruptions
      Warranty 1 year USA - 2 years outside the U.S.
      Call management Yes. Answer/reject calls; increase/decrease speaker volume; mute
      Speaker bandwidth (music mode) 40Hz – 16000Hz
      Speaker bandwidth (speak mode) 150Hz – 6800Hz
      Stereo sound Yes, duo model only
      Microphone type - Mono & Duo models Dual Microphone – ECM Uni-Directional and Analog MEMS system
      Microphone type - Convertible model ECM Uni-Directional Microphone
      Microphone bandwidth 100Hz – 7300Hz
      Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) No
      HearThrough feature No
      Sidetone Yes
      User hearing protection PeakStop™, Jabra SafeTone™ 2.0, EU noise at work, G616, OSHA
      Certifications Amazon Chime, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams (SKU specific), Works With Chromebook* and Zoom
      Connection to computer USB-A or USB-C
      Wireless technology used DECT - for higher security and longer range.
      Connectivity to smartphone or tablet No
      Device pairing Pair a single headset to your computer. Conference in up to an additional 3 headsets on calls
      Operating range Up to 150m | 490ft line of sight
      Security Secure DECT level  C. Uses FIPS 140-2 algorithms to exceed DECT Security Step C standards
      Battery type Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
      Talk time (with busylight off) Duo & Mono Up to 13 hours
      Talk time (with busylight off) Convertible Up to 9 hours
      Sleep mode Yes
      Customer replaceable battery Mono & Duo, yes. Convertible, no
      Spare battery available Yes, for mono and duo models
      Compatible software and/or apps Jabra Direct, Jabra Xpress Jabra Direct is available for Windows and Mac. Jabra Xpress is available for Windows only.
      Certifications Microsoft Teams certified. Meets the Premium Microphone for Open Office standard (stereo and mono variants)



      Q: Can I connect my Jabra Engage 55 to a tablet or a smartphone?

      A: No. The Engage 55 is solely designed for use with computers. In order to get connected to those devices, you will need to select a different Jabra model such as the Evolve2 75 or 85 for example.

      Q: What are the different wearing styles available for the Engage 55?

      A: You can select from an over the head, double or single ear model, or one that switches between an earpiece, headband style covering one ear, and neckband.

      Q: How long does the battery last on the Jabra Engage 55?

      A: The mono and duo models have a battery that's rated up to 13 hours. The convertible model has a battery rated up to 9 hours.

      Q: How far can I walk away from my computer while on a call?

      A: The Jabra Engage 55 is rated up to 490 feet , or 150 meters of wireless range. Compared to Bluetooth headsets that offer up to 100 feet, it's easy to see the advantage of the Engage 55.

      Q: Does the Jabra Engage 55 remove background noise?

      A: Yes, it comes withh a professiional sounding microphone to keep you sounding professional, but it also removes unwanted background noise.

      Q: Is the Jabra Engage 55 a comfortable headset to wear?

      A:  Absolutely. Starting with the weight of this headset, you'll find it to be incredibly lightweight and comfortable. All three wearing styles weigh less than comparable models which helps this headset to be worn all day comfortably. Pain relievers optional.

      Q: What are the benefits of a DECT headset, like the Engage 55, compared to Bluetooth?

      A: One of the big differences is the gains in wireless range. The Engage 55 is rated up to 490 feet which is amazing. Bluetooth headsets typically provide "up to" 100 feet, normally less. The other thing is call security. The Engage 55 exceeds DECT level C security requirements by going full-on military grade 256 bit digial encryption. 

      Q: Can I answer incoming calls when I'm away from my desk with the Engage 55?

      A:  Yes, when you're using call software that the Engage 55 is optimized for use with such as with Microsoft Teams. To find out if your specific UC software will  give you remote call control when using the Engage 55, reach out to us here at Headset Advisor and one of our experts Advisors will let you know.

      Q: Can I use my other Jabra USB adapters with the Engage 55 if I lose the one that comes with the headset?

      A: No. The Jabra Link 400 is pre-paired to the headset for plug-and-play convenience.

      Q: How is the sound quallity on the Jabra Engage 55?

      A:  Excellent. The ear speakers are tuned for speech clarity which helps to make hearing everything on your calls clear. And, the microphone wideband audio gives your callers a very professional sound.

      Q: What makes the Link 400 different from other Jabra USB adapters?

      A:  First, it's pre-paired to the Engage 55, but purely from a physical point of view, the Link 400 is made up of a USB plug, a flexible, rubber extension that connects to a small round  disc. It looks different from ordinary USB adapters because it's the brains that controls the Engage 55.

      Q: If I'm using a Mac can I use the Engage 55?

      A: Yes. The Engage 55 is compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

      Q: What's the warranty for the Engage 55?

      A: In the U.S.A. the warranty is 1-year. Other countries it's 2-years.

      Q: Is the battery replaceable in the Engage 55?

      A: Yes, and no. Yes if you select the mono or stereo model, and no if you choose the convertible.


      Double ear headset isn't what you're looking for? How about one of these?

      Prefer a double ear speaker? Check out the Engage 55 Stereo headset here

      Prefer a convertible wearing style? Check out the Engage 55 convertible here 





      Check your Jabra warranty here

      Jabra Engage 55 datasheet

      How to change the battery (includes images)

      Tech sheet on the Engage 55

      Jabra Engage 55 user manual


      Jabra Engage 55 product overview video

      How to connect your Jabra Engage 55, and get the best performance video

      Jabra Engage 55 wireless range demo video

      Jabra Engage 55 noise cancellation demo video

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Chris Wadkins (Torrington, US)
      Headset great but cant get it to update and jabra couldnt help.

      I love the headset, works great but wont update. Jabra couldnt help and neither could headset advisor. So it still works fine but cant get update.

      Hi Chris, we're sorry to hear the headset won't update but happy to know it's working well. Let us know if we can assist in the future.

      Michael Koluch (Westfield, US)
      Nice to have portable DECT!

      All in all an excellent portable device with superb range and reliability. Better than Bluetooth. I like deploying this because I don't worry about Bluetooth range and performance issues.
      Some thoughts- moving to USB C charging would be a plus. For "on" and "off" one has to hold the button for quite a while, confusing some users. The convertible earpiece doesn't lay nicely in the provided case. Range isn't as good as the engage series.

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